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  • P-Line Mikey Jig

    The Pucci Mickey jig has withstood the test of time and remained the favorite lure of many Surf Fishermen. With a chrome-plated lead body and an aerodynamic design, this lure will reach past the breakers to where the fish are holding. The hook is tied with a white bucktail for added attraction. Great for Stripers on the beach! | Colors: 1.5 oz Chrome/White, 2 oz Chrome/White, 2.5 oz Chrome/White, 3 oz Chrome/White | Item ID: PCMJ15CHW, PCMJ20CHW, PCMJ225CHW, PCMJ30CHW

    Price: $4.49 - $7.09

    # Of Colors: 4

  • Strike King Pure Poison Jig

    It's a jig, it's a spinnerbait, it's a.....Extreme Action Swimming Jig! This jig has a unique head design, blade and harness that produce incredible action and vibration. You got to see and feel it to believe it! They are terrific just about anywhere you would fish a spinnerbait or swim a jig. The Perfect Skirt with Magic Tails gives enhanced action compared to regular skirts too. | Colors: 1/2 oz Black/Blue, 1/2 oz Chartreuse/White, 1/2 oz Texas Craw, 3/8 oz Black/Blue, 3/8 oz Chartreuse, 3/8 oz Chartreuse/White, 3/8 oz Texas Craw | Item ID: SKPRP122, SKPRP123, SKPRP128, SKPRP381, SKPRP382, SKPRP383, SKPRP388

    Price: $5.39 - $6.20

    # Of Colors: 7

  • War Eagle Flippin Jig

    Crawl, skip, flip, or swim the War Eagle Flipping Jig through heavy cover to pull out a tournament winner. | Colors: 1/2oz Black Blue, 1/2oz Black BluePurpleChart, 1/2oz Cali 420, 1/2oz Green Pumkin Candy, 1/2oz Green Pumkin Orange, 1/2oz Pond Scum Per, 3/4oz Brown Orange, 3/4oz Cali420, 3/4oz Ozark Crawdad, 3/4oz White Silver, 3/8oz Black Blue, 3/8oz Black BluePurpleChart, 3/8oz Brown Purple, 3/8oz Green Pumkin Candy, 3/8oz Green Pumkin Orange, 3/8oz Phantom Brown Craw, 3/8oz Pond Scum Per, 3/8oz Pumkin Green Flake, 3/8oz White Silver | Item ID: WE12FLJ105, WE12FLJ115, WE12FLJ121, WE12FLJ131, WE12FLJ147, WE12FLJ155, WE34FLJ101, WE34FLJ103, WE34FLJ115, WE34FLJ122, WE38FLJ101, WE38FLJ105, WE38FLJ107, WE38FLJ111, WE38FLJ120, WE38FLJ121, WE38FLJ131, WE38FLJ147, WE38FLJ155

    Price: $2.69 - $2.99

    # Of Colors: 19

  • Bomber BSW Pompano Jig

    The Bomber Nylure Pompano Jig is absolutely deadly on Pompano. The chrome plated egg-head and stout short-shanked hook will catch a boat full of fish; just be sure to check your line and re-tie as needed. We use only Premium Hooks and the most durable materials to insure our lures are saltwater tough. | Colors: 1/4oz Chr/Cha | Item ID: PRBSWGPOMPN14MC

    Price: $4.99

    # Of Colors: 1

  • War Eagle Skirt

    War Eagle's custom skirt colors have long been revered aa the best in the industry. With the replacement skirts you can dress any spinnerbait, buzzbait, or bladed jig in them. | Colors: Blue Herring, Blue Pearl Shad, Cole Slaw, Cotton Candy Silver, Flash, Gold Shiner, Hot White Chartreuse, Mouse, Pond Scum Perch, Pro's Choice, Purple Shad, Sexxy Mouse, Sexxy Purple Shad, Sexxy Shad, Silver Shiner, Spot Remover, Table Rock Shad, White Chart Blue, White Gold, White Lime Chart, White Silver, White Silver | Item ID: WESK01G, WESK01S, WESK02, WESK03, WESK04, WESK05, WESK08, WESK09, WESK14, WESK16, WESK19, WESK21, WESK22, WESK23, WESK26, WESK29, WESK31, WESK36, WESK40, WESK44, WESK61, WESK67

