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  • Bagley BangOLure Twin Spin

    Two spinner blades and lipless design create maximum surface agitation. Fishing close to structure in calm conditions forces bass to attack the disturbance, and fishing over deep northern weedbeds drives big pike crazy. | Colors: 5.25'' Tenn Shad Orange Bel | Item ID: BGBLTS5TSO

    Price: $9.09

    # Of Colors: 1

  • Bagley BangOLure SpinTail

    Fish calm water in the early morning or early evening, close to stumps,weedlines,exposed rocky reefs or shorelines where big bass feed.Set and twitch several times,keeping tight to surface structure as long as you can. | Colors: 4.25'' Black Stripes Silver, 5.25'' Baby Bass, 5.25'' Black Back Gold Foi, 5.25'' Black on Silver Foil, 5.25'' Black Stripes Gold F, 5.25'' Black Stripes Silver, 5.25'' Chartreuse Bluegill, 5.25'' Hot Tiger, 5.25'' Sexy Shad, 5.25'' Tenn. Shad Orange Be | Item ID: BGBLSP4SBS, BGBLSP5BB, BGBLSP5BGO, BGBLSP5BS, BGBLSP5CBGL, BGBLSP5HT, BGBLSP5SBG, BGBLSP5SBS, BGBLSP5SS, BGBLSP5TSO

    Price: $9.09

    # Of Colors: 10