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  • NetBait Paca Craw

    With the patented NetBait claws and hollow body design the Paca Craw is an extremely versatile bait. When flipped or pitched the claws of the Paca Craw have a helicopter effect which slows the decent of this bait. Over 100 different Paca Craw options available. Click on the Choose Options button to select your Paca Craws! | Colors: Abura Kayoubi, Alabama Craw, Baby Bass, Bama Bug, Bama Bug Red, Black, Black Blue, Black Blue Flake, Black Neon, Black Red Shad, Black Sapphire, Black Shadow, Blueberry Candy, Bluegill, Brown Orange, Bullfrog, Cajun Crawdad, Chartreuse Pepper, Chartreuse Pumpkin, Coosa Special, Crawfish, Delta Neon, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Blue, Green Pumpkin Candy, Green Pumpkin Magic, Green Pumpkin Purple, Green Pumpkin Red, Green Pumpkin Watermelon, Hardy Craw, Hot Candy, June Bug, Kasumi Dynamite, Kentucky Special, Magic Craw, Natural Craw, Okeechobee Craw, Paca Melon, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Pearl, Perfection, Pumpkin Pepper, Red Bug, Rootbeer Pepper Green, Ruby Red Baby Craw, Sapphire Blue, Scupprnog Baby, Smoke Purple, Sprayed Grass, Summer Craw, Sun Perch , Table Rock Red, Texas Craw, Toledo Special, Watermelon Candy, Watermelon Crawfish, Watermelon Jelly, Watermelon Magic, Watermelon Pepper, Watermelon Red, Watermelon Spice | Item ID: N33001, N33005, N33007, N33008, N33009, N33010, N33011, N33012, N33013, N33014, N33015, N33022, N33040, N33056, N33124, N33127, N33131, N33207, N33219, N33223, N33224, N33225, N33229, N33231, N33233, N33242, N33245, N33246, N33247, N33250, N33256, N33259, N33260, N33261, N33265, N33266, N33267, N33268, N33277, N33280, N33291, N33293, N33294, N33295, N33296, N33298, N33299, N33300, N33306, N33309, N33319, N33320, N35001, N35005, N35006, N35007, N35008, N35009, N35010, N35011, N35012, N35013, N35014, N35015, N35022, N35040, N35042, N35044, N35056, N35080, N35127, N35131, N35219, N35223, N35224, N35225, N35229, N35233, N35238, N35241, N35242, N35246, N35247, N35250, N35256, N35259, N35260, N35261, N35265, N35266, N35268, N35271, N35277, N35280, N35292, N35293, N35294, N35295, N35296, N35298, N35299, N35300, N35306, N35308, N35309, N35319, N35320, N42005, N42007, N42008, N42009, N42010, N42014, N42022, N42040, N42056, N42127, N42131, N42219, N42223, N42225, N42233, N42241, N42242, N42247, N42256, N42265, N42266, N42277, N42280, N42293, N42296, N42309

    Price: $2.70 - $4.59

    # Of Colors: 61

  • Netbait Paca Chunk

    Loaded with pork fat, anise scent, and just the right amount of salt, these specially formulated NetBait Paca Chunk Soft Baits are durable enough to stand up to several fish. Sporting the patented NetBait claws and plenty of unbelievable fish attracting action, these versatile chunks are at their best when used as a jig trailer or rigged with a round ball jighead.We stock all Paca Chunk colors in our store for same day shipping!. Click on the choose options button below to select your color. | Colors: Bama Bug Chunk, Black Neon Chunk, Black Sapphire, Black Shadow Chunk, Blue Pearl Hologram Chunk, Blueberry Candy Chunk, Brown Chunk, Bullfrog Chunk, Chartreuse Pumpkin Chunk, Chartreuse Shad Chunk, Coosa Special, Crawfish Chunk, Flippin Brown, Flippin' Blue Chunk, Green Pumpkin Blue Chunk, Green Pumpkin Candy Chunk, Green Pumpkin Purple, Green Pumpkin Red Chunk, Hardy Craw, Hot Candy, Kasumi Dynamite, Kentucky Special, Key Lime Pie Chunk, Magic Craw, Natural Craw, Okeechobee Craw Chunk, Peacock, Peanut Butter & Jelly Chunk, Pearl Chunk, Perfection, Potomac Blue Chunk, Pumpkin Pepper Chunk, Rootbeer Pepper Green Chunk, Ruby Red Chunk, Sun Perch, Table Rock Red Chunk, Toledo Special, Toledo Special, Tomato Chunk, Watermelon Crawfish Chunk, Watermelon Gold Chunk, Watermelon Jelly Chunk, White Chunk | Item ID: N36001, N36002, N36006, N36007, N36009, N36010, N36011, N36012, N36014, N36015, N36022, N36040, N36042, N36044, N36045, N36056, N36127, N36131, N36219, N36223, N36225, N36229, N36230, N36232, N36233, N36240, N36246, N36247, N36249, N36250, N36256, N36257, N36258, N36259, N36261, N36262, N36265, N36266, N36267, N36268, N36277, N36291, N36293, N36296, N36298, N36299, N36300, N36306, N36307, N36308, N36309, N36319, N36320, N37001, N37002, N37006, N37007, N37009, N37010, N37011, N37012, N37014, N37015, N37022, N37040, N37042, N37044, N37045, N37056, N37127, N37128, N37131, N37219, N37223, N37225, N37229, N37230, N37232, N37233, N37240, N37246, N37247, N37249, N37250, N37256, N37257, N37258, N37259, N37261, N37262, N37265, N37266, N37267, N37277, N37291, N37293, N37296, N37298, N37299, N37300, N37306, N37308, N37309, N38001, N38007, N38009, N38010, N38011, N38012, N38014, N38015, N38040, N38044, N38056, N38127, N38131, N38219, N38223, N38225, N38230, N38233, N38246, N38247, N38250, N38256, N38257, N38258, N38261, N38262, N38265, N38266, N38267, N38277, N38293, N38296, N38309

