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  • Booyah Baby Boo Jig

    The BOOYAH Baby BOO Jig features a 60-strand ultra fine BOOYAH silicone skirt, light weedguard and a Mustad Ultra Point black nickel light wire hook, this baby has a proven record of catching the big ones. | Colors: 3/16 oz 3D Green Pumpkin, 3/16 oz 3D Watermelon Red, 3/16 oz Black/Blue, 5/16 oz 3D Green Pumpkin, 5/16 oz 3D Watermelon Red, 5/16 oz Black/Brown/Chart, 5/16 oz Lonestar Craw, 5/16 oz P B & J, Black/Black Blue | Item ID: PRBYBBJ3604, PRBYBBJ3605, PRBYBBJ3608, PRBYBBJ5603, PRBYBBJ5604, PRBYBBJ5605, PRBYBBJ5607, PRBYBBJ5608, PRBYBBJ5641

    Price: $2.49 - $2.69

    # Of Colors: 9

  • Booyah Boo Jig

    The BOOYAH Boo Jig is designed to slip down inside brushpiles or through vegetation without snagging. This jig features a flat bottom and 18-degree hook rise, which positions the hook perfectly for a sure hookset. Mustad Ultra Point premium black nickel hook, heavy weed guard, two magnum rattles and a full body 50-strand Bio-Flex silicone skirt complete this bass-catching package. | Colors: 1/2 oz Black/Blue, 1/2 oz Green Pumpkin, 1/2 oz Watermelon Pumpkin, 1/2 oz Watermelon Red, 1/2 oz White Shad, 1/4 oz Black Brown Spice, 1/4 oz Black/Blue, 1/4 oz Green Pumpkin, 1/4 oz Pearl/White Shad, 1/4 oz Watermelon Pumpkin, 1/4 oz Watermelon Red, 3/4 oz Black/Blue, 3/8 oz Black Red, 3/8 oz Black/Blue, 3/8 oz Green Pumpkin, 3/8 oz Pearl/White Shad, 3/8 oz Watermelon Pumpkin, 3/8 oz Watermelon Red | Item ID: PRBYBJ1201, PRBYBJ1204, PRBYBJ1214, PRBYBJ1217, PRBYBJ1218, PRBYBJ1401, PRBYBJ1404, PRBYBJ1414, PRBYBJ1417, PRBYBJ1418, PRBYBJ1421, PRBYBJ3404, PRBYBJ3801, PRBYBJ3804, PRBYBJ3813, PRBYBJ3814, PRBYBJ3817, PRBYBJ3818

    Price: $2.99 - $3.29

    # Of Colors: 18

  • Booyah Finance Jig

    BOOYAH Bait Co. put the best jig fishermen in the world in a room and asked them to create the ultimate jig for multiple uses flippin', pitchin' and casting and the result is BOOYAH's Finance Jig. The Finance Jig maximizes all the characteristics professional bass anglers want in a jig for multiple uses. | Colors: Faithful, Faithful, Faithful, Juice, Juice, Juice, Lights Out, Lights Out, Lights Out, Mattenes, Mattenes, Mattenes, Money, Money, Natural, Natural, Natural, Runt, Runt, Runt, Wild Card, Wild Card | Item ID: PRBYFNJ1258, PRBYFNJ1259, PRBYFNJ1260, PRBYFNJ1261, PRBYFNJ1262, PRBYFNJ1263, PRBYFNJ1264, PRBYFNJ1265, PRBYFNJ3458, PRBYFNJ3459, PRBYFNJ3461, PRBYFNJ3463, PRBYFNJ3464, PRBYFNJ3465, PRBYFNJ3858, PRBYFNJ3859, PRBYFNJ3860, PRBYFNJ3861, PRBYFNJ3862, PRBYFNJ3863, PRBYFNJ3864, PRBYFNJ3865

    Price: $4.79 - $5.89

    # Of Colors: 22

  • Booyah Bankroll Jig

    The Bankroll Jig from BOOYAH Bait Co. was created with the help of some of this country's best jig fishermen. This new stand-up jig features a flattop and top-heavy design that keeps it upright on bottom effectively standing on its head. | Colors: Faithful, Faithful, Juice, Juice, Lights Out, Lights Out, Mattenes, Mattenes, Money, Money, Natural, Natural, Runt, Runt, Wild Card, Wild Card | Item ID: PRBYBRJ1258, PRBYBRJ1259, PRBYBRJ1260, PRBYBRJ1261, PRBYBRJ1262, PRBYBRJ1263, PRBYBRJ1264, PRBYBRJ1265, PRBYBRJ3858, PRBYBRJ3859, PRBYBRJ3860, PRBYBRJ3861, PRBYBRJ3862, PRBYBRJ3863, PRBYBRJ3864, PRBYBRJ3865

    Price: $4.29 - $4.89

    # Of Colors: 16