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  • Strike King KVD Sexy Frog

    Strike King'sKVD Sexy Frog is the finest, feature packed frog style bait EVER from Strike King�. It features a fully sealed nose to minimize water entry. It has a big strong double hook and easily collapsable hollow body for better hookups. Although designed for heavy cover applications, it's also great in open water. It's the perfect bait for great topwater frog action! | Colors: Black, Copper Frog, Green Pumpkin Orange Throat, Green Pumpkin Pearl Belly, Leopard Frog, Natural Green Frog, Pearl White, Sexy Frog, Spring Frog, Stump Jumper, Tiger, Tiger Black, Wtrmln-Grn Pmpkn Back | Item ID: SKSFKVD10, SKSFKVD152, SKSFKVD153, SKSFKVD154, SKSFKVD155, SKSFKVD156, SKSFKVD157, SKSFKVD158, SKSFKVD176, SKSFKVD179, SKSFKVD46, SKSFKVD47, SKSFKVD84

    Price: $8.49 - $9.29

    # Of Colors: 13

  • Lunkerhunt Prop Frog

    The Lunkerhunt Prop Frog is an extremely efficient fish catcher. Able to move over pads, wood, and slop with ease, the Lunkerhunt Prop Frog features two prop feet that can cruise over cover, re-enter the water, and start churning back up without skipping a beat.Moving plenty of water and creating a one-of-a-kind disturbance, the Lunkerhunt Prop Frog’s double prop feet move plenty of water and make it easy for fish to track-down. Active and reactive fish cannot resist its call. When they hit, a full set of super-sharp weedless hooks are there to greet them.Designed to deflect cover, but hang-on to fish, the Lunkerhunt Prop Frog features an integrated hook system that encases the body and sits perfectly between the prop feet. Offered in a number of detailed colors, the Lunkerhunt Prop Frog delivers an innovative and highly effective frog imitation. | Colors: Croaker, Green tea, Leopard, Pearl, Rocky Toad, Texas Toad | Item ID: LHPROPF01, LHPROPF02, LHPROPF03, LHPROPF04, LHPROPF05, LHPROPF06

    Price: $10.09

    # Of Colors: 6

  • Lunkerhunt Pocket Frog - 1.75"

    The Lunkerhunt Pocket Frog is the most life like frog currently available in the industry. The Pocket Frog replicates a young frog and has swimming legs that extend during the retrieve and retract on the pause. At rest the Pocket Frog is 1.75 inches and will extend to 2.5 inches on the retrieve. The Pocket Frog behaves just like a living frog would in the water. At rest, the body of the Pocket Frog drops down a little into the water perfectly replicating the action of a frog/bullfrog. This also results in higher hook-up percentages. The Pocket Frog features high quality components, a super soft hollow body construction, and a weedless design. | Colors: Bull Frog, Croaker, Green Tea, Leopard, Pearl, Rocky Toad | Item ID: LHPF-01, LHPF-02, LHPF-03, LHPF-05, LHPF-09, LHPF04

    Price: $6.79 - $8.00

    # Of Colors: 6

  • Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog - 2.5"

    Lunkerhunt has outdone themself with the creation of the ultra-realistic Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog. The Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog features an amazing swimming leg design that extends and retracts during retrieve for an astonishingly true-to-life presentation. When paused, the Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog rests at an advantageous 45-degree angle, which gives it a natural look and also results in higher hook-up percentages. The Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog is designed with a soft-body that collapses easily upon attack and quickly exposes its razor-sharp double frog hook. Available in some of the most vivid frog colors on the market, the Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog is sure to generate explosive blow-ups wherever it's fished and that's no bullfrog. | Colors: Croaker, Green Tea, King Toad, Leopard Frog, Pearl, Texas Toad | Item ID: LHLF01, LHLF03, LHLF04, LHLF05, LHLF06, LHLF10

    Price: $8.09

    # Of Colors: 6

  • Lunkerhunt Combat Frog

    The Combat Frog has been designed to get big fish out of the harshest conditions. Tapered nose helps the Combat Frog pass smoothly through heavy cover sush as mats, weeds, and reeds. An enlarged air bladder helps it float high in the water and at the same time shields the hooks making them weedless. Large oversized hooks and super soft hollow body construction are gauged just right to create high hook up percentages. If you are looking to do battle with big fish, the Combat Frog is the product for you. | Colors: Croaker, Leopard, Texas Toad | Item ID: LHCF09, LHCF10, LHCF12

    Price: $8.99

    # Of Colors: 3

  • Lunkerhunt Popping Frog


    The Lunkerhunt Popping Frog™ calls fish in by creating a surface disturbance. Its concave face catches water, causing popping and spitting noises.

    The swimming legs of the Popping Frog create explosive strikes!

    Popping Frogs feature a weedless design and hollow body construction. The Popping Frog’s supersoft hollow body compresses quickly under the slightest amount of pressure. When it does, sharp high quality upturned hooks are ready for the hookset.

