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  • War Eagle Skirt

    War Eagle's custom skirt colors have long been revered aa the best in the industry. With the replacement skirts you can dress any spinnerbait, buzzbait, or bladed jig in them. | Colors: Blue Herring, Blue Pearl Shad, Cole Slaw, Cotton Candy Silver, Flash, Gold Shiner, Hot White Chartreuse, Mouse, Pond Scum Perch, Pro's Choice, Purple Shad, Sexxy Mouse, Sexxy Purple Shad, Sexxy Shad, Silver Shiner, Spot Remover, Table Rock Shad, White Chart Blue, White Gold, White Lime Chart, White Silver, White Silver | Item ID: WESK01G, WESK01S, WESK02, WESK03, WESK04, WESK05, WESK08, WESK09, WESK14, WESK16, WESK19, WESK21, WESK22, WESK23, WESK26, WESK29, WESK31, WESK36, WESK40, WESK44, WESK61, WESK67

    Price: $2.29 - $2.59

    # Of Colors: 22