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    The GrassBurner is like no other buzz bait in today's market. It is an inline buzz bait with dual treble hooks that catches monster largemouth and smallmouth bass.. It is designed to lay on its side. The bait was designed to mimic fleeing baitfish whether it be bluegill, crappie, perch, hitch or baby bass in the springtime or schooling shad in the fall. It will even mimic Crawfish! The GrassBurner really matches the hatch on the water. There are several different retrieves that can be achieved with the bait such as the standard slow roll or burning the bait across the surface. Due to the baits compact profile it casts much further and much more accurately than a standard buzz bait. It can also be pitched into tight cover and areas that require a precise presentation. Whether you are fishing the California Delta , Clear lake, or anywhere in the mid-west or eastern region, the GrassBurner never fails to produce limits of bass! | Colors: Grass Burner - Golden Shad, Grass Burner - Hitch, Grass Burner - Natural Shad | Item ID: EV1005, EV1006, EV1009

    Price: $13.99

    # Of Colors: 3