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  • Venom Bad Blood Tube 4''

    If you're a bass tournament fisherman, you will probably recognize this tube. Made famous by leading touring pro's. Quality American Made and hand crafted with loaded salt and Venom's grab. | Colors: Black Blue Red Core, Green Pumpkin Red Core, White Red Core | Item ID: VNVE09952, VNVE09958, VNVE09966

    Price: $5.09 - $5.19

    # Of Colors: 3

  • Venom 4'' Goby Lam Tube

    These laminated tubes are of course made in the USA. The process for making these tubes is time consuming and a real art. The tubes are cut one at a time, filled with salt and Venom's own grab attractant is added. People who fish smallmouth know. | Colors: Green Goby, Pumpkin Chart Pepper, Silver Shad | Item ID: VNVE06280, VNVE06284, VNVE06288

    Price: $4.89 - $5.19

    # Of Colors: 3

  • Venom 4'' Tube Salt Series

    The best tubes you will ever own, quality American made, not imported junk. Each tube is hand dipped twice for bulk, appearance and durability. This is a 4" tube not a smaller cheaper 3" inch that most companies sell. We load these tubes with salt and assure the tails are cut correctly. Each tube is also imbedded with Venom's Grab, the best attractant available. | Colors: Black Blue Glitter, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Copper/G, Green Pumpkin Red, Old Ugly with Attitude, Pearl Silver Glitter, Pumpkin Seed Green, Pumpkin Shiner, Purple Passion, Salt & Pepper, Smoke Blue Glitter, Smoke Silver, Smokey Watermelon, Watermelon Red Glitter, Watermelon Seed, Watermelon Seed Green Glitte | Item ID: VNVE09000, VNVE09006, VNVE09008, VNVE09012, VNVE09016, VNVE09018, VNVE09024, VNVE09030, VNVE09036, VNVE09050, VNVE09066, VNVE09082, VNVE09088, VNVE09092, VNVE09096, VNVE19002

    Price: $4.29 - $5.19

    # Of Colors: 16