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  • Mepps Comet Mino

    The Comet Mino is one of Mepps most popular lures. It will catch just about any fish that swims. Bassmaster magazine named the Comet Mino one of the 10 best bass lures of all time. All Comet Minos are carefully airbrushed to ensure realism. Their erratic swimming action makes them appear to be a wounded bait fish. | Colors: Silver Blade 1/4 oz, Silver Blade 1/6 oz, Silver Blade 5/16 oz, Silver Blade 1/9 oz | Item ID: MEC0M, MEC1M, MEC2M, MEC3M

    Price: $6.79 - $8.09

    # Of Colors: 4

  • Mepps Aglia Dressed

    Mepps dressed Aglia spinners are dressed with natural hackle. | Colors: Gold/Grey 1/4 oz, Gold/Grey 1/6 oz, Gold/Grey 1/8 oz, Silver/Grey 1/4 oz, Silver/Grey 1/6 oz, Silver/Grey 1/8 oz, Silver/White 1/4 oz, Silver/White 1/6 oz, Silver/White 1/8 oz | Item ID: MEB1STGG, MEB1STSG, MEB1STSW, MEB2STGG, MEB2STSG, MEB2STSW, MEB3STGG, MEB3STSG, MEB3STSW

    Price: $6.09 - $6.69

    # Of Colors: 9

  • Mepps Black Fury Dressed

    The dressed Black Fury is one of the great all-time Mepps spinners for catching everything from trophy largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, northern pike and musky, to panfish and small stream trout. All dressed Black Furys feature either natural squirrel tail or bucktail. | Colors: 1/4 oz Yellow Dot/Blk Yellow, 1/6 oz Yellow Dot/Blk Yellow, 1/8 oz Yellow Dot/Blk Yellow | Item ID: MEBF1TY, MEBF2TY, MEBF3TY

    Price: $6.09 - $6.69

    # Of Colors: 3

  • Mepps Aglia Plain

    Mepps plain treble or single hook Aglias in size #00 or #0 are perfect for panfish (bluegills or sunfish) and small stream trout. They are very light, however, and require a nimble rod, equipped with a light action reel spooled with light line; nothing heavier than six-pound-test. Two-pound-test to four-pound-test is better. Aglias in size #1 and #2 are perfect for larger stream trout and large bluegills, sunfish and crappies. Size #2 Aglias are also excellent for smallmouth bass and walleye. These sizes are ideal for teaching youngsters the basics of spinner fishing, as they are heavy enough to cast well with light tackle, yet they are small enough to catch a wide variety of fish. | Colors: Gold Blade 1/4 oz, Gold Blade 1/6 oz, Gold Blade 1/8 oz, Silver Blade 1/4 oz, Silver Blade 1/6 oz, Silver Blade 1/8 oz | Item ID: MEB1G, MEB1S, MEB2G, MEB2S, MEB3G, MEB3S

    Price: $4.09 - $6.09

    # Of Colors: 6