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  • Leland Crappie Magnet

    The Crappie Magnet is slightly larger than the Trout Magnet at 1 1/2 inches in length, allowing you to fish in deeper water. Crappie prefer the look of a straight Crappie Magnet because it looks like their food source. The specially designed split-tail grub allows for a perfectly balanced lure. The most effective way to use this lure is dead-stick the Crappie Magnet at the proper depth. It will outfish other jigs using this method. | Colors: Black/Chartreuse, Blakes Glow 1.5'', Chartreuse/Silver, Elec Chicken1.5'', Fast Lane 1.5'', Glow Pop 1.5'', Heavy D 1.5'', Killer Klatt 1.5'', Norma Jean 1.5'', Opaque Chartreuse, Purple Haze 1.5'', Red/Chartreuse, Salt & Pepper 1.5'', White, White/Chartreuse, Wht/Blu/Slvr Fl 1.25'', Wizzard Glow 1.5'', Zoe's Glow 1.5'' | Item ID: LL11113TK, LL11115TK, LL11117, LL11124, LL13003, LL13026, LL14065, LL14069TK, LL14073, LL14075, LL32104, LL87256, LL87262, LL87270, LL87272, LL87273, LL87274, LL87275

    Price: $1.79

    # Of Colors: 18