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  • Bandit Walleye Shallow

    The Shallow Walleye Bandit trolls to 12 feet, making it a great lure for exploring shallow- to medium-depth flats. Its squared bill is very deflective. Measuring 4-3/4-inches in length and weighing in at 5/8 ounce, this slender trolling minnow is a favorite of walleye anglers around the world. | Colors: 2052, Blue Shiner, Carrot Top, Chart/Blue Back (Glo), Chart/Pearl Scales, Chartreuse Black Stripes, Chartreuse Blue Back, Chrome Black Back, Chrome Blue Back, Chrome/Red Eye, Clear, Coconut Candy, Daydream, Electric Zebra, Fire Tiger, Flush, Fruit Dots, Fruit Salad, Glare, Gold Black Back, Grapefruit, Green Clown, Hot Rod, Humble Bee, Khaki Brown Back Scales, Neon Shad, Orange Crush, Parakeet, Peacock, Plasma, Purple Mist, Purple Shad, Rave, Red Fire Tiger, Red Head, Reflection, Sbtb, Sunspot, Taco Salad, Trans Gizzard Shad, Two Tone (Glo), Vice, Viral Perch, Wild Thing | Item ID: PRBDTWBS101, PRBDTWBS102, PRBDTWBS103, PRBDTWBS106, PRBDTWBS107, PRBDTWBS120, PRBDTWBS127, PRBDTWBS131, PRBDTWBS132, PRBDTWBS135, PRBDTWBS136, PRBDTWBS162, PRBDTWBS166, PRBDTWBS167, PRBDTWBS169, PRBDTWBS172, PRBDTWBS195, PRBDTWBS1B12, PRBDTWBS1B13, PRBDTWBS1B14, PRBDTWBS1B15, PRBDTWBS1B16, PRBDTWBS1B17, PRBDTWBS1B18, PRBDTWBS1B19, PRBDTWBS1B20, PRBDTWBS1B21, PRBDTWBS1B22, PRBDTWBS1B23, PRBDTWBS1B24, PRBDTWBS1B25, PRBDTWBS1B26, PRBDTWBS1B27, PRBDTWBS1D02, PRBDTWBS1D08, PRBDTWBS1D11, PRBDTWBS1D23, PRBDTWBS1D31, PRBDTWBS1D73, PRBDTWBS1D78, PRBDTWBS1D81, PRBDTWBS1D82, PRBDTWBSG05, PRBDTWBSG06

    Price: $5.79 - $7.19

    # Of Colors: 44

  • Bandit Footloose

    The Bandit Footloose wake bait brings home the bacon when bass and other gamefish are looking up but not wanting to strike topwaters. The Footloose bulges the surface with a seductive waking action and is available in a wide variety of color patterns. This 2-inch crankbait dives to no deeper than 1 foot. | Colors: Baby Bass, Chartreuse Blue Back, Chrome Blue Back, CR Bluegill, Pearl/Black Back, Pearl/Red Eyes, Red Crawfish, Spring Craw/Yellow, Tenn Shad | Item ID: PRBDTFL01, PRBDTFL02, PRBDTFL03, PRBDTFL09, PRBDTFL26, PRBDTFL32, PRBDTFL36, PRBDTFL38, PRBDTFLB38