    The Popping Frogs generate tons of action with minimal movement. They can be worked along edges, through grass, in pockets and on open water. | Colors: Bark, Blue Gill, Croaker, Green Tea, Herring, Leopard, Mouse, Pearl, Tree Frog, Wounded | Item ID: POP-01, POP-02, POP-03, POP-04, POP-05, POP-06, POP-07, POP-08, POP-09, POP-10, QPOP-01, QPOP-02, QPOP-03, QPOP-04, QPOP-05, QPOP-06, QPOP-07, QPOP-08, QPOP-09, QPOP-10

    Price: $6.79 - $8.49

    # Of Colors: 10

  • Lunkerhunt Yappa Frog

    The Lunkerhunt Yappa Frog is a hollow bodied topwater frog that ploughs the water surface. The Yappa Frog mimics a frog swimming on the water surface and is capable of generating several different topwater actions. On a straight retrieve, the Yappa Frog produces a tight shimmy action. Working it on slack line, will generate wide swings. The Yappa Frog is 2.25 inches long, weighs ½ Oz, and has silicone skirts for legs. The Yappa Frog also features the flexible transparent bill that generates amazing action and makes the Lunkerhunt Yappa Series truly unique. | Colors: Albino, Firefly, Midnight | Item ID: LHYPAF02, LHYPAF08, LHYPAF09

    Price: $7.59 - $8.09

    # Of Colors: 3

  • Stanley Ribbit Top Toad

    TOP TOAD, is a floating hollow body frog that has all the popular features of their top-selling Ribbit, with the added advantages of a collapsable hollow body construction. The TOP TOAD fishes like two lures in one! It's extremely versatile with the same patented legs and feet of the RIBBIT, giving the lure the realistic kicking action of a "running" frog when worked across the water's surface. | Colors: Baby Bass, Black, Blue Gill, Bull Frog, California 420, Catalpa, Watermelon Red Pearl, White, Wood Frog | Item ID: STSRFT200, STSRFT201, STSRFT204, STSRFT211, STSRFT212, STSRFT218, STSRFT226, STSRFT236, STSRFT238

    Price: $8.09 - $8.99

    # Of Colors: 9

  • Booyah Pad Crasher 1/2 oz - 2.5"

    The BOOYAH Pad Crasher soft plastic hollow body frog features a plastic with just the right consistency to ensure solid, consistent hook-ups while remaining weed- and snag-free. The belly features 'chines' that make 'walking the frog' easy in open water, and it's just the right weight for pulling over slop or through the pads for big bass. Realistic decoration schemes and adjustable spinnerbait-style legs seal the deal for big bass. A drain hole at the tail of the bait keeps it working flawlessly. | Colors: Albino Frog, Aqua Frog, Bull Frog, Cricket Frog, Dart Frog, Kuro Frog, Night Train, Old Smokey, Shad Frog, Sunburn, Swamp Frog | Item ID: PRBYPC3900, PRBYPC3902, PRBYPC3903, PRBYPC3904, PRBYPC3905, PRBYPC3906, PRBYPC3907, PRBYPC3908, PRBYPC3909, PRBYPC3910, PRBYPC3911

    Price: $6.69

    # Of Colors: 11

  • RI Swamp Donkey

    Reaction Innovations' Swamp Donkeys may be the best designed hollow bodied frog bait on the market today. Countless hours have been spent on design and testing of the Swamp Donkey and EVERY aspect of the bait has been reviewed and tested. This relentless attention to detail has resulted in an all new double hook made exclusively for Reaction Innovations. This hook features turned-up points for more positive hookups and for keeping the points from digging into the body of the bait (a real problem with other baits), greatly increasing your hookup ratio. The body design of the Swamp Donkey is longer and narrower than other similar baits, giving a better walking action in open water and increasing the ability to come across heavy cover. The nose of the Donkey will not slip back down the hook like other hollow bodied baits, and the material is very soft but extremely durable, so they will rarely tear. Attention to detail and innovative design sets this bait apart. | Colors: Bull Frog, Pearl White | Item ID: RISD004, RISD008

    Price: $8.89

    # Of Colors: 2

  • Zoom Horny Toad 4.25''

    The ultimate heavy cover buzz toad, the pitter-patter of the Horny Toad's ultra vibe feet cause bass to chase it from long distances, producing some of the best strikes of your life. Paired with a weedless hook, it comes through lily pads and grass like a charm, but don't hesitate to throw it in open water as a search bait. | Colors: Banana Seed, Big Texan, Birthday Cake, Black, Black Sapphire, Black/Blue, Black/Chartreuse, Black~White Swirl, Black~Yellow Swirl, Bubble Gum, Bullfrog, Glimmer Blue, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Candy, Green Pumpkin Prp Gld, Green Pumpkin/Pearl, Grey Ghost, Icicle, Junebug, Junebug/Chartreuse, Mardi Gras, Methiolate, Okeechobee Craw, Raspberry Shad, Sprayed Grass, Sungill, Tree Frog, Watermelon Candy, Watermelon Crawfish, Watermelon Moondust, Watermelon Red, Watermelon Red Pearl, Watermelon Seed, Watermelon Spice, White, Yellow | Item ID: 083005, 083019, 083025, 083034X, 083038, 083039X, 083040, 083041X, 083042X, 083043X, 083044X, 083054, 083100X, 083120, 083123, 083124, 083125, 083181X, 083186, 083197, 083235, 083242X, 083245, 083246X, 083249X, 083251X, 083252X, 083257, 083259X, 083271, 083272X, 083317X, 083362X, 083363X, 083365X, 083415X

