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  • Googan Saucy Swimmer

    The in line ribs and below the belly boot style tail on the Saucy Swimmer are designed to grab and disperse water while swimming to give the tail an irresistible wagging kick and the body a natural wobbling motion. Use the Saucy Swimmer on a light weighted hook for shallow fish or rig it on a jig head for suspending deep fish. Sauce up a vibrating jig to amplify thumping action or use on spinnerbaits and buzzbaits for a more life like bait profile. Available is 3 different sizes and a variety of delicious colors to match the forage in your water. All googan baits are infused with Slaunch Sauce and come aligned in clam packs giving you top notch action as soon as it hits the water. | Colors: Electric Shad, Goby, Green Gizzard Shad, Green Pumpkin Blue, Green Pumpkin Pearl, Magic Shad, Pro Red Shad, Sexy Shimmer, White Pearl Shad | Item ID: GOGSW33GOB, GOGSW33GPB, GOGSW33GPP, GOGSW33MAS, GOGSW33PBR, GOGSW33SES, GOGSW33WPS, GOGSW38ELS, GOGSW38GGS, GOGSW38GOB, GOGSW38GPB, GOGSW38GPP, GOGSW38MAS, GOGSW38PBR, GOGSW38SES, GOGSW38WPS, GOGSW48ELS, GOGSW48GGS, GOGSW48GOB, GOGSW48GPB, GOGSW48GPP, GOGSW48MAS, GOGSW48PBR, GOGSW48SES, GOGSW48WPS

    Price: $5.99

    # Of Colors: 9

  • NetBait NetBait Spanky Swimbait

    The Netbait Spanky Swimbait is a great addition to the already outstanding line of soft plastics that NetBait offers. It features a ribbed mid-section and a 5/8-inch paddle on the tail. These two features work together to create a vibration and movement that bass will search out and gobble up. Offered in a wide variety of colors, the Netbait Spanky works wonders as a swim jig trailer, on an A-rig or even on a drop shot. Next time you feel like spankin’ the competition, rig up Netbait Spanky Swimbait. | Colors: Pearl, Sexy Shad, Silver Shad, Smokin Magic Shad, Trash | Item ID: N58022, N58281, N58310, N58311, N58321

    Price: $4.09

    # Of Colors: 5

  • NetBait BK Swimbait

    Netbait has broken into the swimbait market with the BK Swimbait. This bait is fashioned after the ever popular tube style swimbaits that have become the hot, have to have bait. The BK swimbait features a belly slit that enables you to fish up to a 4/0 weighted hook. The solid head section of the BK swimbait will hold up to the vicious strikes these swimbaits will draw while the mid back through the tail are hollow allowing for easy hook penetration and excellent swimming action. | Colors: Albino, Black Shad, Blue Pearl, Blueback Herring, Bluegill Red Pearl, Green Pumpkin, Hitch, Pearl, Rainbow Trout, Silver Shad, Smelt, Smokin' Shad, Watermelon Candy, Watermelon Crawfish | Item ID: N44009, N44022, N44223, N44256, N44281, N44282, N44283, N44284, N44285, N44286, N44287, N44288, N44289, N44290, N45009, N45022, N45223, N45256, N45281, N45282, N45283, N45284, N45285, N45286, N45287, N45288, N45289, N45290

    Price: $5.09

    # Of Colors: 14

  • Z Man Swimmin Trout Trick3.5

    The Z Man Swimmin' Trout Trick features a unique ribbed body and exclusive curved paddle tail that produce a vibrant, undulating swimming action. Originally designed for targeting seatrout, the Trout Trick is a versatile bait with a lifelike action that has also proven effective for bass, stripers, redfish, snook, flounders, and more. Sized perfectly for the Z Man Trout Eye Jigheads, the Z Man Swimmin' Trout Trick is a proven producer for a variety of inshore and freshwater species. | Colors: 6pk, Badshad, Festivus, Fried Chicken, Green Lantern, Margarita Lime Chicken, Mood Ring, Opening Night, Pearl Blue Glimmer, Plum /Chart, Pumpkin/Chart Tail, Ralph's Shad, Redbone, Rootbeer/Chart Tail, Sexy Mullet, Shrimp Po'Boy | Item ID: ZMTTPT240PK6, ZMTTPT259PK6, ZMTTPT263PK6, ZMTTPT266PK6, ZMTTPT27BPK6, ZMTTPT292PK6, ZMTTPT307PK6, ZMTTPT308PK6, ZMTTPT317PK6, ZMTTPT318PK6, ZMTTPT319PK6, ZMTTPT327PK6, ZMTTPT328PK6, ZMTTPT48PK6, ZMTTPT72PK6, ZMTTPT82PK6

    Price: $4.39 - $4.69

    # Of Colors: 16

  • Damiki 4'' Anchovy Shad

    The Damiki Anchovy Shad is a thin profile paddle tail swimbait ideal for use on umbrella rigs or fished alone. Damiki designed it to match up perfectly with the Damiki Pandla Jig Head. Its large paddled tail and high quality plastic construction allow the tail to come alive even at slow speeds, and the Pandla Jig Head helps give it increased body rock and tail action. Available in a range of proven colors, the Damiki Anchovy Shad is great for targeting pressured fish or bass schooling on tiny baitfish. | Colors: Pearl White, Pro Blue, White Silver | Item ID: DMANCVYSD4105

