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  • Berkley Havoc The Deuce

    Havoc baits combine professional bass angler experience with Berkley's legendary innovation. The result is the best shapes, actions and colors ever created. Make Havoc your go-to bait when bragging rights are on the line. Innovative tail design creates movement even at slowest speeds. Longer body allows larger hooks to be used. Designed by Bass Pro Gary Klein.10 Per Pack | Colors: Black, Black Grape Green Pumpkin, Cinnamon Purple Black, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Blue, Green Pumpkin Green, Green Pumpkin Orange, Green Pumpkin Purple, Green Pumpkin Sumthin, Motor Oil Red, Rusty Green Pumpkin, Shady Watermelon Candy, Smoke Sparkle, Smoke Sparkle Black Fleck, Watermelon Candy Red, Watermelon Red | Item ID: BIBSEXPROGP5, HVMTD3-BGGP, HVMTD3-CPB, HVMTD3-GP, HVMTD3-GPBL, HVMTD3-GPGR, HVMTD3-GPO, HVMTD3-GPP, HVMTD3-GPS, HVMTD3-MOR, HVMTD3-RGP, HVMTD3-SMSP, HVMTD3-SMSP, HVMTD3-SWC, HVMTD3-WCR, HVMTD3-WMR

    Sale Price: $2.39

    # Of Colors: 16