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  • Yum 7'' Genie

    The YUM Genie is a 7.5-inch power-finesse worm. The segmented body displaces water while the flag tail provides more action with less rod tip movement. It is perfect for shaky head or Texas rigging. Thirteen colors are available, including four patterns new to YUM. | Colors: Black, Copperhead, Cranberry, Green Pumpkin, Illusion, Junebug, Moss Green Flake, Motor Oil/Orange Flake, Old School Purple, Plum, Watermelon Red | Item ID: PRYGW702, PRYGW704, PRYGW708, PRYGW7110, PRYGW7193, PRYGW7267, PRYGW7268, PRYGW7270, PRYGW7271, PRYGW7272, PRYGW740

    Price: $2.39 - $2.59

    # Of Colors: 11

  • Yum 3.75'' Kill Shot

    The Kill Shot drop shot worm has everything the hand-pour guys have except the high price tag. The tail on the Kill Shot features a flat horizontal portion that adds up-and-down swimming motion and an upright ridge that catches water to add a tantalizing side-to-side swimming action. Add a ridged body with a flat bottom and the Kill Shot is your go-to worm for all drop-shot presentations. | Colors: Bold Bluegill, Ghost Shad, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Purple, Morning Dawn, Ox Red Flake, Watermelon Candy, Watermelon Seed | Item ID: PRYKS308, PRYKS309, PRYKS3177, PRYKS3178, PRYKS3179, PRYKS3180, PRYKS333, PRYKS344

    Price: $2.59

    # Of Colors: 8