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  • Cordell Super Spot

    The Cordell Suspending Super Spot is a secret bait of the pros! Unlike other lipless crankbaits, the Suspending Super Spot dives is not a sinking bait, staying within 3 feet of the surface even when paused, perfect for working shallow grass and sluggish fish. Casts a mile even into the wind and can be worked in slow motion with lots of long pauses right on the nose of the fish. Want something to set you apart from the competition? The Suspending Super Spot is it! | Colors: 1/2 oz Blue Shiner, 1/2 oz Chrome Blue, 1/2 oz Chrome/Black, 1/2 oz Copper Craw, 1/2 oz Fire Tiger, 1/2 oz Gold Shiner, 1/2 oz Gold/Black, 1/2 oz Rayburn Red, 1/2 oz Royal Red, 1/4 oz Chrome/Black, 1/4 oz Chrome/Blue, 1/4 oz Gold/Black, Blue Shiner, Fire Tiger, Royal Shad, Tomato Red, Wounded Shad | Item ID: PRC2403, PRC2404, PRC2406, PRC24356, PRC24362, PRC2469, PRC2503, PRC2504, PRC2506, PRC25186, PRC25190, PRC25200, PRC25359, PRC25360, PRC25361, PRC25362, PRC2569

    Price: $3.49 - $3.99

    # Of Colors: 17