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    Delivering a whole new level of weedlessness, the M-Pack Lures Swim Jig is perfect for fishing around grass, brush, and all other types of snaggy cover. It features M-Pack's Structure Guard weedguard, which unlike traditional weedguards, deflects snags without collapsing. It covers the hook point, and when bass bite down, it is designed to roll to the side, exposing its super sharp Gamakatsu 5/0 black nickel hook for solid hooksets. The M-Pack Swim Jig also features a recessed line guide to further reduce snagging and its high quality powder coat resists chipping for a consistently lifelike presentation. Assembled in the USA and equipped with 52-strand Silicone Flash Skirts, the M-Pack Lures Swim Jig are up to challenge of fishing around heavy cover. | Colors: 1/2 oz Black/Blue, 1/2 oz Bluegill, 1/2 oz Chart Shad, 1/2 oz Ghost Sexy Shad, 1/2 oz Pearl Ghost Shiner, 1/2 oz Sexy Shad, 3/8 oz Black/Blue, 3/8 oz Bluegill, 3/8 oz Chartreuse Shad, 3/8 oz Ghost Sexy Shad, 3/8 oz Pearl Ghost Shiner, 3/8 oz Sexy Shad | Item ID: MPL1212001, MPL1212013, MPL1212015, MPL1212016, MPL1212017, MPL1212018, MPL1238001, MPL1238013, MPL1238015, MPL1238016, MPL1238017, MPL1238018

    Price: $5.59 - $6.09

    # Of Colors: 12