    Price: $2.29 - $2.59

    # Of Colors: 22

  • Jewel Football Jig 1/2

    The heavy cover finesse football jig offers an angler the right weight-to-depth bait. A bulky presentation allows the angler to catch quality fish in the 8'-15' range while the bait still maintains the trademark Jewel Bait Company finesse-style skirt. | Colors: Bass Whacker, Black & Blue, Black/Blue Flash, Green Pumpkin/Orange, Grn Pump Candy/Purp Flash, Grn Pumpkin/Green Flash, Missouri Craw, Okeechobee Blue, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Table Rock Secret, Watermelon Candy | Item ID: JBFH12721, JBFH12723, JBFH12725, JBFH12731, JBFH12732, JBFH12733, JBFH12737, JBFH12745, JBFH12746, JBFH12901, JBFH12902

    Price: $5.59

    # Of Colors: 11

  • D&L Baby Advantage 5/16oz

    When fishing gets tough and bass are under heavy pressure, the D&L Tackle Baby Advantage Jig presents bass with a scaled-down presentation that is backed by a razor-sharp 3/0 hook. Built with a recessed line-tie and a light-wire fiber weedguard, the D&L Baby Advantage Jig moves over rocky terrain with less hang-up than a traditional finesse jig. The D&L Tackle Baby Advantage Jig is also equipped with a fine-cut "froghair" silicone skirt that generates a lifelike flowing movement that will accentuate any finesse trailer. These froghair skirts are only found at D&L Tackle. | Colors: Alabama Craw, Barren Craw, Black Blue, Black/Blue/Fish Scale, Bluegill, Bluegrass Craw, Cumberland Craw, Delta Craw, Dirty Sanchez, Enema, Grass Hopper, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Blue, Green Pumpkin Brown, Green Pumpkin/Barbwire, Moon Cricket, Mudd Puppy, Natural Green Craw, Okeechobee Craw, Oops, Perfect Craw, PW Money Maker, Softshell, Tequila Sunrise, Watermelon Candy, Wild Thang | Item ID: DLL516BAAC, DLL516BAB, DLL516BABB, DLL516BABBFS, DLL516BABC, DLL516BABGC, DLL516BACC, DLL516BADC, DLL516BADS, DLL516BAEN, DLL516BAGH, DLL516BAGP, DLL516BAGPB, DLL516BAGPBR, DLL516BAGPBW, DLL516BAMC, DLL516BAMP, DLL516BANGC, DLL516BAOC, DLL516BAOOPS, DLL516BAPC, DLL516BAPWMM, DLL516BASS, DLL516BATS, DLL516BAWC, DLL516BAWT

    Price: $3.09 - $3.29

    # Of Colors: 26

  • Dirty Jigs No-Jack Swim Jig

    Designed to pull the biggest bass out of the thickest cover, the Dirty Jigs No-Jack Swim Jig delivers all of the fish-catching attributes of their original swim jig now backed by Dirty Jigs' super-strong "No-Jack" Gamakatsu hook. Molded with a bullet-shaped head and paired with a matching fiber weedguard, the Dirt Jigs No-Jack Swim Jig moves through heavy cover with minimal resistance. Made using a full 50-strand skirting, the Dirty Jigs No-Jack Swim Jig features a bulky, naturalized presentation that bass won't be able to resist. Underneath the skirting, a barbed baitkeeper grips tight to soft plastics as you explore your favorite big fish haunts. Offered in a number of highly-developed color patterns, the Dirty Jigs No-Jack Swim Jig delivers the power needed to haul tournament-winning fish out of the hairiest environments. | Colors: 1/2oz Alabama Craw, 1/2oz Albino, 1/2oz Bluegill 2, 1/2oz Guntersville Shad, 1/2oz Spot Killer, 1/2oz SXY Guntersville Shad, 1/2oz Tactical Shad, 1/2oz Warmouth, 3/8oz Alabama Bream, 3/8oz Alabama Craw, 3/8oz Albino, 3/8oz Bluegill 2, 3/8oz Guntersville Shad, 3/8oz New SXY Shad, 3/8oz Spot Killer, 3/8oz SXY Guntersville Shad, 3/8oz Tactical Shad, 3/8oz Warmouth | Item ID: DJNJSJABR38, DJNJSJAC12, DJNJSJAC38, DJNJSJALB12, DJNJSJALB38, DJNJSJBG212, DJNJSJBG238, DJNJSJGTV12, DJNJSJGTV38, DJNJSJNSX38, DJNJSJSK12, DJNJSJSK38, DJNJSJSXYG12, DJNJSJSXYG38, DJNJSJTAS12, DJNJSJTAS38, DJNJSJWM12, DJNJSJWM38

