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  • Jackall Firecracker Buzzbait

    The Jackall Firecracker buzzbait has two props designed to hit each other, producing big cracking sounds and strong shock waves. The sound it makes on top of the water will attract schools of fish and produce reaction bites! This is definitely a must have for your fishing arsenal! | Colors: 1/2oz Chart Back Pearl, 1/2oz Chartreuse Tail Gill, 1/2oz Killer White, 1/2oz Midnight Black, 3/8oz Chart Back Pearl, 3/8oz Killer White, 3/8oz Midnight Black | Item ID: JAJFCRA12CHBP, JAJFCRA12CHTG, JAJFCRA12KW, JAJFCRA12MBLK, JAJFCRA38CHBP, JAJFCRA38KW, JAJFCRA38MBLK

    Price: $10.09

    # Of Colors: 7