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 Norman | Extra Deep Divng Crankbaits


  • Norman DD 22

    The DD22 sets the standard for deep-diving crankbaits and is a staple for ledge fishing in the 15-18 foot range. This hard-diving lure has been winning tournaments for decades. Made of butyrate, the dull thud offers that bucketmouth a different sound profile than it normally hears. After getting attention with rattle, the medium-wide wobble will seal the deal. | Colors: Apocalypse, Baby Bass, Black Splat, Black/Blue Fleck, Blue/Chartreuse, Bumble Bee, Chart./Black Bk., Chartreuse/Blue Back, Chili Bowl, Chrome Blue, Chrome/Black, Copper/Green, Falcon Flash, Firetiger, Firetiger, Flaky Bass, Lavender Shad, Mountain Doo, Natural Shad, Nutter Shad, Pearl, Purple Essence, Rootbeer, Slick, Smokey Joe, Smokey Joe Scale, Splatter Bass, Spring Craw, SX Shad, SX Shad Chartreuse, Tennessee Shad, Tennessee Shad, Tropical Shad, White Ghost | Item ID: NLDD2201, NLDD2203, NLDD22113, NLDD22133, NLDD22139, NLDD22141, NLDD22147, NLDD22149, NLDD22150, NLDD22153, NLDD22154, NLDD22177, NLDD22177DOO, NLDD22178, NLDD22181, NLDD2221, NLDD22221, NLDD22225, NLDD22227, NLDD2223, NLDD22247, NLDD22249, NLDD22262, NLDD22269, NLDD22269CSX, NLDD22275, NLDD22302, NLDD22316, NLDD2241, NLDD2247, NLDD2250, NLDD2281, NLDD22F135, NLDD22NSH4

    Price: $5.19 - $6.39

    # Of Colors: 34

  • Norman Silent DD 22

    Sometimes you need to sneak up on the bass to get a bite, the Silent DD22 does that. Identical to the original DD22, except for a rattle, the Silent DD22 is what you need to land finicky bass in highly-pressured water. | Colors: Black Splat, Chartreuse Blue, Chili Bowl, Clear Nutter Shad, Gg Tilapia, Lavender Shad, Light Hitch, Nutter Shad, Red Black Craw, Rootbeer, Soddy Blue, SX Shad | Item ID: NLQDD22131NC, NLQDD22133, NLQDD22139, NLQDD22177, NLQDD22181, NLQDD22262, NLQDD22268, NLQDD22269, NLQDD22286, NLQDD22288, NLQDD22291, NLQDD22F135

    Price: $5.49 - $6.19

    # Of Colors: 12

  • Norman Heavy Diver DD22

    Weighing a full ounce, the Heavy DD22 helps you make that long cast to fish-holding spots. That added weight then gets the lure down to the 11-17 foot range faster which maximizes your time in the strike zone when targeting schooling fish. | Colors: Chartreuse Blue, Chili Bowl, Nutter Shad, Psycho Shad, SX Shad, SX Shad Chartreuse, Tropical Shad | Item ID: NLHDD22178, NLHDD22181, NLHDD22262, NLHDD22269, NLHDD22269CSX, NLHDD22360, NLHDD22F135

    Price: $6.09

    # Of Colors: 7