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  • War Eagle Buzzbait

    War Eagle Buzzbaits are a tournament fishermen's preferred buzzbait due to a keeled head which them to plane faster, hand-tied skirts and instant squeak right out of the package. Proudly made in the U.S.A. | Colors: 1/4oz Black, 1/4oz Black Gold, 1/4oz Hot White Chartreuse, 1/4oz White, 3/8oz Black, 3/8oz Black Gold, 3/8oz Black Purple, 3/8oz Black Red, 3/8oz Gold Hot White Chart, 3/8oz Hot White Chartreuse, 3/8oz Mouse, 3/8oz White | Item ID: WE14BB01, WE14BB16, WE14BB70, WE14BB72, WE38BB01, WE38BB04, WE38BB16, WE38BB38, WE38BB56, WE38BB70, WE38BB72, WE38BBG16

    Price: $5.29 - $8.29

    # Of Colors: 12

  • War Eagle Buzztoad

    A high-quality buzzbait that features a revolutionary plastic keeper that eliminates the need for glue. | Colors: 1/2oz Black Black, 1/2oz Black Gold, 1/2oz Bullfrog, 1/2oz Green Pumpkin, 1/2oz Grey Ghost, 1/2oz Watermelon Red Pearl, 1/2oz White, 3/8oz Black Black, 3/8oz Black Gold, 3/8oz Bullfrog, 3/8oz Green Pumpkin, 3/8oz Grey Ghost, 3/8oz Watermelon Red Pearl, 3/8oz White | Item ID: WE12BT201, WE12BT202, WE12BT203, WE12BT204, WE12BT205, WE12BT206, WE12BT207, WE38BT201, WE38BT202, WE38BT203, WE38BT204, WE38BT205, WE38BT206, WE38BT207

    Price: $5.79 - $6.59

    # Of Colors: 14