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  • Arbogast 2.875'' Buzz Plug

    Imagine stopping your buzzbait right next to that stump and letting it float there, then twitching and shaking it to entice a big bass to strike. Or, how about retrieving your buzzbait with slow twitches and subtle movements when fish are especially finicky? Or, throwing a buzzbait on top of the slop or over wood cover and working it out with no snags? From the company that brought anglers the Jitterbug and the Hula Popper, two legendary topwater lures, comes the totally unique Buzz Plug, a near weedless floating buzzbait with built-in action. With a normal constant "buzzbait" retrieve, the Buzz Plug waggles side-to-side in a swimming motion, and when paused, the nose and blade lifts out of the water and perfectly positions the upturned double hook for sure hooksets. This same front-end rise allows the angler to slap the water by twitching the rod tip, and the double upturned hook is nearly weedless, allowing anglers to throw it onto sloppy weedbeds or into heavy cover and bring it back without snagging. | Colors: Black, Firetiger, Frog/White Belly, Perch, Rat | Item ID: PRG90502, PRG90505, PRG90506, PRG905115, PRG905140

    Price: $6.09

    # Of Colors: 5

  • Arbogast 1 3/8'' BuzzPlug Jr

    The Buzz Plug Jr. is a downsized version of the original Buzz Plug, a unique lure that combines the best characteristics of a buzzbait and a floating topwater lure. This near-weedless floating lure features a built-in wobbling motion when retrieved at a constant speed, yet can be paused and gently twitched to tease bass into biting or ripped across the surface to violently buzz, spit water and leave a trail of bubbles. The Buzz Plug Jr. features a floating frog/rat body with a buzzbait blade at the front, which rises up out of the water when the bait is paused. An upturned double hook allows the lure to come over wood or other cover without snagging. | Colors: Black, Coach Dog, Fire Tiger, Frog/White Belly, Perch, Rat | Item ID: PRG93502, PRG93505, PRG93506, PRG93510, PRG935115, PRG935140

    Price: $6.09 - $6.29

    # Of Colors: 6