    Price: $6.39

    # Of Colors: 3

  • Gambler Little EZ

    The Little EZ measuring in at 3.75" is an extremely versatile member of the EZ Swimbait family. This is the perfect size for a swim jig, chatterbait, A-rig, or by itself. The Little EZ packs all of the fishing catching qualities that you love from the Big EZ. Excellent swimming action and fish catching ability. | Colors: Blue Pearl Silver, Bold, Copperfield, Florida Five-O, Forty Niner, Ghost Shad, Hamonds Herring, Natural Shad, New Shad, Phantom, Tennessee Retriever, Tennessee Shad, White Lightening | Item ID: GAEZ3030, GAEZ3032, GAEZ3046, GAEZ3096, GAEZ3158, GAEZ3159, GAEZ3163, GAEZ3164, GAEZ3185, GAEZ3195, GAEZ3196, GAEZ3199, GAEZ3201

    Price: $4.29

    # Of Colors: 13

  • Bobby Garland 2.5'' Scent Wi

    Scent is cooked in to this dancing minnow imitation. Use it on a jig as is, or separate the segments and use any piece to add color and scent to any crappie jig. Works great with the Minnow Mind'R. | Colors: Flo White Sparkle, Mo Glo Blue Ghost, Mo Glo Electric Chicken, Mo Glo Ghost, Mo Glo Outlaw Special, Mo Glo Sunrise, Threadfin Shad | Item ID: GLMGSW128, GLMGSW187, GLMGSW247, GLMGSW249, GLMGSW43, GLSW191, GLSW252

    Price: $3.19 - $3.39

    # Of Colors: 7

  • Storm WildEye LiveSunfis 3''

    The WildEyeLive series is the most realistic series of baits available. Internally weighted body creates an incredibly life-like swimming. The realistic color patterns and shape of the bait is backed up with 3-D holographic WildEye«, holographic swimmin' flash foil and a tough yet soft outer body. This swimbait has a sunfish body and color pattern and a back VMCneedle point hook and a treble belly hook. | Colors: 03 Sunfish | Item ID: NMWLSF03

    Price: $7.49

    # Of Colors: 1

  • Z Man Razor Shadz 4.5''

    Featuring a segmented, fish-shaped body and forked tail that create an extremely lifelike baitfish profile, the RaZor ShadZ pulls double duty as a first-of-its-kind floating/diving soft pastic jerkbait and the perfect bladed swim jig trailer to complement the new Project Z ChatterBait«. When fished unweighted on a 3/0 or 4/0 EWG style hook, the RaZor ShadZ floats on the surface at rest, yet a broad, sloped head causes the bait to dive on a twitching retrieve, creating a floating/diving action that cannot be duplicated by other soft baits. The RaZor ShadZ doubles as a perfect bladed swim jig trailer when conditions call for a bulkier ChatterBait profile to mimic full-bodied forage like bream, shad and herring. | Colors: Blk Blue Laminate, Breaking Bream, Green Pumpkin, Hot Snakes, Pearl, Redbone, Smoky Shad, The Deal | Item ID: ZMRSHAD45266, ZMRSHAD45311, ZMRSHAD45320, ZMRSHAD45349, ZMRSHAD4546, ZMRSHAD4557, ZMRSHAD4564, ZMRSHAD4584

    Price: $3.89

    # Of Colors: 8

  • Z Man Scented Pogyz 3''

    Anglers seeking to mimic deep-bodied inshore forage like menhaden, pinfish, threadfin, pilchards, croakers, or shad make the Scented PogyZ their go-to bait. Designed to be fished on a jighead or weighted swimbait hook, the PogyZ' deep profile, segmented body, and teardrop shaped paddle tail create a tight, lifelife wiggle on slow and fast retreives alike. The addition of 100% natural Pro-Cure Super Gel scent results in a bait that entices more violent strikes and longer holds than conventional soft plastics. | Colors: Electric Chicken, Houdini, New Penny, Pearl, Pinfish, Purple/Chart Tail, Redbone, Rootbeer/Chart Tail, Smoky Shad | Item ID: ZMSPG3240PK5, ZMSPG3261PK5, ZMSPG3266PK5, ZMSPG3267PK5, ZMSPG3294PK5, ZMSPG357PK5, ZMSPG360PK5, ZMSPG371PK5, ZMSPG384PK5

    Price: $3.89

    # Of Colors: 9

  • Berkley Havoc Grass Pig 5''

    The Grass Pig is a swimbait which can be rigged several ways: use a weighted hook, Florida rig, offset wide gap hook, or jighead. The design allows you to fish the bait as slow as you want and still have that irresistible wiggle. The combination of body and tail design, along with many different ways to fish this bait make it a sure fire winner. | Colors: California, Swamp Gas | Item ID: PFHVMGP5CALI, PFHVMGP5SWG

