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  • Booyah Streak

    The BOOYAH Streak IV is a big, deep-diving crankbait that weighs right at 2 ounces for extreme casting distances and then cranks down to nearly 25 feet with an aggressive dive plane and hard wobble. That extra weight is offset by a unique foam-injected body that allows the added weight without sacrificing any buoyancy. Wire-through design adds unbreakable strength from the line tie to the 1/0 EWG hooks for landing the big ones. More importantly, bass have never heard anything like the BOOYAH Streak IV. A patented design forces the sound out of the bill - unlike any other crankbait available. That focused sound penetrates the water farther than traditional crankbaits. | Colors: Blue Moon, Chartreuse Craw, Emerald Moon, Moon Glow, Natural Pearl, Real Gizzard Shad, Silver Blue Citrus, Texas Monster | Item ID: PRBYST428, PRBYST429, PRBYST430, PRBYST431, PRBYST432, PRBYST433, PRBYST434, PRBYST435

    Price: $12.89 - $13.49

    # Of Colors: 8