    Price: $3.89 - $5.89

    # Of Colors: 36

  • Zoom Frog

    Introducing the all new Zoom Frog! A new spin on a classic toad, featuring boot tail legs with incredible action, sleek body profile for heavy cover and hook slot made for the best possible hook up. Available in proven tournament winning colors, the Zoom Frog has a soft yet durable construction, proven to stand up to the repeated abuse of catch after catch. | Colors: Baby Duck, Black, Natural Brown, Sexy Shad, White, Zebra Green | Item ID: 135038, 135040, 135354, 135412, 135413, 135414

    Price: $10.50 - $11.59

    # Of Colors: 6

  • Jackall Kaera Frog

    Designed to not only draw big strikes, but to capitalize on them as well, the Jackall Kaera Frog delivers the perfect blend of form and function. Built with a unique, flat-sided body, the Jackall Kaera Frog maneuvers through heavy vegetation with ease, produces a seductive walking action, and pushes more water than other frogs for an increased attraction. When big bass strike, the Jackall Kaera Frog features a wide, specially developed hook that results in an excellent hook-up ratio. Offered in a number of awesome amphibian colors, the Jackall Kaera Frog is sure to meet-and-exceed the expectations for frog enthusiasts. | Colors: Black Gill, Glitter Bluegill, Glitter Hasu, Green Frog, Red Frog, White | Item ID: JAJKAERABLKG, JAJKAERAGF, JAJKAERAGLB, JAJKAERAGLH, JAJKAERARF, JAJKAERAWHT

    Price: $13.79

    # Of Colors: 6

  • Lunkerhunt Prop SunFish

    Ushering in a new genre of topwater lures, the Lunkherhunt Propfish Sunfish delivers an original design that sets the bar in-terms of all-out effectiveness and raw attraction. Combining a hollow-body topwater with a water-moving prop, the Lunkherhunt Propfish Sunfish generates a subtle, yet enticing presentation that is perfect for shallow, spooked, and hungry bass. Able to move through the thickest slop imaginable, the Lunkherhunt Propfish Sunfish is built with a streamline body and super-weedless double frog hook that allows it move over pads, wood, and slop without getting hung-up. Offered in a number of highly realistic colors, the Lunkherhunt Propfish Sunfish delivers a one-of-a-kind topwater presentation that is in a league-of-its-own when it comes to sheer performance and innovation. | Colors: Stealth | Item ID: LHSUNPRF06

    Price: $8.19

    # Of Colors: 1

  • GL Wheeler Target Toad

    The 4.25 inch bait has a head that is thick and wide so not to split when rigging on buzzbaits and such. Actually, the entire bait is beefier than the norm, giving the lure a bigger profile and more weight for making extra-long casts. The Target Toad's long legs are Larew's proven design for easy swimming and lots of kicking action regardless of retrieve speed. It has a hook groove on the underside and horizontal ribs across its mid-back section for Tex-posing specialty hooks | Colors: 4.25'' Black, 4.25'' Bone White Sil, 4.25'' Chartruse Pepper, 4.25'' Double Silver, 4.25'' Gray Ghost, 4.25'' Green Pumpkin, 4.25'' Green Sunfish, 4.25'' Junebug Lite, 4.25'' Mad Bluegill, 4.25'' Merthiolate, 4.25'' Minnesota Flash, 4.25'' Threadfin Shad | Item ID: GLWTT031, GLWTT048, GLWTT078, GLWTT088, GLWTT107, GLWTT191, GLWTT352, GLWTT358, GLWTT359, GLWTT360, GLWTT361, GLWTT387

    Price: $5.59 - $5.79

    # Of Colors: 12

  • Stanley 3'' Baby Ribbit Frog

    The original Ribbit Frog was known for its heart-stopping action on topwater bass. Stanley Jigs' Baby Ribbit Frog offers the same explosive action on top water, but works great below the surface too! The Baby Ribbit leaves a smaller footprint on the water with a smaller and tighter vibration. Where the larger Ribbit produced a plop, plop, the Baby Ribbit creates more of a buzz. When the bite is slow, sometimes less can be more. The fact is, the versatile Baby Ribbit Frog can produce big results on smaller lakes, ponds, rivers, marshes and bayous. The Baby Ribbit is also perfectly suited for Texas, Carolina or Drop Shot rigs. It's deadly on a Shaky Head and makes a terrific jig trailer. Bass will attack the versatile Baby Ribbit, whether you're fishing topwater or below the surface. A Double Take 4.0 hook is recommended for best results, but you can also use a regular spring lock 4.0 hook and a smaller 3.0 wide gap offset worm hook. | Colors: Baby Bass, Black, Bull Frog, Catalpa, Green Pumpkin Red Pearl, Lily Pad, Louisiana Craw, Watermelon Red Pearl, Watermelon Seed, White | Item ID: STSRF100, STSRF101, STSRF103, STSRF104, STSRF105, STSRF106, STSRF110, STSRF111, STSRF112, STSRF118

