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  • Damiki 4'' Air Craw

    The Damiki Air Craw features innovative air pockets in each of its claws, which cause them to stand up in a defensive position no matter how you rig it. A great flip bait, it has a beefy yet streamlined body that can penetrate thick cover - then fan out once it hits open space. Its plastic formulation is also super soft so you can always get a good hook into fish, and aside from being a great flip bait, it's also an excellent choice on a shaky head, Carolina-rig, or used as a jig trailer. Available in a range of killer colors, the Damiki Air Craw is another cutting-edge offering from Damiki Baits. | Colors: Black Blue, Black Red, Cherry Red, Watermelon Candy, White Silver Flake | Item ID: DMAIRCW4204, DMAIRCW4206, DMAIRCW4405, DMAIRCW4504, DMAIRCW4505

    Price: $5.89 - $6.19

    # Of Colors: 5