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  • Netbait Big Thump Paddletail 6.5" Worm

    Great for working down ledges or as a flip bait, the NetBait Thumper Worm drums up a lot of attention with its large paddle tail. Available in a variety of proven colors, it's also loaded with salt and pork fat for a tremendous action and added fish-attraction. Available in a variety of effective colors, the Netbait Thumper Worm's paddle tail moves a tremendous amount of water - ringing the dinner bell for lurking bass. | Colors: Bama Bug, Bama Bug Red, Blueberry Candy, Bluegill, Green Pumpkin Worm, Hardy Craw, Junebug, Magic Craw, Okeechobee Craw, Scuppernong, Sprayed Grass, Watermelon Pepper, Watermelon Red, White | Item ID: N49002, N49005, N49007, N49008, N49009, N49010, N49014, N49241, N49266, N49271, N49277, N49291, N49292, N49293

    Price: $3.70

    # Of Colors: 14

  • Netbait Big Bopper 5.75" Worm

    Versatile and effective, the Netbait Big Bopper Worm has what it takes to put fish in the boat when others worms fall short. Built with a long, slender profile and fitted with a sharp, U-shape tail, the Netbait Big Bopper Worm delivers a strong vibration that works well on Carolina-rigs, Texas-rigs, or weightless. | Colors: Alabama Craw, Bama Bug, Black Neon, Black Red Shad, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Red , Junebug, Okeechobee Craw, Pearl, Summer Craw, Watermelon Candy, Watermelon Red | Item ID: N27005, N27008, N27009, N27010, N27015, N27022, N27080, N27131, N27219, N27223, N27247, N27266

    Price: $2.89 - $3.59

    # Of Colors: 12

  • Charmer Baits Paddle Tail Worm - 10.5"

    The 10 1/2" Paddle Tail is the "finesse" version of the big worm, if there is such a thing! The subtle thump of the paddle is just right for getting the attention of big, lazy bass. The big profile with unassuming action translates to bites when it seems nothing else will. There are other paddle tail worms out there...but only one Charmer with the floating, Super Soft, Big Bass Tail Action! | Colors: Black, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Purple, Junebug Red Flake, Motor Oil, Okeechobee Craw, Plum, Purple Grass, Red Shad, Watermelon Candy, Watermelon Candy | Item ID: PT01, PT07, PT08, PT09, PT10, PT11, PT12, PT13, PT15, PT30, PT51, PT99

    Price: $4.99

    # Of Colors: 11

  • Berkley PB Wind Up

    'Large distinct profile worm great for burning 'Durable and long lasting 'PowerBait flavor to tip the scales to our advantage | Colors: 7'' Black Blue Fleck, 7'' Green Pumpkin, 7'' June Bug, 7'' Redbug, 7'' Watermelon, 7'' Watermelon Red | Item ID: PFPBWU7BBF, PFPBWU7GP, PFPBWU7JB, PFPBWU7RDB, PFPBWU7WM, PFPBWU7WMR

    Price: $4.09

    # Of Colors: 6

  • Strike King Rage Cut-R Worm

    Each Rage Tail lure has a unique and exclusive tail design and is engineered like no other soft plastic bait. Each is designed with a specific purpose and uses customized hi-grade plastics for superior action. The Rage Cut-R is our most versatile worm EVER! Rage flange on tail for increased action - fastest tail flicker rate of any on the market. Can be flipped or pitched, Texas-rigged, Carolina-rigged, swim it weightless or on a weighted hook. | Colors: Black Blue Flake, Black Blue Flake, Blue Craw, Blue Craw, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Pearl Belly, Hard Candy, Hard Candy, Honey Candy, Junebug, Junebug, Moon Juice, Moon Juice, Okeechobee Craw, Pearl, Plum, Plum, Red Bug, Red Bug, Summer Craw, Summer Craw, Watermelon Red Flake, Watermelon Red Flk | Item ID: SKRGCUT56100, SKRGCUT56108, SKRGCUT56144, SKRGCUT5618, SKRGCUT56189, SKRGCUT562, SKRGCUT5642, SKRGCUT5646, SKRGCUT5647, SKRGCUT567, SKRGCUT5684, SKRGCUT5685, SKRGCUT56850, SKRGCUT7100, SKRGCUT7108, SKRGCUT7144, SKRGCUT718, SKRGCUT72, SKRGCUT742, SKRGCUT746, SKRGCUT750, SKRGCUT77, SKRGCUT785, SKRGCUT7850