    Price: $7.19 - $7.99

    # Of Colors: 10

  • Snag Proof Original Frog

    Bass and Pike will literally explode out of the water coming after the Original Frog. Its legs kick with every retrieve. Fish can't tell it from a swimming frog. Twitch� it across lily pads, or moss beds and get ready for action. The most natural feel hollow body frog lure ever made. Weedless and effective. It's a classic and it works. Depend on it! Made in the USA! | Colors: Black 1/4 oz, Chartreuse 1/4 oz, Green 1/4 oz, White 1/4 oz | Item ID: SF6000, SF6002, SF6005, SF6007

    Price: $6.39 - $6.70

    # Of Colors: 4

  • Stanley Ribbit Frog

    The Ribbit Runt is a miniature version of the popular Ribbit Frog. It creates the same great kicking action as its big brother, resulting in the ultimate pan fish lure. It can be fished on a "Ribbit Runt Runner" which is our incredible 1/8 ounce mini spinnerbait . It is also dynamite when fished on a 1/32 ounce jig head with a split shot about 18 inches above it and slowly trolled over brush tops. | Colors: Baby Bass, Black, Black Neon/Red Pearl, Black/Blue, Bluegill, Bull Frog, California 420, Catalpa, Green Back Tree Frog, Green Pumpkin-Red/Pearl, Lilly Pad, Louisiana Craw, River, Smokin' Shad, Watermelon Seed, Watermelon Seed-Red Fl, Watermelon-Red/Pearl, White, Wild Shiner (TN Shad), Wood Frog | Item ID: STSRF200, STSRF201, STSRF202, STSRF203, STSRF204, STSRF205, STSRF206, STSRF210, STSRF211, STSRF212, STSRF213, STSRF214, STSRF218, STSRF223, STSRF224, STSRF225, STSRF226, STSRF236, STSRF238, STSRF239

    Price: $7.19 - $7.99

    # Of Colors: 20

  • Strike King Super Toad

    Strike King'sSuper Toad offers the perfect profile and unique sound that bass can't resist. Designed to be fished around shallow cover such as grass, brush and lily pads, the Super Toad will draw vicious topwater strikes! Texas rig it unweighted, on a belly-weighted hook, or put it on the back of a buzzbait for some extreme topwater action! | Colors: Black, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Chartreuse Bel, Green Pumpkin Pearl Belly, Pearl, Watermelon Red Flake | Item ID: SKSTOAD10, SKSTOAD18, SKSTOAD46, SKSTOAD47, SKSTOAD84, SKSTOAD94

    Price: $4.29

    # Of Colors: 6

  • Strike King Rage Toad

    Each Rage Tail lure has a unique and exclusive tail design and is engineered like no other soft plastic bait. Each is designed with a specific purpose and uses customized hi-grade plastics for superior action. The Rage Toad is best rigged weightless, eyes up, on a 4/0 to 6/0 Wide Gap hook. | Colors: Black Neon, Green Pumpkin, Grn Pump Pearl Belly, Grn Pump/Chart Belly, Okeechobee Toad, Pearl, Watermelon Red Flake | Item ID: SKRGTD18, SKRGTD38, SKRGTD46, SKRGTD47, SKRGTD50, SKRGTD84, SKRGTD94

    Price: $6.19

    # Of Colors: 7

  • Snag Proof Phat Frog

    Delivering superior performance with features not found in other frogs, Snag Proof's Phat Frog is top frog! The Phat Frog has ITT--Inner tube technology it makes the Phat Frog virtually unsinkable! There's a separate tube inside the body for the hook and line tie. Water can't get in and the frog won't sink! The soft yet durable body is produced using American made plastic and is heavier than most (.67 oz.) so it casts like a bullet. The hollow body design includes a flatter profile to help it track smoothly through the weeds. The legs are set farther back to effect better hook-sets and terrific walkabilty. The custom-made super sharp double hooks grab bass and won't let go. Made in the USA | Colors: Da Man .67 oz, Sexy Ish .67 oz | Item ID: SF7507, SF7587

    Price: $10.59

    # Of Colors: 2

  • Booyah Toad Runner

    The BOOYAH ToadRunner is built around a modified Pad Crasher body. Side rails were added to help the lure plane easier and stay upright. Precisely-sized legs balance and stabilize the ToadRunner in motion, while providing a lifelike appearance and motion when the lure stops. The 360-degree rotating tail creates a plopping sound and includes a molded-in wire - which allows you to bend the tail to change the motion and sound profile as needed. The clear tail helps fish zero in one the ToadRunner's body, where high-quality hooks will strike back when they bite. Use the ToadRunner in the thickest of cover where the big ones live and fish it with a steady retrieve or a stop-and-go-motion. | Colors: Albino Frog, Blue Gill, Bone, Bullfrog, Cricket Frog, Leopard Frog, Night Train, Ole Smokey, Shad Frog, Sunburn | Item ID: PRBYTR3901, PRBYTR3902, PRBYTR3903, PRBYTR3904, PRBYTR3907, PRBYTR3909, PRBYTR3910, PRBYTR3911, PRBYTR3912, PRBYTR3917

