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  • Missile Bait Ike's Micro Jig

    Ike's Micro Jig is a new category of tiny jigs designed specifically for bass. In addition to the Gamakatsu hook, the skirt is a custom fine cut version that fits the super compact jig frame. | Colors: 1/16oz Dill Pickle, 1/16oz Green Pumpkin, 1/16oz PB&J, 1/16oz SoftShell, 1/16oz Straight Black, 1/16oz Sunfish IPA, 1/8oz Dill Pickle, 1/8oz Green Pumpkin, 1/8oz PB&J, 1/8oz SoftShell, 1/8oz Straight Black, 1/8oz Sunfish IPA, 3/16oz Dill Pickle, 3/16oz Green Pumpkin, 3/16oz PB&J, 3/16oz SoftShell, 3/16oz Straight Black, 3/16oz Sunfish IPA | Item ID: MBMJMJ116DPKL, MBMJMJ116GP, MBMJMJ116PBJ, MBMJMJ116SBLK, MBMJMJ116SFSL, MBMJMJ116SIPA, MBMJMJ18DPKL, MBMJMJ18GP, MBMJMJ18PBJ, MBMJMJ18SBLK, MBMJMJ18SFSL, MBMJMJ18SIPA, MBMJMJ316DPKL, MBMJMJ316GP, MBMJMJ316PBJ, MBMJMJ316SBLK, MBMJMJ316SFSL, MBMJMJ316SIPA

    Price: $6.99

    # Of Colors: 18