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Netbait Contour Worm

NetBait Countour Worm

Built to excel with almost every finesse technique, the Netbait Contour Worm delivers a completely original worm profile that will have bass begging for a bite. Designed with a series of contours along the body, the Netbait Contour Worm produces a revolving influx of light penetration, which causes the worm to “light up” as it is hopped, dragged, and twitched.

Combining the appearance of hand pours with the durability of injection molds, the NetBait Contour Worm is perfectly suited for drop shots, shakey heads, and light Texas-rigs. Offered in a number of jaw-dropping colors, the NetBait Contour Worms will keep your spinning reel screaming with delight.

The Counter Worm comes in three sizes:
  • 3.5"  (10 per pack)
  • 4.75" (10 per pack)
  • 6"  (10 per pack)

Price: $4.19

# Of Colors: 1

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  • Watermelon Purple
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    6"- 10 pk
    UPC: 665685644019

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NetBait NetBait Spanky Swimbait
The Netbait Spanky Swimbait is a great addition to the already outstanding line of soft plastics that NetBait offers. It features a ribbed mid-section and a 5/8-inch paddle on the tail. These two features work together to create a vibration and movement that bass will search out and gobble up. Offered in a wide variety of colors, the Netbait Spanky works wonders as a swim jig trailer, on an A-rig or even on a drop shot. Next time you feel like spankin’ the competition, rig up Netbait Spanky Swimbait.
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Netbait Hardytack Craw
Up-and-coming professional bass angler, Jim Hardy, worked closely with Netbait to design the Netbait Hardytack Craw and it has been a hit across the country. He wanted to create a bait that would look, act and move just like a real crawfish. It can be rigged on any style jig head from 1/4 to 3/4 oz, and there is a bubble about three ribs down from the tails, that lets you know exactly where to thread the hook into the bait. By hooking the bait at that spot, it kicks the tails under - providing its killer swimming action - like that of a real crawfish. . The best way to rig it is on a full jig with a skirt and watch it bring the jig to life. Other jig trailers provide some action, but the Hardytack Craw with its big claws, ribbed profile, and legs tucked under as it scoots along the bottom, creates a disturbance and action just like a live crawfish would. Extremely versatile, you can also strategically pull appendages off and use it as a punch bait, as a swim jig trailer, or even as a chatterbait trailer.Available in a variety of colors to best suit your local fishing conditions, Jim Hardy tank-demoed the Netbait HardyTack Craw at the 2011 Bassmaster Classic on the Louisiana Delta, and it was so well received, he could barely keep them on the shelves.
Price: $3.59 - $3.99

# Of Colors: 13

NetBait T-Mac 6.5" Straight Tail Worm
If you fish the trick worm and other worm style baits, this one is a must to try.The T-MAC is one of the most versatile worms you can have in your tackle box. It can be fished on a Shaky Head, Carolina rig, Mojo rig, or weightless (Texas or wacky style). The numerous colors offered will allow you to find just the right color. The classic NetBait colors combined with the scent and action of the T-Mac will put fish in the boat.
Price: $2.88 - $4.39

# Of Colors: 49

Netbait Slim Shake 5.5" Worm
Perfect for the flick shake technique or drop shotting in deep clear water, the NetBait Slim Shake Worm delivers a tantalizing action thanks to its extremely soft plastic construction. Its slimmer profile also accentuates its movement underwater, and like all NetBait soft plastics, it's loaded with salt, scent and pork fat for added fish attraction. Available in multiple colors to match your local waters, the Slim Shake Worm from NetBait delivers excellent performance, as well as, more baits for your dollar.
Price: $2.39 - $3.79

# Of Colors: 14