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  • Z Man Turbo Crawz 4''

    Adaptive, versatile fishermen will find the Turbo CrawZ to be the ultimate swim jig or ChatterBait trailer, as well as a deadly soft plastic companion whether Texas rigging, Carolina rigging, flipping, or buzzing the top. Incredibly durable and lifelike, the bait's specially designed Turbo ClawZ thump at even the slightest rod movement or reel crank. As important, Z-Man's super buoyant ElaZtechmaterial allows the ClawZ to rise up off the bottom in a natural defensive posture. | Colors: Bama Bug, Black Blue Flake, Dark Melon Red, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin/Orange, Okeechobee Craw, Pearl, Sprayed Grass, Watermelon Candy | Item ID: ZMTCRAW402PK6, ZMTCRAW4242PK6, ZMTCRAW4269PK6, ZMTCRAW4296PK6, ZMTCRAW4298PK6, ZMTCRAW446PK6, ZMTCRAW447PK6, ZMTCRAW484PK6, ZMTCRAW492PK6

    Price: $3.49 - $3.90

    # Of Colors: 9

  • Z Man TRD CrawZ 2.5''

    An ultra-realistic crayfish imitation, the TRD CrawZ was designed for Ned-rigging but is also ideal for use as a finesse jig trailer and even as a saltwater fiddler crab imitation thanks to its buoyant claws that stand the bait up in a natural defensive posture when dragged along the bottom. Paired with the Finesse BulletZ Jigheads, the TRD CrawZ is an excellent downsized option for pitching into cover when the bite gets tough and bass shun larger offerings. Available in a wide array of color options, there's a TRD CrawZ to 'match the hatch' in virtually all rivers, streams, ponds, and lakes where craws are present! | Colors: Black/Blue, Bloodworm, California Craw, Canada Craw, Drew's Craw, Greasy Prawn, Green Pumpkin, Molting Craw, Motor Oil, Mudbug, The Deal, Watermelon Red | Item ID: ZMTRDCR02, ZMTRDCR18, ZMTRDCR243, ZMTRDCR268, ZMTRDCR273, ZMTRDCR278, ZMTRDCR310, ZMTRDCR320, ZMTRDCR324, ZMTRDCR325, ZMTRDCR343, ZMTRDCR46

    Price: $3.90 - $4.29

    # Of Colors: 12