    Price: $2.89

    # Of Colors: 2

  • Bobby Garland 2'' Baby Shad

    The perfect combination of a solid body and a thin spear-tail for enticing crappie. | Colors: Albino Shad, Baby Bass(Lam), Baby Crawdad (Lam), Bayou Booger (Lam), BBQ Chicken(Lam), Black Gum, Black Night 18 pk, Bleeding Shad, Blue Chrome, Blue Ice (Lam), Blue Pearl (Lam), Blue Thunder (Lam), Blueback Shad, Bluegrass (Lam), Bone White/Chart(Lam), Butter Belly (Lam), Cajun Cricket, Chart-Black Pepper(Lam), Chart/Red Glitter(Lam), Chartreuse Silver, Crystal (Lam), Diamond Mist, Double Silver Rainbow, Dreamsicle Delight(Lam), Eclipse, Electric Chicken (Lam), Full Moon, Glacier, Glitter Critter, Green Banana, Green Hornet(Lam), Gumdrop(Lam), Halo(Lam), Hologram Ghost (Lam), Hot Lips, Ice Out, Indigo Sky, Key Lime Pie (Lam), Kiwi (Lam), Licorice Chart Pearl, Lights Out!, Live Minnow, Mayfly, Midge, Mo Glo Green Lantern, Mo Glo Monkey Milk, Mo Glo Shadow Glo, Mo' Glo Blue Ghost, Mo' Glo Devils Grin, Mo' Glo Electric Chick, Mo' Glo Ghastly Minnow, Mo' Glo Ghost, Mo' Glo Outlaw Special, Mo' Glo Pink Phantom, Mo' Glo Screamer, Mo' Glo Sunrise, Mo' Glo Sunset, Mo' Glo Twilight, Monkey Milk, Natural Cricket, Neon Prism, Opening Night (Lam), Patriot(Lam), Pearl Chartreuse, Pearl White, Penny Black, Pink Lemonade, Pink Pearl (Lam), Purple Passion, Rainbow(Lam), Red Thunder, Red/Chart Silver (Lam), Shimer Shad, Smoke Silver, Sweet Tea w/Lemon, Tadpole, Threadfin Shad, Tuxedo Shimmer(Lam), Vegas (Lam), Watermelon Wine(Lam) | Item ID: GLBS123, GLBS141, GLBS142, GLBS143, GLBS144, GLBS145, GLBS146, GLBS147, GLBS148, GLBS149, GLBS150, GLBS151, GLBS152, GLBS153, GLBS158, GLBS177, GLBS179, GLBS1809, GLBS181, GLBS182, GLBS183, GLBS1905, GLBS191, GLBS195, GLBS196, GLBS200, GLBS201, GLBS202, GLBS203, GLBS204, GLBS206, GLBS219, GLBS222, GLBS279, GLBS280, GLBS281, GLBS295, GLBS296, GLBS297, GLBS298, GLBS305, GLBS311, GLBS312, GLBS313, GLBS325, GLBS326, GLBS327, GLBS329, GLBS33, GLBS336, GLBS346, GLBS347, GLBS348, GLBS350, GLBS369, GLBS370, GLBS371, GLBS376, GLBS377, GLBS378, GLBS379, GLBS380, GLBS382, GLBS383, GLBS384, GLBS385, GLBS63, GLBS65, GLBS92, GLMGBS12718, GLMGBS12818, GLMGBS12918, GLMGBS18718, GLMGBS24718, GLMGBS248, GLMGBS249, GLMGBS28418, GLMGBS28518, GLMGBS37218, GLMGBS4318

    Price: $2.99 - $3.09

    # Of Colors: 80

  • Keitech 3.8'' Sexy Impact

    The Keitech Sexy Impact was designed to duplicate the natural swimming action that triggers feeding. The life-like swimming action is enhanced by the perfectly tapered tale. The top section of the bait is made with a no salt, light weight plastic and the bottom is a heavy, salted plastic. This provides unmatched balance and action. The 3.8" Sexy Impact has quickly become the drop shot bait of choice. Bedding fish can't stand Miss Sexy Texas rigged. Teaming the Sexy Impact with the Keitech Shaky Football head and dragging slowly on the bottom has produced Lunker size smallmouth. | Colors: Electric Shad | Item ID: KTSXI38440

    Price: $6.39

    # Of Colors: 1

  • Z Man Diezel MinnowZ

    Unparalleled softness, action, and ElaZtechdurability merge to create the most bulletproof swimbait on the market. Inspired by Z-Man's renowned three-inch MinnowZ, fresh- and saltwater anglers alike will find that the DieZel MinnowZ's hook slot and split dorsal fin provide easy weedless rigging and problem-free hooksets. Bassheads can present it on umbrella rigs, as swim jig or ChatterBaittrailer, or solo as a swimbait, while inshore fanatics can rig it on a Redfish EyeZ or HeadlockZ HD jighead or 4/0 EZ KeeperZ weedless hook for a lifelike baitfish presentation. | Colors: 4'' Hot Snakes, 4'' Pearl | Item ID: ZMDMIN349, ZMDMIN84

    Price: $3.49

    # Of Colors: 2

  • Zoom Swimmer 4''

    This downsized version of the ultra-popular hollow bodied swimbait retains its 5-inch big brother's lifelike swimming action because it features the same realistic shad-shaped body and lively paddle tail, just in a slightly more compact package. Fish it on a light or heavy jig head and work a slow swimming action back to the boat yet it's also deadly on the back of a vibrating jig or swim jig, or even on a umbrella rig. When the forage is smaller than usual or excessive fishing pressure makes the bite tough, this will become your go-to swimbait. | Colors: Ayu, Cyrstal Shad, Guntersville Shad, Hitch, Lanier Shad, Tennessee Shad | Item ID: 133357, 133396, 133398, 133404, 133405, 133406

    Price: $7.69 - $8.09

    # Of Colors: 6

  • Bass Assassin Pro Tiny Shad

    This is the Tiny Shad's "Big Brother", the Pro Tiny Shad. With a beefier body and a longer tail, it has all the action and then some! | Colors: 2'' Black Shad, 2'' Blue Grass, 2'' Blk/Chart Tail, 2'' Monkey Milk, 2'' MonkeyMilk Ch Tail, 2'' Pearl/Chart Tail, 2'' Pink/Limetreuse Tail 15p | Item ID: BSPTS69205, BSPTS69256, BSPTS69269, BSPTS69272, BSPTS69300, BSPTS69521, BSPTS69527

    Price: $3.39

    # Of Colors: 7

  • Storm WildEye LiveSunfis 2''

    The WildEyeLive series is the most realistic series of baits available. Internally weighted body creates an incredibly life-like swimming. The realistic color patterns and shape of the bait is backed up with 3-D holographic WildEye«, holographic swimmin' flash foil and a tough yet soft outer body. This swimbait has a sunfish body and color pattern and a back VMCneedle point hook and a treble belly hook. | Colors: 02 Sunfish | Item ID: NMWLSF02

    Price: $6.79

    # Of Colors: 1

  • Z Man Finesse Shadz 4''

