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  • Brads Wigglers

    The Brad's Wiggler series crankbaits from B.S. Fish Tales are a superb action floating crankbait. The 3" crankbait dives 6 to 13 feet and comes equipped with VMC Hooks. Each Brad's Wiggler utilizes a two piece molded construction for superior strength and durability to meet the demands from the most avid fisherman. Brad's Wigglers are used for just about any gamefish that inhabits North America, including salmon and steelhead, walleye, and of course, largemouth and smallmouth bass. Bump one of these beauties off a few sticks or grind them through the rocks and see if you don't get the rod ripped out of your hand. | Colors: Fluor Red Black Hrgb, Green Back/Yellow/Craw/Orang, Green/Red Throat/Orange, Orange Craw, Red Back/Black Craw/Orange, Red Back/Craw/Natural, Red Tiger | Item ID: BDBW17, BDBW45, BDBW48, BDBW49, BDBW51, BDBW53, BDBW71

    Price: $5.99

    # Of Colors: 7