    Price: $9.29 - $10.39

    # Of Colors: 10

  • Snag Proof Perfect Frog

    Inner Tube Technology! A separate tube for the hook & line-tie keeps water out and makes the Perfect Frog virtually unsinkable! Western Pro Bobby Barrack has been using Snag Proof Hollow Body Frogs for 15+ years with tremendous success. However, he would always make a few modifications to each frog before tying it on. Those days of modifying the frog are gone. Snag Proof is now manufacturing the exact bait that Bobby's been throwing. This Frog is Perfect right out of the package. Just tie it on and throw it. Many of the largest bass have been caught in open water while "walking" the bait next to boat docks or over submerged vegetation or wood. Always great in moss, "cheese", weedbeds and lily pads, the Perfect Frog is even more versatile in that it "walks" like a stickbait in open water! Anglers will now be able to "walk the frog" like the pros. Here's how: Point your rod tip down straight to your feet aimed at the frog. Twitch from 8:00 to 6:00 with enough slack at the end of your rod to make a curve not a straight line. If the line is straight, the frog will move straight. Repeat this process and the frog will move left and right, left and right. The big difference is in the elimination of the "thighs" of the frog. This allows the nose of the frog to move more freely. Believe it or not this frog will walk easier and tighter than any other frog out there. Made in the USA | Colors: Black 5/8 oz, Brown Bullfrog 5/8 oz, Fred Frog 5/8 oz, White 5/8 oz, Wild Bullfrog 5/8 oz | Item ID: SF6300, SF6307, SF6351, SF6352, SF6371

    Price: $10.59

    # Of Colors: 5

  • Gambler Buzz'n Cane Toad

    The Buzz'n Cane Toad features a no flip body design to keep your toad running straight back to the boat every time. The double buzz'n feet create commotion to draw strikes from aggressive fish. Perfectly weighted for long casts. | Colors: Black, Grn Pump Red Pearl Swirl, June Bug, Lane Toad, Watermelon, White | Item ID: GABC003, GABC006, GABC058, GABC078, GABC079, GABC134

    Price: $4.09 - $5.29

    # Of Colors: 6

  • Spro Bronzeye Frog 65

    The Bronzeye Frog 65 the award-winning frog that raised the bar for frog fishing was designed by B.A.S.S. Elite Series Angler Dean Rojas. It is the perfect size and style to be fished in heavy cover or in open water. It was designed to cast long distances and specially weighted to land on its belly cast after cast. The Bronzeye Frog 65 comes with a sticky sharp Gamakastu EWG Double hook and is available in a wide array of color patterns to cover every angling situation. | Colors: Albino, Amazon, Baby Duck, Black Widow, Freak, Green Black, Green Pumpkin, Green Tree, Killer Gill, Leopard, Midnight Walker, Nasty Shad, Natural, Natural Green, Outback, Rainforest Black, Red Ear, Sunfish, The Killer, Toad, Tropical White, Watermelon Red | Item ID: GUSBEF65ALBN, GUSBEF65AMZN, GUSBEF65BBDK, GUSBEF65BLKW, GUSBEF65FREK, GUSBEF65GRNB, GUSBEF65GRNP, GUSBEF65GRNT, GUSBEF65KLGL, GUSBEF65LPRD, GUSBEF65MNWR, GUSBEF65NGRN, GUSBEF65NSHD, GUSBEF65NTRL, GUSBEF65OTBK, GUSBEF65RBLK, GUSBEF65RDER, GUSBEF65SNFS, GUSBEF65TKLR, GUSBEF65TOAD, GUSBEF65TRPW, GUSBEF65WMRD

    Price: $13.09

    # Of Colors: 22

  • R2S Spittin Wa 50

    River2Sea Spittin' Wa is a hollow body frog bait of two sizes that has unique keel shaped and mouth design which makes it has 3 in 1 function - Spit, Chug and Walk. | Colors: Bream, Coot, Copper Green, Dirty White, I Know It, Leopard, Yellow Head | Item ID: R2FSPW5501, R2FSPW5502, R2FSPW5504, R2FSPW5506, R2FSPW5512, R2FSPW5513, R2FSPW5515

    Price: $8.19

    # Of Colors: 7

  • Strike King Gurgle Toad

    Named for its babbling topwater action, the Strike King Gurgle Toad deliver a steady kick and an appetizing bubble trail that dares big bass to take a closer look. Whether it is fished by itself or threaded on the back of a buzzbait, the Strike King Gurgle Toad features a horny toad style body and two J-shaped feet that generate a boisterous gurgling commotion as it skitters across the surface. Offered in a range of classic bass colors, the Strike King Gurgle Toad is sure to increase your heart rate and your fish count with its ability to draw big, tournament-winning blow ups. | Colors: Black, Blue Glimmer, Green Pumpkin Chartreuse Bel, Green Pumpkin Pearl Belly, Pearl, Siren | Item ID: SKGT210, SKGT45, SKGT47, SKGT518, SKGT84, SKGT94

    Price: $5.69

    # Of Colors: 6

  • Stanley Ribbit Runt

    The Ribbit Runt is a miniature version of the popular Ribbit Frog. It creates the same great kicking action as its big brother, resulting in the ultimate pan fish lure. It can be fished on a "Ribbit Runt Runner" which is our incredible 1/8 ounce mini spinnerbait . It is also dynamite when fished on a 1/32 ounce jig head with a split shot about 18 inches above it and slowly trolled over brush tops. | Colors: Shimmer Shiner | Item ID: STSRR17124

