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  • Spro Prime Bucktail Jig

    The Prime Bucktail Jig has a unique shape of the head and placement of the eyelet which gives this bucktail jig a natural gliding action. When jigged, its body stays parallel for great jigging action. The Prime Bucktail Jigs are made with durable, super sharp Gamakatsu hooks and come in a array of fish-catching colors. | Colors: 1 oz White, 1/2 oz White, 1/2oz Crazy Chartreuse, 1/4oz White, 3/4 oz White, 3/8oz White | Item ID: GUSBTJCC12, GUSBTJW1, GUSBTJW12, GUSBTJW14, GUSBTJW34, GUSBTJW38

    Price: $3.49 - $3.99

    # Of Colors: 6