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  • Nichols BP Buck Feather Jig

    Tied with real Buck Hair and Chicken Hackle feathers, the Nichols Lures Ben Parker Hare Jig is a classic standby when the ledge fishing gets tough and the current goes slack. Featuring a light wire Owner hook on a 1/2oz teardrop style head. | Colors: 1/2oz Bombshell Shad, 1/2oz Dark Shad, 1/2oz Olive Shad | Item ID: NIH0112, NIH0312, NIH0412

    Price: $7.39

    # Of Colors: 3

  • Nichols MBP Wild Hare Jig

    Marrying premium materials with innovative design, the Nichols MBP Wild Hare Jig offers a unique twist on a bass-catching staple. Constructed around a teardrop-style head, the Nichols MBP Wild Hare Jig features an articulated design that increases movement and length, creating a large, flowing target for hungry bass. At the end of the jointing, hidden underneath the hand-tied skirting, the Nichols MBP Wild Hare Jig features a hook hanger, which allows anglers to add a discreet stinger hook for better hook-up ratios. Built entirely of premium materials, the Nichols MBP Wild Hare Jig is hand-tied in the United States by Haggerty Lures using a combination of top-of-the-line synthetics. Backed by a 90-degree, light wire Owner hook, the Nichols BMP Wilde Hare Jig provides a one-of-a-kind presentation that is lethal around ledges and magnum-sized bass. | Colors: Blue Shad 1/2oz, Bombshell Shad 1/2oz, Dark Shad 1/2oz | Item ID: NIWH0212, NIWH0312, NIWH0412

    Price: $13.89

    # Of Colors: 3