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  • Storm Arashi Spinbait 08

    The Arashi Spinbait attracts wary suspended fish on the fall and during the retrieve with its delicate rolling action and revolving blades. Slow sinking - head down with a slight body shimmy and moving propellers as you count it down to depth. Counter Rotating Propellers- add subtle flash and vibration while insuring the bait moves in a straight path. 3-2 Prop Design creates vibration pattern the angler can feel ensuring the optimal slow retrieve speed to maximize the lures' action and to maintain depth. | Colors: Blue Back Herring, Bluegill, Ghost Hitch, Ghost Pearl Shad, Green Gill, Pro Blue, Wakasagi | Item ID: NMASB08680, NMASB08685, NMASB08686, NMASB08688, NMASB08689, NMASB08691, NMASB08859

    Price: $7.99

    # Of Colors: 7