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  • Cordell Crazy Shad

    The Cotton Cordell Crazy Shad is a classic topwater bait with dual spinning blades is great to chop and roll the surface water. With it's compact design it increases hooksets and allows for long casts. It is commonly used on schooling fish | Colors: Blue Back Herring, Bluegill, Chrome Black Back, Chrome/Blue Back, Clear/Blue Nose, Frog, Green Pearl Shad, Moon eye Shad, Smoky Joe | Item ID: PRC0404, PRC0406, PRC0411, PRC0412, PRC04562, PRC04563, PRC04565, PRC04566, PRC0484

    Price: $5.19 - $5.39

    # Of Colors: 9

  • Cordell C41 Boy Howdy

    The Cotton Cordell Boy Howdy has dual props that stretched out and gurgle like a wounded baitfish just begging for mercy. It is one of the best topwater baits you can throw for schooling fish because it can be fished aggressively or with a subtle action that will draw fish back up after they've gone down. | Colors: Chrome/Black, Frog, Gold/Black, Smokey Joe | Item ID: PRC4103, PRC4104, PRC4111, PRC4184

    Price: $5.39

    # Of Colors: 4