    The slim, shad-shaped body, thin tail, and superior action of the 4" Finesse ShadZ make them ideal for drop-shotting, Ned rigs, split shot rigs, and other finesse applications. Tested on largemouth, spotted bass, smallmouth, and walleye nationwide, they're a proven performer when the bite gets tough. | Colors: Blue Steel, Green Pumpkin, Pearl, Shiner, Smelt, The Deal, Watermelon, Watermelon Red | Item ID: ZMFSHADZ416PK8, ZMFSHADZ418PK8, ZMFSHADZ4286PK8, ZMFSHADZ428PK8, ZMFSHADZ4320PK8, ZMFSHADZ446PK8, ZMFSHADZ454PK8, ZMFSHADZ484PK8

    Price: $3.49

    # Of Colors: 8

  • Z Man Trick Shotz 3.5''

    Thanks to their remarkably soft, pliable, buoyant, and 10X Tough ElaZtech construction, 3.5" and 4.2" Trick Shot ZZ-Man's first specifically designed drop shot baits feature limber, ribbed bodies and spade-shaped tails that produce ultra-lifelike action with little rod movement, and are impregnated with salt for taste and texture. Accurately mimicking a variety of forage including shad, leeches, gobies, and minnows, their ElaZtech makeup provides exceptional tear resistance when nose hooked and facilitates a more natural, tail-up position that won't sink to the bottom on slack line like other competitive products. | Colors: Bad Shad, Coppertreuse, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Goby, Shiner, The Deal, Twilight, White Lightning | Item ID: ZMTS35109PK6, ZMTS35259PK6, ZMTS35316PK6, ZMTS35320PK6, ZMTS35345PK6, ZMTS35346PK6, ZMTS3546PK6, ZMTS3554PK6

    Price: $3.49

    # Of Colors: 8

  • Leland Slab Magnet

    Leland's Slab Magnets are excellent baits for crappie, bass, perch, and trout. These baits are designed with extra-large bodies and wide, flat tails and come in the hottest fish-catching colors. Fish go crazy for Crappie Magnet Slab Magnets, which is why these are must-have baits for your fishing arsenal. | Colors: Clear Water, Fast Lane, Glow Colors 2'', Midnight Blue, Muddy Water, Percy, Pink/Chart, Therapist, White/Chartreuse | Item ID: LL15001, LL15003, LL15004, LL15007, LL15015, LL15019, LL15030, LL15031, LL15033

    Price: $1.49

    # Of Colors: 9

  • Zoom Swimmer 5''

    This hollow body swimbait has a very realistic shad-shaped body with a lively paddle tail for lifelike swimming action. Fish it on a light or heavy jig head and work a slow swimming action back to the boat. These soft plastic swimbaits have become a go-to bait for many bass fishermen on clear and off colored reservoirs. | Colors: Ayu, Blue Back Herring, Chartreuse Blue, Guntersville Shad, Hitch, JF Table Rock Shad, Lanier Shad, Shad, Tennessee Shad, Trout | Item ID: 129357, 129396, 129397, 129398, 129399, 129400, 129401X, 129404X, 129405X, 129410X

    Price: $7.69 - $8.09

    # Of Colors: 10

  • Big Bite 5'' Suicide Shad

    The 5" Suicide Shad swimbait featuring a super thin tail section with round paddle tail that will swim with the slowest retrieve and a solid head which allows better rigging on a jighead to last longer. | Colors: Blue Back Herring, Blue Gizzard, Pearl, Pearly Shad, Rayburn Red, SS Shad, Tennessee Shad | Item ID: BE5SWTM01, BE5SWTM02, BE5SWTM03, BE5SWTM04, BE5SWTM05, BE5SWTM11, BE5SWTM15

    Price: $6.29

    # Of Colors: 7

  • Roboworm 4'' Alive Shad

    Roboworm Alive Shad - The Roboworm Alive Shad is one of Roboworm's most effective finesse baits. Its "hand poured" style shad-shaped body is super sensitive and supple, creating a realistic and enticing action. Roboworm uses state-of-the-art robotic technology to create consistent, well-defined triple color pours every time. The dynamic color combination's give anglers different options and provide the versatility to catch fish in all types of conditions. Excellent for split shotting, the curved belly of the shad-shaped bait makes it float and glide enticingly through the water. The Alive Shad is also a great choice for dropshotting. The thin tail section offers plenty of movement even when the bait is still. When the bait gets bit, Roboworm's exclusive Salt Release System provides a burst of salt that will make bass hold on longer for a better catch ratio. Roboworm and the Alive Shad are quickly becoming the choice for recreational anglers and pros alike because of their consistency and effectiveness, especially on highly pressured fish. Made in the U.S.A.! | Colors: Aaron's Magic, Morning Dawn | Item ID: ROAT829608, ROATH3H008

    Price: $4.19

    # Of Colors: 2

  • Storm WildEye Live Bluegill

    The most realistic series of baits available. Internally weighted bodies create an incredibly life-like swimming action. The realistic color patterns and shapes of these baits are backed up with 3D holographic WildEye«, holographic swimmin' flash foil and a tough, yet soft outer body. These baits have Black Nickle VMChooks. | Colors: Bluegill, Bluegill | Item ID: NMWLBG02, NMWLBG03

    Price: $6.79 - $7.09

    # Of Colors: 2

  • Strike King 7'' Caffine Shad

    Strike King'sPerfect Plastics are the BEST soft plastic lures on the market due to their exclusive blend of ingredients which make them the softest, saltest plastics ever! They also feature Strike King'sexclusive Coffee Scent technology which helps mask human scent and oils and attracts fish to bite. | Colors: Ghost Shad, Green Pumpkin, Watermelon Red Flake | Item ID: SKMCS7151, SKMCS718, SKMCS746