    Price: $5.99

    # Of Colors: 1

  • Yum Tip Toad

    The YUM Tip Toad was built to take over the buzz frog game by combining multiple features. Carefully sculpted and precisely placed, the Yum Tip Toad's legs have undergone round after round of refinement to ensure maximum water displacement and create the acoustic equivalent of fleeing prey. | Colors: Black, Black Blue Shadow, Bullfrog, Green Pumpkin, Snot Rocket, Summer Gill, Tinfoil Chartreuse Tinfoil F, Watermelon Pearl Laminate, Watermelon Red Flake, White | Item ID: PRYTT402, PRYTT408, PRYTT4110, PRYTT4143, PRYTT4264, PRYTT427, PRYTT4280, PRYTT4288, PRYTT4289, PRYTT474

    Price: $2.69 - $3.19

    # Of Colors: 10

  • Stanley Core Ribbit

    The Ribbit Core Shot Frog Soft Bait uses a combination of features to achieve success in the water. Its soft plastic body has uniquely designed feet that recreate life-like kicking action, and its colored core adds a new level of realism that makes it even more irresistible to hungry bass. Perfect for fishing in topwater and weeds. | Colors: Baby Bass Core, Watermelon Red/White Core6pk, Watermelon/Red Core | Item ID: STSRFC500, STSRFC501, STSRFC502

    Price: $5.69

    # Of Colors: 3

  • Yamamoto YamaFrog

    The YamaFrog glides easily on the surface of the water with an extreme kicking action even at the slowest speeds. The perfect solution for buzzing over tops of grassbeds and around heavy cover. The deep hook cavity in the body ensures good hook-up ratios and will accept the largest heavy-wire EWG hooks. | Colors: Black w Large Blue, Green Pump w/Blk White, White | Item ID: YA12905021, YA12905036, YA12905981

    Price: $6.79 - $7.09

    # Of Colors: 3

  • Stanley Ribbit Top Toad Rigg

    TOP TOAD, is a floating hollow body frog that has all the popular features of their top-selling Ribbit, with the added advantages of a collapsable hollow body construction. The TOP TOAD fishes like two lures in one! It's extremely versatile with the same patented legs and feet of the RIBBIT, giving the lure the realistic kicking action of a "running" frog when worked across the water's surface. Top Toad Rigged: Comes with 1 rigged Top Toad with a Double Take Hook and 1 spare Top Toad | Colors: Baby Bass, Black, Bull Frog, Catalpa, Dragonfly, Watermelon Red Pearl, White | Item ID: STSRFT2200, STSRFT2201, STSRFT2204, STSRFT2211, STSRFT2212, STSRFT2218, STSRFT2232

    Price: $5.49 - $6.49

    # Of Colors: 7

  • Teckel Maracker

    It's not a magic bait, but surely you will have a lot of fun to fish with it. It widens the potential of "Tactical Frogging Game". It is a kind of super loud weedless wakebait. It also works very well on any type of floating thick mats. | Colors: Black Blue, Bluegill, Bone | Item ID: TKLMARACKER003S, TKLMARACKER009S, TKLMARACKER013S

    Price: $14.39

    # Of Colors: 3

  • Stanley Hot Feet Ribbit

    Producing the same heart-pounding, strike-provoking action as the original Ribbit Frog, Stanley Jigs' Ribbit Hot Feet Frogs use the added appeal of boldly colored, kickin' Hot Feet to drive big bass crazy. The Ribbit Hot Feet Frogs are very versatile, and are most effective when buzzed along the surface or rigged weedless and fished over logs, grass beds, or lily pads. | Colors: Chicken on a Chain/Chart, Grn Pumpkin Red Pearl/Chart, Watermelon Red/Chart, White/Chart, White/Chart | Item ID: STSRFH700, STSRFH800, STSRFH803, STSRFH805, STSRFH806

    Price: $7.19

    # Of Colors: 5

  • Scum Frog Chugger 1/2 oz

    Our Trophy Series Chugger gives you that "ka-bloop" sound that has always called fish. Coupled with the ability to walk the dog, this Chugger will attract fish when nothing else will! | Colors: Black, White | Item ID: SCTSC2102, SCTSC2103

    Price: $5.89

    # Of Colors: 2

  • Lunkerhunt Prop FishShad

    Modeled after one of the most popular bass forages, the Lunkerhunt Propfish Shad combines the effectiveness of a hollow body topwater with unique sputtering design. Built with a subtler action than the frog, the Lunkherhunt Propfish Shad features a single prop that creates a hard-churning action that closely mimics the movement of a baitfish breaking the surface, perfect for times when fish are pressured, spooked, and shallow. Built to move through the thickest cover with ease, the Lunkherhunt Propfish Shad is shaped with a streamlined profile and a weedless hook system that is head-and-shoulders above other hollow-body baits. Offered in a number of realistic colors, the Lunkherhunt Propfish Shad delivers a highly individualized topwater presentation that is sure to become a staple among all anglers. | Colors: Alewife, Gizzard, Threadfin | Item ID: LHSHADPRF01, LHSHADPRF02, LHSHADPRF03

