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  • Leland Trout Magnet Crank

    �DEADLY BAIT FOR ALL SPECIES: Designed just for trout but other species like them too �JERK BAIT ACTION: Long slender design is perfect for stop and go action/jerk bait type action �RATTLES: Small rattles add to the effectiveness of this lure �EVENLY WEIGHTED: This crank is evenly weighted to keep it at a controlled depth when stopped. 'SHALLOW RUNNER: This cranks runs 2-4 ft deep. �The Trout Magnet Crank is designed for trout but is deadly for all species. The long slender design creates the perfect stop and go action. This lure also rattles on the move, adding to its overall effectiveness. A shallow runner, this crank runs 2-4 ft deep and is evenly weighted to keep it at a controlled depth. | Colors: Brook Trout 2.5'' 1pk, Brown Trout 2.5'' 1pk, Hawk 2.5'' 1pk, Rainbow Trout 2.5'' 1pk, Southern Belle 2.5'' 1pk, ZG 2.5'' 1pk | Item ID: LL12038, LL32014, LL32016X, LL87317, LL87318, LL87320

    Price: $6.19

    # Of Colors: 6