    Price: $4.79 - $4.99

    # Of Colors: 3

  • Zoom Super Fluke Jr 4''

    The deep belly of the Super Fluke causes it to dart, glide and knuckleball through the water, while its universal baitfish size allows it to tempt both limit-sized bass and the biggest fish on your lake. Rigged weightless, it skitters across the surface like an injured shad, but a belly-weighted hook or some insert weights allow you to employ it as deep as necessary. | Colors: Aurora Black, Bait Fish, Big Texan, Black, Black Red Glitter, California 420, Chartreuse Pearl, Electric Blue, Fools Gold, Glimmer Blue, Goldfish, Green Pumpkin Blue, Green Pumpkin Candy, Green Pumpkin Green, Green Pumpkin Prp Gold, Green Pumpkin Red, Huckleberry, Junebug Red, Killer Blue, Lavender Shad, Lightning Shad, Natural Green, Orange Pearl, Scuppernong Green, Smokin Candy, South Africa Special, Sprayed Grass, Sungill, Watermelon Candy Red, Watermelon Magic, Watermelon Moondust, Watermelon Orange, Watermelon Red Magic, White, Yabby Mudbug | Item ID: 056001X, 056003X, 056038X, 056040X, 056043X, 056046X, 056050X, 056064X, 056107X, 056177X, 056184X, 056202X, 056224, 056239X, 056242X, 056249X, 056267X, 056272X, 056281X, 056282X, 056283X, 056304X, 056305X, 056308X, 056315X, 056316X, 056317X, 056334X, 056347X, 056362X, 056363X, 056364X, 056366X, 056402X, 056407X

    Price: $2.49 - $3.49

    # Of Colors: 35

  • Mr Crappie Shadpole

    The Mr. CrappieShadPoleis designed with the darting action of Threadfin Shad and a squigglin' tail like a Tadpole! Great for flippin', dippin', skippin', or shootin'! | Colors: Blue Ice, Cajun Cricket, Chart Shiner, Electric Chicken, Electric Lime, Glimmer Blue, Hot, Junebug-Chart, Osage Orange Glow, Pepper Shad, Pink Tuxedo, Pumpkinsee/Chart Glow, Pumpkinseed/Chart, Punkin Pie, Purple Sage, Red Chili Pepper, Red/Chart Sparkle Glow, Refrigerator White, Refrigerator White Glow, Salt n Pepper, Smokey Shad, Tuxedo Black-Chart, Tuxedo Black/Chart Glow | Item ID: SKMRCSP164, SKMRCSP183, SKMRCSP183G, SKMRCSP186, SKMRCSP186G, SKMRCSP187G, SKMRCSP188, SKMRCSP192, SKMRCSP193, SKMRCSP194, SKMRCSP195, SKMRCSP196, SKMRCSP222, SKMRCSP223, SKMRCSP224, SKMRCSP230, SKMRCSP242, SKMRCSP246G, SKMRCSP41, SKMRCSP48, SKMRCSP48G, SKMRCSP57, SKMRCSP60

    Price: $2.49 - $2.59

    # Of Colors: 23

  • Big Bite 3.5'' WarMouth

    The WarMouth was designed to be fished using a Texas rig, but the bait is rigged horizontally on the flat sides rather than vertically. This gives it a unique profile and action on the fall that represents a bluegill or baitfish. | Colors: Green Bluegill, Pumpkinseed, SS Shad, War Party, Watermelon Red Ghost | Item ID: BE3WM02, BE3WM03, BE3WM05, BE3WM07, BE3WM15

    Price: $5.49

    # Of Colors: 5

  • Gambler Big EZ

    The Big EZ swimbait is a tantalizing treat for any fish. Measuring a full 5" long it has an excellent profile in the water. The segmented tail provides plenty of swimming action. The Big EZ makes it easy to catch big fish. Rig it on a belly weighted hook or with a screw in weight and just add water. The erratic swimming action will do the rest. | Colors: Copperfield, Florida Five-O, Forty Niner, Ghost Shad, Ice Breaker, June Bug, Killer G, Lane Toad, Last One, New Shad, Red Ear, Ripe Melon, Tennessee Shad, Watermelon, White Lightening | Item ID: GAEZ5003, GAEZ5030, GAEZ5032, GAEZ5046, GAEZ5047, GAEZ5079, GAEZ5134, GAEZ5158, GAEZ5159, GAEZ5163, GAEZ5164, GAEZ5171, GAEZ5215, GAEZ5220, GAEZ5232

    Price: $4.39

    # Of Colors: 15

  • Gambler Big EZ 6.5''

    Taking the proven performance of Gambler's EZ to new heights, the Gambler Really Big GZ offers a beefed-up profile that is built for triggering bites from extra-hungry predators. A scaled-up version of the original, the Gambler Really Big GZ employs a segmented body, which allows for unregulated action. Infused with a heavy-dose of Gambler's BITE scenting, the Gambler Really Big GZ provides enhanced attraction that goes far-beyond its hard-thumping action. Offered in a number of trophy-attracting colors, the Gambler Really Big GZ delivers the size that anglers need to catch the eye of large, tournament-winning bass. | Colors: Alewife, Copperfield, Electric One, Florida Five-O, Forty Niner, Ghost Shad, Hammonds Herring, June Bug, Lane Toad, Last One, Limetreuse, New Shad, Phantom, Tennessee Retriever, Tennessee Shad, White Lightening | Item ID: GAEZ6003, GAEZ6030, GAEZ6032, GAEZ6033, GAEZ6046, GAEZ6080, GAEZ6096, GAEZ6134, GAEZ6158, GAEZ6159, GAEZ6163, GAEZ6164, GAEZ6195, GAEZ6201, GAEZ6232, GAEZ6242