    Price: $2.29 - $3.09

    # Of Colors: 43

  • NetBait Paca Punch

    The NetBait Paca Punch was designed to imitate a fleeing craw fish. It has also been design for punching down into the thick cover. The thin, sleek profile of the body is the reasoning for being able to punch this through the weeds. It features two big claws that are about 2" in length and 5/8" wide. The slightest movement of your rod will make this bait create an action the fish can not resist. Either Texas rig or use as a jig trailer. Like all NetBait these are loaded with scent, salt and pork. 8 per pack. | Colors: Alabama Craw, Black Blue Flake, Black Neon, Black Sapphire, Black/Blue, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Candy, Green Pumpkin Red, June Bug, Okeechobee Craw, Pearl, Perfection, Sapphire Blue, Summer Craw, Sun Perch, Toledo Special, Watermelon Candy, Watermelon Crawfish | Item ID: N59005, N59009, N59015, N59022, N59056, N59131, N59219, N59223, N59225, N59233, N59247, N59250, N59256, N59266, N59306, N59308, N59309, N59320

    Price: $4.09 - $4.39

    # Of Colors: 18

  • NetBait Paca Slim Craw

    Another great addition to the famed Paca line of baits, the NetBait Paca Slim delivers a thinned-down profile that really shines in-terms of raw attraction and versatility. Fitted with NetBait’s patented claw design, the NetBait Paca Slim features a solid, round-ribbed body, which can easily be applied to light Texas-rigs and all sorts of jigs to produce a fluttering enticement. Scented and salted to perfection, the NetBait Paca Slim provides a slender, more active profile that will be a major player around craw-hungry bass! | Colors: Alabama Craw, Black Blue, Black Blue Flake, Black Blue Tips, Black Red Tips, Blue Craw Blue Tips, GP Chart Tips, GP Orange Tips, GP Red Tips, Green Pumpkin, Junebug, Okeechobee Craw, Summer Craw, Watermelon Red | Item ID: N61008, N61009, N61056, N61131, N61219, N61225, N61266, N65005, N65009, N65131, N65219, N65225, N65266, N65321, N65322, N65323, N65324, N65325, N65326

    Price: $3.89 - $4.39

    # Of Colors: 14

  • Netbait Kickin B Chunk

    A new deadly trailer from Netbait, the Netbait Kickin' B Chunk features two frog-like Kickin' B legs designed to kick up a storm on the retrieve. Also loaded with salt, scent and pork fat to make fish bite and hold on longer, the Netbait Kickin' B Chunk can handle all of your jig trailering needs. | Colors: Alabama Craw, Black, Black Blue, Black Blue Flake, Black Neon, Black Sapphire, Black/Blue, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Red, Magic Craw, Okeechobee Craw, Sapphire Blue, Spot Chaser, Summer Craw, Toledo Special, Watermelon Candy, Watermelon Crawfish, White | Item ID: N57001, N57002, N57009, N57015, N57036, N57056, N57131, N57219, N57223, N57225, N57247, N57250, N57256, N57266, N57293, N57308, N57309

    Price: $2.19 - $3.99

    # Of Colors: 18

  • NetBait Chunker Munker

    We have them in stock at our store! This is a discontinued Netbait item but we still have a limited QTY of each color available in our store available for immediate shipment. Click the choose options for current inventory! | Colors: Alabama Craw, Black, Black Blue, Black Blue Flake, Chartreuse Pumpkin, Flippin' Blue, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Candy, Green Pumpkin Red, Rootbeer Pepper Green, Summer Craw, Waterlemon Candy, Watermelon Crawfish, White | Item ID: N24001, N24002, N24009, N24015, N24056, N24131, N24219, N24223, N24225, N24229, N24233, N24247, N24256, N24257

    Price: $2.19

    # Of Colors: 14