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  • Booyah Boss Pop

    Whether bass want it fast, slow, walked, or popped, the Booyah Boss Pop delivers an advanced versatility that allows anglers to adapt and capitalize on the bite. Designed with a shallow-cupped mouth, the Booyah Boss Pop delivers a strong-splashing attraction that calls bass up-to the surface. Lethal at all retrieve speeds, the Booyah Boss Pop is easy to walk and creates a dead-on panicked baitfish presentation that draws crushing strikes. Offered in a number of proven colors and fitted with a feather-dressed treble, the Booyah Boss Pop provides a topwater presentation that will show bass who's boss. | Colors: Arkansas Shiner, Arkansas Shiner, Bone Shiner, Bone Shiner, Bream, Bream, Chrome Black, Chrome Black, Flashy Momma, Flashy Momma, Ghost Shiner, Ghost Shiner, Moonphase Shad, Moonphase Shad, Pearl Melon, Pearl Melon, Summer Gill, Summer Gill, X Ray, X Ray, Z Shad, Z Shad | Item ID: PRBYBP206, PRBYBP213, PRBYBP214, PRBYBP215, PRBYBP217, PRBYBP218, PRBYBP219, PRBYBP220, PRBYBP222, PRBYBP225, PRBYBP226, PRBYBP306, PRBYBP313, PRBYBP314, PRBYBP315, PRBYBP317, PRBYBP318, PRBYBP319, PRBYBP320, PRBYBP322, PRBYBP325, PRBYBP326

    Price: $6.89 - $7.89

    # Of Colors: 22

  • Booyah Prank

    You've never seen a lure like the BOOYAH Prank. A lipped popper, the Prank can be worked on top as a popper that spits water thanks to a cupped and shaved mouth. But it also doubles as a shallow-running crankbait where the shaved back helps impart a serious swimming action. A feather-dressed treble adds the final touch to entice strikes. | Colors: Bone Shiner, Chrome Black, Crushed Bone, Flashy Momma, Moon Phase Shad, Pearl Melon, Summer Gill, X Ray | Item ID: PRBYPRK206, PRBYPRK215, PRBYPRK217, PRBYPRK220, PRBYPRK221, PRBYPRK222, PRBYPRK225, PRBYPRK226

    Price: $9.09 - $9.59

    # Of Colors: 8