    Price: $8.69 - $9.59

    # Of Colors: 3

  • Spro Bronzeye Shad 65

    The Bronzeye Shad 65 was designed by B.A.S.S. Elite Series Angler Dean Rojas. With a unique twist on the leg setup this Bronzeye Shad 65, is one of the easiest hollow body frog to"walk" on the surface. If you have trouble getting other Frogs to sashay back and forth then this will quickly become your go to lure both in matted grass, lily pads and even open water. The legs are still made from living rubber that works great right out of the box. The Bronzeye Shad 65 come with a sticky sharp Gamakatsu EWG Double hook for solid hook-ups and is available in a variety of proven fish catching colors. Take a Bronzeye Shad 65 out for a "walk" and you will be the big dog on the water! | Colors: 1/2oz Clear Chartreuse, 1/2oz Killer Gill, 1/2oz Nasty Shad, 1/2oz Red Ear, 1/2oz Spooky Nasty, 1/2oz Wicked Perch | Item ID: GUSBES65CLCH, GUSBES65KLGL, GUSBES65NSHD, GUSBES65RDER, GUSBES65SPNS, GUSBES65WPCH

    Price: $10.09 - $13.09

    # Of Colors: 6

  • Creme 1 1/2'' Livin' Frog

    If you love baits that get your adrenaline pumping, then you're going to love the Burke Livin' Frog by CremeLure. The Burke Livin' Frog's soft plastic body gives it a genuine feel while its detailed finish and incredible leg kicking and swimming action capture interest from bass. Made in USA. | Colors: Brown, Green | Item ID: CR1600162, CR160069

    Price: $1.49

    # Of Colors: 2

  • Z Man Finesse Frogz 2.75''

    Compact design is ideal when conditions dictate a smaller-profile topwater presentation. Twin paddle feet create attention-getting, bubbling surface action when retrieved. Buoyant, 10X Tough ElaZtech construction allows bait to float at rest and withstand repeated surface strikes. Belly and dorsal hook pockets provide maximum hook protection, as well as enable effortless hooksets. | Colors: Black/Blue, Green Pumpkin, Mud Minnow, Redbone, Watermelon/Chartreuse | Item ID: ZMFROG27502PK4, ZMFROG27517PK4, ZMFROG275266PK4, ZMFROG275281PK4, ZMFROG27546PK4

    Price: $3.49 - $3.90

    # Of Colors: 5

  • Stanley Bull Ribbit

    Bigger bait means bigger bass, especially when that bigger bait is a Bull Ribbit Frog by Stanley Jigs. A bull frog sized Ribbit Frog, theBull Ribbit's enticing swimming and kicking action really gets those big lunkers around thick pads worked up and ready for a big fat frog feast. For best action and hook sets, a 6/0 hook is a must. | Colors: Black, Green Pumpkin Red Pearl, Lilly Pad, Louisiana Craw, Watermelon Red Pearl, Watermelon Seed Red Fl, White | Item ID: STSRF400, STSRF401, STSRF403, STSRF404, STSRF405, STSRF406, STSRF410

    Price: $7.19 - $7.99

    # Of Colors: 7

  • Z Man Pop FrogZ 4''

    Popping, gurgling, and pushing water with each rod twitch, Pop FrogZ float and maintain a horizontal profile - even when motionless on the water - thanks to their buoyant ElaZtechconstruction. Their unique hybrid curly-paddle tail legs create incredible swimming leg making this one of the most versatile baits on the market for surface feeders. Take your topwater fishing to a whole new level! | Colors: Green Pumpkin, Mud Minnow, Redbone, Watermelon, White | Item ID: ZMPOPFROG403, ZMPOPFROG416, ZMPOPFROG4266, ZMPOPFROG4281, ZMPOPFROG446

    Price: $3.49 - $3.69

    # Of Colors: 5

  • Scum Frog Trophy Series

    A small, slender profile hides its true 5/16 easy casting weight. Its secret is a hefty 4/0 Owner hook and a full round silicone skirt. For greater catching power, the hooks ride high on this popper, preventing foldback or excess rubber getting in the way. | Colors: 5/8 oz Black, 5/8 oz Green, 5/8 oz Natural Black & Green, 5/8 oz Watermelon Red, 5/8 oz White | Item ID: SCTS1101, SCTS1102, SCTS1103, SCTS1112, SCTS1127

    Price: $6.59 - $6.80

    # Of Colors: 5

  • Spro Bronzeye Spit 60

    The Bronzeye Spit Shad 60 was designed by B.A.S.S. Elite Series Angler Dean Rojas. The Bronzeye Spit Shad 60 was built to have a spitting and gliding action unlike any other hollow body weedless bait."The Bronzeye Spit Shad 60 can be fished in areas where you could never dream of throwing a hard bait with a similar action. The unique action is caused by a special "Spit Cup" on the front of the bait and vertical living rubber tails that give the bait a special Gliding Action. The Bronzeye Spit Shad 60 comes with sticky sharp Gamakatsu EWG Double hook and in an array of fish-catching colors. The Bronzeye Spit Shad 60 is tuned to Dean's standards and ready to fish right out of the package. | Colors: Blue Back Herring, Gold Shiner, Killer Gill, Nasty Shad, Red Ear, Spooky Shad | Item ID: GUSBESS60BLBH, GUSBESS60GDSR, GUSBESS60KLGL, GUSBESS60NSHD, GUSBESS60RDER, GUSBESS60SPSD

