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  • Strike King Double Buzzbait

    Strike King�'s Double Take Buzzbait is equipped with twin counter-rotating blades to create extra lift, enable a slow retrieve, perfectly straight tracking and spray water outward for a commotion unlike any other buzzbait. Includes exclusive Perfect Skirt with Magic Tails and comes pre-rigged with Sabre Pointtrailer hook. | Colors: 1/2 oz Black, 1/2 oz Chartreuse/White, 1/2 oz Super White, 3/8 oz Black, 3/8 oz Chartreuse/White, 3/8 oz Super Chartreuse, 3/8 oz Super White | Item ID: SKPPLBD12203, SKPPLBD12204, SKPPLBD12210, SKPPLBD38201, SKPPLBD38203, SKPPLBD38204, SKPPLBD38210

    Price: $7.39 - $8.09

    # Of Colors: 7