    Price: $6.19 - $6.59

    # Of Colors: 24

  • Yum 7'' Genie

    The YUM Genie is a 7.5-inch power-finesse worm. The segmented body displaces water while the flag tail provides more action with less rod tip movement. It is perfect for shaky head or Texas rigging. Thirteen colors are available, including four patterns new to YUM. | Colors: Black, Copperhead, Cranberry, Green Pumpkin, Illusion, Junebug, Moss Green Flake, Motor Oil/Orange Flake, Old School Purple, Plum, Watermelon Red | Item ID: PRYGW702, PRYGW704, PRYGW708, PRYGW7110, PRYGW7193, PRYGW7267, PRYGW7268, PRYGW7270, PRYGW7271, PRYGW7272, PRYGW740

    Price: $2.39 - $2.59

    # Of Colors: 11

  • Strike King KVD Fat Baby

    Strike King'sPerfect Plastics are the BEST soft plastic lures on the market due to their exclusive blend of ingredients which make them the softest, saltest plastics ever! They also feature Strike King'sexclusive Coffee Scent technology which helps mask human scent and oils and attracts fish to bite. The KVD Fat Baby Finesse Worm has oversized tail to allow more action and drag in water. It is shorter in length, with a larger diameter for a bigger profile. It's a small worm with super action! | Colors: Green Pumpkin, Moon Juice, Red Bug | Item ID: SKFBFIN546, SKFBFIN585, SKFBFIN5850

    Price: $5.69

    # Of Colors: 3

  • Yum 3.75'' Kill Shot

    The Kill Shot drop shot worm has everything the hand-pour guys have except the high price tag. The tail on the Kill Shot features a flat horizontal portion that adds up-and-down swimming motion and an upright ridge that catches water to add a tantalizing side-to-side swimming action. Add a ridged body with a flat bottom and the Kill Shot is your go-to worm for all drop-shot presentations. | Colors: Bold Bluegill, Ghost Shad, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Purple, Morning Dawn, Ox Red Flake, Watermelon Candy, Watermelon Seed | Item ID: PRYKS308, PRYKS309, PRYKS3177, PRYKS3178, PRYKS3179, PRYKS3180, PRYKS333, PRYKS344

    Price: $2.59

    # Of Colors: 8

  • Strike King 6.5'' FinesseWor

    Strike King'sPerfect Plastics are the BEST soft plastic lures on the market due to their exclusive blend of ingredients which make them the softest, saltest plastics ever! They also feature Strike King'sexclusive Coffee Scent technology which helps mask human scent and oils and attracts fish to bite. The KVD Finesse Worm is a super Soft plastic formula for awesome action with beveled tail design for great shaky head action and wacky and weightless rigging. | Colors: Black, Blue Fleck, Blue Gill, Bubble Gum, Candy Craw, Dirt, Green Pumpkin, Magic Crawler, Methiolate, Moon Juice, Ox Blood, Red Bug, Watermelon Red Flake | Item ID: SKFIN65103, SKFIN65125, SKFIN65130, SKFIN65146, SKFIN65148, SKFIN65149, SKFIN6518, SKFIN65210, SKFIN6523, SKFIN6525, SKFIN6546, SKFIN6585, SKFIN65850

    Price: $4.29 - $5.69

    # Of Colors: 13