    Price: $7.09 - $7.69

    # Of Colors: 16

  • RI Skinny Dipper

    Reaction Innovation's creativity has once again developed a bait that will put fish in the boat when others won't. The Skinny Dipper is a soft plastic bait that can be effective in and around all types of structure. When you're faced with vegetation you can rig the Skinny Dipper weedless and swim it over grass beds or add weight to the hook and swim it through sumbmerged weeds. The slender design of the Skinny Dipper coupled with the paddle tail creates a vibration in the water that bass cannot resist. The Skinny Dipper can also be deadly fished on a Carolina rig over humps and creek channels with grass and brush. The durability and size of the Skinny Dipper allows a hook size up to a 6/0 superline hook. For a different look, try the Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper, you won't be disappointed. | Colors: Bad Shad Green, Bad Shad Special, Bubblegum, Bull Frog, California 420, Dirty Sanchez, Gold Digger, Guntersville Shad, Houdini, Junebug, Light Hitch (TC), Lime Ice Green, Low Blow, Magic Craw Swirl, Money Shot Violet, Money Shot/Green, Pearl Blue Shad, Penetration, Sexy Shad (TC), Shiner, Spanish Fly (TC), Sprayed Grass, Statutory Grape, Sungill, Watermelon, Watermelon/Gold7pk, Watermelon/Green Pump, White Trash | Item ID: RISKD003, RISKD004, RISKD007, RISKD008, RISKD009, RISKD017, RISKD020, RISKD022, RISKD023, RISKD024, RISKD025, RISKD031, RISKD036, RISKD040, RISKD045, RISKD046, RISKD063, RISKD067, RISKD080, RISKD092, RISKD093, RISKD095, RISKD096, RISKD098, RISKD101, RISKD105, RISKD108, RISKD109

    Price: $5.79 - $6.19

    # Of Colors: 28

  • Yum 4.5'' Pulse

    The YUM Pulse is a 4.5" solid body swimbait that features a hard thumping tail and ribbed body that provides a dynamic swimming action which triggers a significant rolling action whether retrieved at high or low speeds. This unique ability to be fished with any speed provides extreme versatility in rigging and retrieval applications. It can be used on swimbait hooks, YUMbrella rigs, jigheads, belly weight hooks, Texas Rigs or as a trailer for swimming jigs, bladed jigs or on a spinnerbait, which is how Christie used it for his second-place finish. | Colors: Arkansas Shiner, Ayu, Blue Pearl, Chart Clear Shad, Gray Flake Shad, Houdini, Pearl White, Sinful Shad, Summer Gill, Tennesse Shad, Tin Foil, Watermelon/Red Flake, White | Item ID: PRYPL402, PRYPL4167, PRYPL4187, PRYPL4195, PRYPL4196, PRYPL4197, PRYPL4198, PRYPL4199, PRYPL4264, PRYPL4265, PRYPL4266, PRYPL427, PRYPL483

    Price: $3.39

    # Of Colors: 13

  • Yum 4'' Mud Minnow

    Super-tough plastic 'Big swimming action 'Perfect for use with a popping cork 'Catches fish in fresh and saltwater | Colors: Chart Holo, Seasick Disco Minnow | Item ID: PRYMMN4208, PRYMMN4233

    Price: $2.39

    # Of Colors: 2

  • Mr Crappie Scizzor Shad Body

    The revolutionary Scizzor Shad by Mr.Crappie is designed to cast, vertical jig or troll! Scizzor Shad has the Mr.Crappie signature balls and twin tails for twice the action! It has a secret port for any type of crappie scent and 3D eyes for a natural shad like presentation! Mr.Crappie and Strike King are #1 in design and producing the most innovative crappie baits ever made! The Mr. Crappie Scizzor Shad is made for wackin' and stackin'! | Colors: Glimmer Blue,, Lime-A-Nator, Osage Orange, Pink Tuxedo, Purple Sage, Refrigerator White, Shiney Hiney, TN Mist, Tuxedo Black | Item ID: SKMRCSZRB183, SKMRCSZRB186, SKMRCSZRB194, SKMRCSZRB223, SKMRCSZRB242, SKMRCSZRB246, SKMRCSZRB247, SKMRCSZRB248, SKMRCSZRB258, SKMRCSZRB41

    Price: $2.49

    # Of Colors: 10

  • Big Bite 4.5'' BB Kicker

    The BB Kicker was designed with input from our professionals. They wanted a new swimbait design that would have a kicking action in the water and realistic finishes. Each bait is handpainted to create a realistic baitfish image. It also features the invisible tail design where the tail is clear plastic and a fork shad tail is painted for the most realistic appearance | Colors: SS Shad | Item ID: BEBBKICK403

    Price: $6.39

    # Of Colors: 1

  • Bobby Garland Itty Bit Swimr

    With a name longer than its length, this tiny Swim'R starts every day with a chip on its shoulders to prove it can catch them big and small year 'round. | Colors: 1.25'' Blue Thunder 25pk, 1.25'' Bluegrass 25pk, 1.25'' Cajun Cricket 25pk, 1.25'' Chartreuse Red Gl 20p, 1.25'' Crystal Lam 25pk, 1.25'' Electric Chicken 25pk, 1.25'' Glacier 25pk, 1.25'' Lights Out 25pk, 1.25'' Monkey Milk 25pk, 1.25'' Pearl White 25pk | Item ID: GLIBS14225, GLIBS14825, GLIBS14925, GLIBS18125, GLIBS19525, GLIBS20325, GLIBS21925, GLIBS31125, GLIBS31325, GLIBS6525