    Price: $10.99 - $13.09

    # Of Colors: 6

  • Z Man Hard Leg Frogz 4''

    Topwater fishing fanatics, rejoice! Our dynamic Hard Leg FrogZ produce a lively, paddle foot swimming action. Extremely buoyant--floating even when rigged with the largest of magnum-sized hooks--this four-inch super amphibian is virtually indestructible and swims easily through the thickest of surface cover. | Colors: Green Pumpkin, Mud Minnow, Redbone, Watermelon Red, Watermelon/Chart, White | Item ID: ZMHARDLEGZ03, ZMHARDLEGZ17, ZMHARDLEGZ18, ZMHARDLEGZ266, ZMHARDLEGZ281, ZMHARDLEGZ46

    Price: $3.49 - $3.70

    # Of Colors: 6

  • Scum Frog Big Foot 3/8 oz

    Use like a conventional buzz bait, but because BIGFOOTfloats, you can stop and spend more time around weeds, brushes and stumps. Or, you can retrieve in short strokes between pauses. Either way, BIGFOOTwill bubble and splash, driving fish wild! | Colors: Black, Green, White | Item ID: SCBF1401, SCBF1402, SCBF1403

    Price: $5.89 - $6.79

    # Of Colors: 3

  • Scum Frog Popper 5/16 oz

    SCUM FROGPOPPER is designed to make more noise than the original SCUMFROG�. It is perfect for windy days when bass are sluggish. | Colors: Black, Chartreuse, Natural Black & Green, Natural Green & Yellow, Watermelon Seed, White | Item ID: SCSFP202, SCSFP203, SCSFP204, SCSFP212, SCSFP213, SCSFP215

    Price: $3.89 - $4.69

    # Of Colors: 6

  • Scum Frog 5/16 oz

    Completely weedless design permits SCUM FROGto slide effortlessly over and around weedbeds, lilypads, limbs and stumps. This allows easy fishing in places other lures can't go without hanging or picking up moss. Although the SCUM FROGis weedless, its super soft body gives plenty of catching power. Discover for yourself the exciting top-water action of SCUM FROGfishing! | Colors: Black, Blue Dog, Green, White | Item ID: SCSF101, SCSF102, SCSF103, SCSF129

    Price: $3.49 - $4.69

    # Of Colors: 4

  • Teckel Sprinker

    Designed by famed Japanese lure maker and tournament angler, Hidecki Maeda, the Teckel USA Sprinker Frog incites aggressive blow-ups that are in a league-of-their-own. Built around the iconic Teckel hollow-body, the Teckel USA Sprinker Frog combines the weedlessness of a frog with the auditory agitation and splash of a prop bait. Offered in a number of proven colors, the Teckel USA Sprinker Frog blurs the line between prop bait and frog to give anglers a completely new, and incredibly effective hybrid topwater genre. | Colors: Black Blue, Bluegill, Bone, Camo, Color Me, Lemon Lime, Pearl White | Item ID: TKLSPRINKER001S, TKLSPRINKER002S, TKLSPRINKER003S, TKLSPRINKER005S, TKLSPRINKER008S, TKLSPRINKER009S, TKLSPRINKER013S

    Price: $15.09 - $18.89

    # Of Colors: 7

  • StanfordBaits Boom Frog

    The one of a kind Boom Boom Frog with Frogfur Stanford Baits teamed up with Elite Series Pro Fred Roumbanis to develop the ultimate Frog. A Frog that has all the innovative fish catching components. Frogfur is a patented pending innovation that greatly increases increases your fish hook up ratio! The Frogfur snags the sand paper like rigidness of the Basses mouth. Making it harder for the fish to miss or throw the topwater Frog. The Diamond shaped belly weight was designed so that the weight doesn't interfere with the hook. Allowing the hook to pop further up on hooksets. It also features a razor sharp Mustad Wide Gap Frog hook. | Colors: Bullfrog, Dawgfrog (Blk/Red), Diva Frog, Kelly's Frog, Mud Frog | Item ID: SDSB80081, SDSB80082, SDSB80083, SDSB80084, SDSB80085

    Price: $10.09

    # Of Colors: 5

  • Spro Bronzeye Frog Jr. 60

    The Bronzeye Frog 60 was designed by B.A.S.S. Elite Series Angler Dean Rojas. The Bronzeye Frog 60 has a real attitude and is a leaner, meaner version of its big brother. The body has been redesigned to maximize the hook-up ratio. The Bronzeye Frog 60 can be fished on both spinning and bait casting gear by any angler regardless of their skill level. The Bronzeye Frog 60 comes with a sticky sharp Gamakatsu EWG Double hook and is available in an array of colors to cover any situation. | Colors: Albino, Amazon, Black Widow, Freak, Green Tree, Leopard, Midnight Walker, Natural, Natural Green, Outback, Rainforest Black, Tropical White, White Black | Item ID: GUSBEF60ALBN, GUSBEF60AMZN, GUSBEF60BLKW, GUSBEF60FREK, GUSBEF60GRNT, GUSBEF60LPRD, GUSBEF60MNWR, GUSBEF60NGRN, GUSBEF60NTRL, GUSBEF60OTBK, GUSBEF60RBLK, GUSBEF60TRPW, GUSBEF60WHTB

    Price: $13.09

    # Of Colors: 13

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