    Price: $5.89 - $6.09

    # Of Colors: 9

  • Bandit 100 Series

    Bandit 100 crankbaits feature a tight wiggle and super snag-deflection properties. The 100 dives to almost 5-feet and weighs 1/4-ounce. The state-of-the-art molding, premium-grade plastics and wide array of color schemes make Bandit Lures your No. 1 crankbait company. | Colors: 04/Old Light Matte, Avocado Splatter, Baby Bass, Blue Back Herring, Bone Orange Belly, Brown Fall Craw, Brown Splatter Back, Butterscotch, Chartreuse Black Back Scales, Chartreuse Blue Back, Chartreuse Fleck, Chartreuse Shad, Chartreuse/Black Stripes, Chartreuse/Green Back, Chartreuse/Rootbeer Sparkle, Chocolate Tiger, Chrome Blue, Chrome/Black Back, Citrus Shad, CR Blue Gill, Cr Red Crawdad, Crappie, Crawesome, Crawfish Chartreuse Belly, Crawfish/Orange Belly, Crossbreed, Fancy Bluegill, Fire Tiger, Green Speckled Craw, Hot Chocolate, Humble Bee, Khaki, Louisiana Shad, Malfunction, Metal Flake Shad, Mistake, Mistaken Identity, Natty Light, Natural Goby, Natural Shad, Neon Shad, Parrot/Orange, Pearl Red Eye, Pearl Splatter Back, Pearl/Black Back, Pearl/Chartreuse Back, Prl Blue Herring, Red Crawfish, Red Fire Tiger, Red Spring Craw, River Bream, Rootbeer, Salad Bar, Silver Minnow Sparkle, Solid Black, Sparkle Ghost, Splatter Back/Blue, Spring Crawfish Yellow, Sun Perch, Taco Salad, Tennessee Shad, Threadfin Shad, Viral Perch, Wild Thing | Item ID: PRBDT101, PRBDT102, PRBDT103, PRBDT104, PRBDT104MSPEC, PRBDT106, PRBDT107SPEC, PRBDT108, PRBDT109, PRBDT111, PRBDT115, PRBDT118, PRBDT119, PRBDT120, PRBDT121SPEC, PRBDT122SPEC, PRBDT126, PRBDT127SPEC, PRBDT131, PRBDT132, PRBDT136, PRBDT138, PRBDT141, PRBDT143, PRBDT143B, PRBDT143C, PRBDT158, PRBDT176, PRBDT182, PRBDT1A05, PRBDT1A20, PRBDT1A28, PRBDT1B06SPEC, PRBDT1B37, PRBDT1B38, PRBDT1B49, PRBDT1B50, PRBDT1B51, PRBDT1B63, PRBDT1B65, PRBDT1D01, PRBDT1D02, PRBDT1D23, PRBDT1D26, PRBDT1D28, PRBDT1D35, PRBDT1D37, PRBDT1D38, PRBDT1D62, PRBDT1D66, PRBDT1D67, PRBDT1D70, PRBDT1D71, PRBDT1D72, PRBDT1D73, PRBDT1D74, PRBDT1D75, PRBDT1D77, PRBDT1D78, PRBDT1D79, PRBDT1D80, PRBDT1KSB02, PRBDT1KSB05, PRBDT1RS10

    Price: $5.69 - $7.99

    # Of Colors: 64

  • Bandit Rackit

    Offering a unique sound and action, the Bandit Rackit Squarebill Crankbaits are brining back a highly sought after material that bass anglers grew to love. Made from the legendary butyrate plastic and equipped with a shaved bill, the Bandit Rackit Squarebill Crankbaits emit an intriguing sound and produce an aggressive hunting action that bass simply can't turn down. The high buoyancy rate also allows the Bandit Rackit Squarebill Crankbaits to easily deflect off cover without snagging, making them an excellent choice for fishing around wood and rocks. Finished with a set of razor sharp ewg treble hooks, the Bandit Rackit Squarebill Crankbaits return the classic butyrate plastic that our grandfather's crankbaits were made from. | Colors: Bone Orange Belly, Chartreuse Black Back Scale, Chartreuse Blue Back, Chartreuse Fleck, Fire Tiger, Mistake, Pearl Black Back, Pearl Splatterback, Red Crawfish, Tennesse Shad, Viral Perch, Yellow Orange Craw | Item ID: PRBDTRK302, PRBDTRK303, PRBDTRK320, PRBDTRK336, PRBDTRK338, PRBDTRK343, PRBDTRK358, PRBDTRK382, PRBDTRK3A87, PRBDTRK3D66, PRBDTRK3D73, PRBDTRK3D74

    Price: $6.29 - $6.99

    # Of Colors: 12