    Price: $2.99

    # Of Colors: 10

  • Charlie Brewer Pro-WhirlyBee

    Pro Whirly Bee has a size 1 Daiichi Red Bleeding Hook, and Ball Bearing Swivel. The lure is about 61.5% heavier then the original Whirly Bee. The weight is .21 oz, close to 1/4oz. The over all length is 2 5/16". The lure can be cast further and runs smoother with less hang ups. There is one lure per pack. Lure tested and approved by Charlie Brewer Jr. This lure is great for Smallmouth Bass. | Colors: Chartreuse, Purple Glitter, Tennessee Shad, White | Item ID: CBW1085APRG, CBW4068PRS, CBWG1082PRS, CBWLG163PRS

    Price: $3.89

    # Of Colors: 4

  • Gambler 6'' Flapp'n Shad

    The Flapp'n Shad is one of Gambler's most versatile baits. This is a soft plastic that can be fished as a buzzbait across the surface or as a jerk bait below the surface. The Flapp''n Shad has made a name for itself with explosive top water strikes on all species of fish. This product is not only great on bass but inshore species as well. Redfish, Trout, Flounder, and Snook are all being caught on the Flapp'n Shad. The Flapp'n Shad won the Oberto Redfish Cup Championship tournament and was responsible for a second place finish in the FLW Redfish Championship. | Colors: Chicken on a Chain, Copperfield, EG's Crystal Shad, Forty Niner, New Shad, Port O'Copper, Watermelon Red, White | Item ID: GAF6158, GAF6159, GAF6163, GAF6179, GAF6181, GAF67410, GAF67810, GAF69410

    Price: $4.29

    # Of Colors: 8

  • Keitech Easy Shiner 5''

    The Easy Shiner combines the body of the Shad Impact with the fantastic tail action of the Swing Impact. These versatile swim baits come in four sizes to match any fishing conditions. Keitech's original two-tone color injection process uses different types of salted plastics to achieve fantastic balance and action. These baits can be fished many ways. The 2" is an excellent choice for Crappie and pan fish. The 3" works great on a small Super Round Jig head and the drop shot. The 4" has produced outstanding results on the jig head, Texas Rigged and the Alabama rig. Lots of big fish are coming flipping the 5" and on the Carolina and Alabama Rigs. The Easy Shiner has a wide-wobbling rolling action that drives predator fish wild! | Colors: Blue Gill Flash, Electric Shad, Pro Blue Red Pearl, Sexy Shad, Sight Flash, Silver Flash | Item ID: KTES5416, KTES5418, KTES5420, KTES5422, KTES5426, KTES5440

    Price: $6.79

    # Of Colors: 6

  • LiveTarget 3.5'' Sunfish

    The perfect weapon for fishing around thick slop, the LIVETARGET Sunfish Hollow Body invites bass to an easy meal with its precise sunfish imitation. Appetizing with a fast and slow retrieve, the LIVETARGET Sunfish Hollow Body delivers a tempting 180-degree swing with a steady twitch and a trail of bubbling attraction with a quick wind. Built to collapse around the custom Trokar double hook, the LIVETARGET Sunfish Hollow Body provides rock-solid hook sets and an awesome strike-to-catch ratio. Available in a number of dead-on panfish colors, the LIVETARGET Sunfish Hollow Body provides all of the attributes that are necessary to succeed around heavy cover and big fish. | Colors: Natural/Blue Pumpkinseed | Item ID: KOSFS90MS551

    Price: $6.69

    # Of Colors: 1

  • P-Line RC SQUID 4.5''

    The Rock Cod Rig is a smaller version of the highly effective Ling Cod Rig. At 3.5 inches these squid are the perfect length for school sized rockfish. This version is also tied on 50 pound leader, but uses a smaller 5/0 hook. When it's time to load the cooler with a limit of Rock Cod you'd better have one of these rigs in your arsenal. | Colors: Clear Blue Spots, Clear/Green Body/Blk Stripe, Clear/Pink Body/Blue Spots, Clear/Pink/Black, Clear/Yellow Body/Green Stri, Clear/Yellow Org Top/Yellow, Glow Pink Legs, Purple Glitter Body/Clear Ta, Solid Black/Ruby, Solid Glow Green Glitter, Solid Orange/Yellow/Blk, Solid Pearl, Solid Pink Glow | Item ID: PCPLCS45300, PCPLCS45301, PCPLCS45302, PCPLCS45303, PCPLCS45304, PCPLCS45305, PCPLCS45306, PCPLCS45307, PCPLCS45308, PCPLCS45309, PCPLCS45310, PCPLCS45311, PCPLCS45312

    Price: $3.99

    # Of Colors: 13

  • Yamamoto 5'' Swimsenko

    If there's been one lure that has changed the face of fishing over the years, it's the Senko. With its wide range of uses and subtle natural action, the Senko has quickly become a favorite with anglers all over the world. The beauty of the Senko is in its simplicity. The Swimming Senko brings a whole new dimension to Senko fishing. When rigged weightless, the Swimming Senko falls horizontally with a seductive side to side tail action, the tail action of the swimming senko has more vibration and movement than its brother, which can be extremely productive in stained water situations. The subtleness of the original Senko is still prevalent, but the Swimming Senko has more kick in the tail section. The Swimming Senko also works great when pitched or flipped when rigged Texas-rigged. The Yamamoto Swimming Senko is another deadly version of a proven winner. | Colors: Black, Black w/ Blue Flake, Blue Pearl/Silver Flake, Disco Green, Green Pump w/Grn & Purp, Green Pump/Watermelon, Green Pumpkin w/Black, Natural Shad, Pumpkin Black Green, Purple w/Emerald, Smoke w/Blk & Purple, Watermelon Cream, Watermelon w/Black, Watermelon w/Black & Sm Gold, Watermelon w/Red & Green 10p, Watermelon/Black & Red | Item ID: YA3110020, YA3110021, YA3110031, YA3110157, YA3110194, YA3110196, YA3110208, YA3110213, YA3110222, YA3110297, YA3110301, YA3110306, YA3110323, YA3110375, YA3110901, YA3110912

