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  • Rebel Jumpin Minnow

    Nothing triggers bass and inshore predator fish like the subtle walk-the-dog action of a Rebel Jumpin' Minnow. This slender minnow-shaped topwater bait sashays back-and-forth on the surface to create a hypnotizing action like that of a fleeing baitfish. Internal weighting allows for long casts with this slender bait, making it perfect for schooling fish and anytime fish are feeding on top. | Colors: Bone, Bone, Bone Chart, Copper Black Orange, Silver Black, Silver Blue, Silver/Black | Item ID: PRT1000, PRT1000CB, PRT1001, PRT2000S, PRT2001S, PRT2003S, PRT20195

    Price: $6.00 - $6.89

    # Of Colors: 7