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NetBait Paca Punch

NetBait Paca Punch

Building off the success of its predecessor, the Paca Craw; the Paca Punch has stepped up to the next level of effectiveness for Flipping and Pitching into heavy cover in search of those bucket mouth bass. Taking the patented Netbait claws and pairing them with a more streamline oval shaped, solid body the Paca Punch excels when flipped behind a heavy slip weight or on the back of a jig and offers excellent action that will draw strikes. Loaded with Salt, Pork Fat and Scent; these baits are proudly made in the USA by anglers for anglers. 8 per pack.

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Netbait Paca Punch comes in one size\:

  • 4" (8 per pack)

Price: $4.09

# Of Colors: 1

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  • Black/Blue
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    Paca Punch - Black/Blue 8pk - N59056
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