    Price: $8.39

    # Of Colors: 16

  • Yum 5'' Money Minnow

    The YUM Money Minnow covers all fishing situations and water conditions. The Money Minnow features a unique swimming tail design and hidden hook slot. The hook slot feature allows for easy and straight rigging, which delivers the most consistent swimming action on the market right out of the pack. The Money Minnow comes in a variety of colors and sizes to match any forage base from coast to coast. This swimbait is right on the money! With an ultra-realistic profile, natural swimming action and super-soft body, the YUM Money Minnow has proven itself irresistible to bass and other gamefish. The Money Minnow swims sweetly, even when reeled at a very slow speed, which can be the key to enticing strikes from heavyweight fish. It's perfect rigged singly on a jighead or as a "school" on a YUMbrella rig. | Colors: Blue Mist, Bluegill, Clear Gold, Crystal Smoke, Fog Light, Foxy Shad, Hitch, Olive Oil, Pearl, Pearl w/Black Back, Tennessee Shad, Trick | Item ID: PRYMM5906, PRYMM5909, PRYMM5920, PRYMM5924, PRYMM5926, PRYMM5927, PRYMM5935, PRYMM5936, PRYMM5937, PRYMM5938, PRYMM5939, PRYMM5940

    Price: $8.09 - $8.39

    # Of Colors: 12

  • Big Bite 4.25'' Cane Thumper

    Big Bite has a new shape for the crappie market. This minnow imitator has a great swimming action and is great for trolling, strolling, drifting, or casting. The thumper is available in our proven best crappie catching colors. | Colors: Alewife, Green Pumpkin, Pearl, Reel Shad, Sunfish Laminate | Item ID: BECTHMP401, BECTHMP407, BECTHMP408, BECTHMP410, BECTHMP411

    Price: $4.49

    # Of Colors: 5

  • Mr Crappie 2'' LightningShad

    Designed with a 2-inch solid body that has a swimming action of a shad or shiner! Great for casting, fishing vertical, slow trolling and drop shot too! | Colors: Blue Grass, Blue Ice, Chart Red Glitter, Electric Chicken, Glimmer Blue, Refrig White, Salt n Pepper, Smokey Shad, Tuxedo Black- Sparkle Lamina, Tuxedo Black-Chart Laminate | Item ID: SKMRCLS2164, SKMRCLS2180, SKMRCLS2181, SKMRCLS2183, SKMRCLS2184, SKMRCLS2186, SKMRCLS2222, SKMRCLS241, SKMRCLS257, SKMRCLS260

    Price: $2.49 - $2.59

    # Of Colors: 10

  • Storm Kickin' Slab 04

    This slow-sinking, tail-kicking, durable soft plastic bait is the perfect imitation of a panfish. Fished with a steady slow or fast retrieve this bait swims with a life-like swimming action. Bundle that all up with a red VMCtreble hook, Holographic insert and 3-D eyes plus a polycarbonate lip and this lure is flawless. | Colors: Bluegill | Item ID: NMKSS04BG

    Price: $4.69

    # Of Colors: 1

  • Strike King RT Swimmer2.75''

    Each Rage Tail lure has a unique and exclusive tail design and is engineered like no other soft plastic bait. Each is designed with a specific purpose and uses customized hi-grade plastics for superior action. The Rage Swimmer is perfect when rigged with the Squadron Swimbait Jig Head or using a 4/0 hook alone! | Colors: Ayu, Ayu, Blue Bug, Blue Bug, Electric Shad, Electric Shad, Ghost Shad, Ghost Shad, Green Gizzard Shad, Green Gizzard Shad, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Pearl Belly, Green Pumpkin Pearl Belly 9p, KVD Magic, KVD Magic, Pearl Flash, Pearl Flash, Pro Blue Red Pearl, Pro Blue Red Pearl, Sexy Shad, Sexy Shad | Item ID: SKRGSW234141, SKRGSW234142, SKRGSW234151, SKRGSW234265, SKRGSW234266, SKRGSW234267, SKRGSW23446, SKRGSW23447, SKRGSW234504, SKRGSW234568, SKRGSW234590, SKRGSW314141, SKRGSW314142, SKRGSW314151, SKRGSW314265, SKRGSW314266, SKRGSW314267, SKRGSW31446, SKRGSW31447, SKRGSW314504, SKRGSW314568, SKRGSW314590

    Price: $5.49 - $5.79

    # Of Colors: 22

  • Yum 5'' Houdini Shad

    With one twitch of the rod tip, the YUM Houdini Shad comes to life with a very erratic swimming action. This soft plastic bait is unique in that you can modify the tail three ways to fit just about any presentation you need. Full paddle tail = slow fall. Open paddle tail = fast fall. Removing portions to create a traditional V-tail speeds the descent even more. | Colors: Arkansas Shiner, Black Blue Pearl, Camo Pearl, Pearl White, Smoke Shad, Watermelon Red | Item ID: PRYHDS502, PRYHDS522, PRYHDS583, PRYHDS584, PRYHDS588, PRYHDS589

    Price: $2.59

    # Of Colors: 6

  • Berkley PB PreRig SwmShd 3''

    | Colors: Shad, Shiner Chartreuse | Item ID: PFPBBSS3SHCH, PFPBBSS3SHD

    Price: $3.39 - $4.29

    # Of Colors: 2

  • Berkley PB Ripple Shad 3''

    'Exclusive PowerBait scent and flavor 'More surface area for better scent 'Lifelike body/color detail and 3D red eyes 'Unique segmented body for more vibration and swimming action | Colors: Pearl White | Item ID: PFPBBRS3PW

    Price: $4.29

    # Of Colors: 1

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