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  • Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider

    Taking realism to a whole new level, the Lunkerhunt Hollow Body Phantom Spider looks as good as it fishes. Featuring a hollow body weedless design similar to a hollow body frog, the Lunkerhunt Hollow Body Phantom Spider is equipped with walking legs that glide and twitch as the bait is worked across the surface. It also features a self-righting ballast in its sternum to ensure a consistent natural action that sits upright every time. | Colors: Dock, Leaf, Poison, Six Spot, White Wolf, Widow Maker | Item ID: LHSPIDER01, LHSPIDER02, LHSPIDER03, LHSPIDER04, LHSPIDER05, LHSPIDER06

    Price: $9.09

    # Of Colors: 6

  • Lunkerhunt Prop Frog

    The Lunkerhunt Prop Frog is an extremely efficient fish catcher. Able to move over pads, wood, and slop with ease, the Lunkerhunt Prop Frog features two prop feet that can cruise over cover, re-enter the water, and start churning back up without skipping a beat.Moving plenty of water and creating a one-of-a-kind disturbance, the Lunkerhunt Prop Frog’s double prop feet move plenty of water and make it easy for fish to track-down. Active and reactive fish cannot resist its call. When they hit, a full set of super-sharp weedless hooks are there to greet them.Designed to deflect cover, but hang-on to fish, the Lunkerhunt Prop Frog features an integrated hook system that encases the body and sits perfectly between the prop feet. Offered in a number of detailed colors, the Lunkerhunt Prop Frog delivers an innovative and highly effective frog imitation. | Colors: Croaker, Green tea, Leopard, Pearl, Rocky Toad, Texas Toad | Item ID: LHPROPF01, LHPROPF02, LHPROPF03, LHPROPF04, LHPROPF05, LHPROPF06

    Price: $10.09

    # Of Colors: 6

  • Lunkerhunt Pocket Frog - 1.75"

    The Lunkerhunt Pocket Frog is the most life like frog currently available in the industry. The Pocket Frog replicates a young frog and has swimming legs that extend during the retrieve and retract on the pause. At rest the Pocket Frog is 1.75 inches and will extend to 2.5 inches on the retrieve. The Pocket Frog behaves just like a living frog would in the water. At rest, the body of the Pocket Frog drops down a little into the water perfectly replicating the action of a frog/bullfrog. This also results in higher hook-up percentages. The Pocket Frog features high quality components, a super soft hollow body construction, and a weedless design. | Colors: Bull Frog, Croaker, Green Tea, Leopard, Pearl, Rocky Toad | Item ID: LHPF-01, LHPF-02, LHPF-03, LHPF-05, LHPF-09, LHPF04

    Price: $6.79 - $8.00

    # Of Colors: 6

  • Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog - 2.5"

    Lunkerhunt has outdone themself with the creation of the ultra-realistic Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog. The Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog features an amazing swimming leg design that extends and retracts during retrieve for an astonishingly true-to-life presentation. When paused, the Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog rests at an advantageous 45-degree angle, which gives it a natural look and also results in higher hook-up percentages. The Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog is designed with a soft-body that collapses easily upon attack and quickly exposes its razor-sharp double frog hook. Available in some of the most vivid frog colors on the market, the Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog is sure to generate explosive blow-ups wherever it's fished and that's no bullfrog. | Colors: Croaker, Green Tea, King Toad, Leopard Frog, Pearl, Texas Toad | Item ID: LHLF01, LHLF03, LHLF04, LHLF05, LHLF06, LHLF10

    Price: $8.09

    # Of Colors: 6

  • Lunkerhunt Combat Frog

    The Combat Frog has been designed to get big fish out of the harshest conditions. Tapered nose helps the Combat Frog pass smoothly through heavy cover sush as mats, weeds, and reeds. An enlarged air bladder helps it float high in the water and at the same time shields the hooks making them weedless. Large oversized hooks and super soft hollow body construction are gauged just right to create high hook up percentages. If you are looking to do battle with big fish, the Combat Frog is the product for you. | Colors: Croaker, Leopard, Texas Toad | Item ID: LHCF09, LHCF10, LHCF12

    Price: $8.99

    # Of Colors: 3

  • Lunkerhunt Popping Frog


    The Lunkerhunt Popping Frog™ calls fish in by creating a surface disturbance. Its concave face catches water, causing popping and spitting noises.

