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  • Storm Rattlin Chug Bug 08

    This topwater can do everything. Spits, darts, chugs and walks-the-dog all depending on how you want to fish it. Either way the fish can't resist it. Weighted tail for longer casts, a loud rattle and a teaser tail for extra attraction. | Colors: 3/8 oz Bleeding Pearl, 3/8 oz Bull Frog, 3/8 oz Gizzard Shad, 3/8 oz Met Silver/Black Back, 3/8 oz Met Silver/Blue Back, 3/8 oz Shad, 3/8 oz Silver Blue Shad | Item ID: NMCB081260, NMCB081271, NMCB081307, NMCB081347, NMCB08140, NMCB08144, NMCB08204

    Price: $8.99

    # Of Colors: 7

  • Storm Arashi Cover Pop 08

    POP, SPLASH, AND CHUG. The ArashiCover Pop travels with minimal forward movement to maximize the time your lure spends in the strike zone. Emulates prey struggling on the water's surface. Ideal lure for target fishing. Work close to laydowns, docks, rocks and anywhere else bass would hold on. Aerodynamic shape and extra tail-weight provide increased casting distance and accuracy and allows the lure to enter the water tail first with minimal splash and sound. Rotated Hook Hangers nest the hooks close to the body for improved action even with the larger hooks. VMCBlack Nickel hooks with flash feather teaser tail seal the deal. | Colors: Black Silver Shad, Ghost Pearl Shad, Hot Blue Shad, Pro Blue Chrome | Item ID: NMACP08612, NMACP08689, NMACP08874, NMACP08879

    Price: $9.09

    # Of Colors: 4

  • Storm Arashi Spinbait 08

    The Arashi Spinbait attracts wary suspended fish on the fall and during the retrieve with its delicate rolling action and revolving blades. Slow sinking - head down with a slight body shimmy and moving propellers as you count it down to depth. Counter Rotating Propellers- add subtle flash and vibration while insuring the bait moves in a straight path. 3-2 Prop Design creates vibration pattern the angler can feel ensuring the optimal slow retrieve speed to maximize the lures' action and to maintain depth. | Colors: Blue Back Herring, Bluegill, Ghost Hitch, Ghost Pearl Shad, Green Gill, Pro Blue, Wakasagi | Item ID: NMASB08680, NMASB08685, NMASB08686, NMASB08688, NMASB08689, NMASB08691, NMASB08859

    Price: $9.09

    # Of Colors: 7