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  • Jackall RiserBait 007R

    From Japan with love, the Jackall Riser Bait 007 delivers a one of a kind, panicked action that recreates the movement of a baitfish as it skitters across the surface in an attempt to evade predators. Designed with a precisely angled, upward metal lip, the Riser Bait 007 jumps to the surface almost immediately, and generates an erratic skipping action that triggers explosive topwater strikes. Backed by two sticky sharp Japanese treble hooks that provide unparalleled hook penetration, the Jackall Riser Bait 007 is the James Bond of topwater fishing. | Colors: Bluegill, Bone White, Chart Back Pearl, RT Holo Minnow, RT Minnow | Item ID: JAJRIS007B, JAJRIS007BW, JAJRIS007CHBP, JAJRIS007RTHLM, JAJRIS007RTM

    Price: $13.99 - $14.59

    # Of Colors: 5