    The swimming legs of the Popping Frog create explosive strikes!

    Popping Frogs feature a weedless design and hollow body construction. The Popping Frog’s supersoft hollow body compresses quickly under the slightest amount of pressure. When it does, sharp high quality upturned hooks are ready for the hookset.

    The Popping Frogs generate tons of action with minimal movement. They can be worked along edges, through grass, in pockets and on open water. | Colors: Bark, Blue Gill, Croaker, Green Tea, Herring, Leopard, Mouse, Pearl, Tree Frog, Wounded | Item ID: POP-01, POP-02, POP-03, POP-04, POP-05, POP-06, POP-07, POP-08, POP-09, POP-10, QPOP-01, QPOP-02, QPOP-03, QPOP-04, QPOP-05, QPOP-06, QPOP-07, QPOP-08, QPOP-09, QPOP-10

    Price: $6.79 - $8.49

    # Of Colors: 10

  • Lunkerhunt Yappa Frog

    The Lunkerhunt Yappa Frog is a hollow bodied topwater frog that ploughs the water surface. The Yappa Frog mimics a frog swimming on the water surface and is capable of generating several different topwater actions. On a straight retrieve, the Yappa Frog produces a tight shimmy action. Working it on slack line, will generate wide swings. The Yappa Frog is 2.25 inches long, weighs ½ Oz, and has silicone skirts for legs. The Yappa Frog also features the flexible transparent bill that generates amazing action and makes the Lunkerhunt Yappa Series truly unique. | Colors: Albino, Firefly, Midnight | Item ID: LHYPAF02, LHYPAF08, LHYPAF09

    Price: $7.59 - $8.09

    # Of Colors: 3

  • Lunkerhunt Prop SunFish

    Ushering in a new genre of topwater lures, the Lunkherhunt Propfish Sunfish delivers an original design that sets the bar in-terms of all-out effectiveness and raw attraction. Combining a hollow-body topwater with a water-moving prop, the Lunkherhunt Propfish Sunfish generates a subtle, yet enticing presentation that is perfect for shallow, spooked, and hungry bass. Able to move through the thickest slop imaginable, the Lunkherhunt Propfish Sunfish is built with a streamline body and super-weedless double frog hook that allows it move over pads, wood, and slop without getting hung-up. Offered in a number of highly realistic colors, the Lunkherhunt Propfish Sunfish delivers a one-of-a-kind topwater presentation that is in a league-of-its-own when it comes to sheer performance and innovation. | Colors: Stealth | Item ID: LHSUNPRF06

    Price: $8.19

    # Of Colors: 1

  • Lunkerhunt Prop FishShad

    Modeled after one of the most popular bass forages, the Lunkerhunt Propfish Shad combines the effectiveness of a hollow body topwater with unique sputtering design. Built with a subtler action than the frog, the Lunkherhunt Propfish Shad features a single prop that creates a hard-churning action that closely mimics the movement of a baitfish breaking the surface, perfect for times when fish are pressured, spooked, and shallow. Built to move through the thickest cover with ease, the Lunkherhunt Propfish Shad is shaped with a streamlined profile and a weedless hook system that is head-and-shoulders above other hollow-body baits. Offered in a number of realistic colors, the Lunkherhunt Propfish Shad delivers a highly individualized topwater presentation that is sure to become a staple among all anglers. | Colors: Alewife, Gizzard, Threadfin | Item ID: LHSHADPRF01, LHSHADPRF02, LHSHADPRF03

    Price: $8.69 - $9.59

    # Of Colors: 3