    Price: $5.29

    # Of Colors: 18

  • Strike King Pro-Model Jig

    The Premier Pro-Model Jig has all the features of the original Pro-Model Jig with a few New upgrades. Strike King stepped it up with an even larger, premium, black nickel hook and a new rattle system. The rattle is mounted just off of the hook allowing you to easily use any 3X soft plastic trailer. The rattle also features an extra wide chamber enabling it to rattle even when work side to side. At the end of this rattle Denny Brauer and Strike King installed a barb to help keep the trailer for slipping off. We were very impressed with how much noise this new rattle system puts out. All Strike King Denny Brauer Jigs come with a Premium Came-Flash skirt that really makes the color of the skirt pop. If your looking for a downsize compact version for heavy pressure or just when the bite is tough check out the Denny Brauer Premier Pro-Model Bitsy Jig. | Colors: Black 1/2 oz, Black 3/8 oz, Black/Blue 1/2 oz, Black/Blue 1/4 oz, Black/Blue 3/8 oz, Black/Brown/Amber 3/8 oz, Camouflage 1/2 oz, Camouflage 1/4 oz, Chameleon Crawfish 1/2 oz, Chameleon Crawfish 3/8 oz, Green Crawfish 3/8 oz, Green Pumpkin 1/2 oz, Green Pumpkin 1/4 oz, Green Pumpkin 3/8 oz, Pro-White 1/4 oz, Pro-White 3/8 oz, Texas Craw 1/2 oz, Texas Craw 1/4 oz, Texas Craw 3/8 oz, Watermelon 1/2 oz, Watermelon 3/8 oz, White 1/2 oz | Item ID: SKPMJ121, SKPMJ1210, SKPMJ1211, SKPMJ1214, SKPMJ1217, SKPMJ122, SKPMJ1223, SKPMJ128, SKPMJ1410, SKPMJ1411, SKPMJ142, SKPMJ1422, SKPMJ148, SKPMJ381, SKPMJ3810, SKPMJ3811, SKPMJ3813, SKPMJ3814, SKPMJ3817, SKPMJ382, SKPMJ3823, SKPMJ388

    Price: $2.79 - $3.09

    # Of Colors: 22

  • Jewel Finesse Jig 7/16

    The Eakins Jig has revolutionized jig fishing. The right balance is important in a jig and Jim Eakins has spent nearly a decade designing and perfecting this little jig before getting one that fell like a crawdad in the water. | Colors: Bass Whacker, Black & Blue, Blk/Blu Flash, Brown/PurpleFlash, Green Gourd & Orange Flk, Green Gourd -, Grn Pump Candy/Purp Flash, Grn Pumpkin/Grn Flash, Missouri Craw, Peanut Butter & Jelly, PeanutbutterSmoke, Table Rock Secret | Item ID: JBJTJ725, JBJTJ745, JBJTJ746, JBTJ717, JBTJ721, JBTJ723, JBTJ724, JBTJ731, JBTJ732, JBTJ733, JBTJ737, JBTJ904

    Price: $6.19 - $6.29

    # Of Colors: 12

  • Nichols BP Buck Feather Jig

    Tied with real Buck Hair and Chicken Hackle feathers, the Nichols Lures Ben Parker Hare Jig is a classic standby when the ledge fishing gets tough and the current goes slack. Featuring a light wire Owner hook on a 1/2oz teardrop style head. | Colors: 1/2oz Bombshell Shad, 1/2oz Dark Shad, 1/2oz Olive Shad | Item ID: NIH0112, NIH0312, NIH0412

    Price: $7.39

    # Of Colors: 3

  • Keitech Tungsten Swim Jig

    The Keitech Model III Swim Jig is a revolutionary Tungsten Swim Jig design that combines a custom Daiichi super strong weighted jig head with an exclusive SR-40 snap-on silicone skirt with a screw-in keeper. When combined, the jig and skirt provide perfect alignment and balance and become totally weedless. The Model III Swim Jig was designed for use with the 4.8 FAT Swing Impact. When used together it becomes the deadliest lure in your arsenal. The weedless design allows the angler to utilize various techniques without ever picking up another rod. Cast it and retrieve on shallow cover, Flip or pitch it directly at the target, probe weed beds. The options are endless... | Colors: 1/4 oz Bluegill Flash, 3/8 oz Black, 3/8 oz Bluegill Flash, 3/8 oz Green Pumpkin Tiger, 3/8 oz Silver Flash | Item ID: KTTSJ14418, KTTSJ38001, KTTSJ38107, KTTSJ38416, KTTSJ38418

    Price: $6.09 - $6.89

    # Of Colors: 5

  • Strike King TG RageBlade 3/8

    The Rage Blade is the better mousetrap for bladed swim jigs. It's unique design increases hooks ups and decreases snag ups compared to other designs!It has a custom Gamakatsuhook and the incredible action and vibration make the Perfect Skirtand trailer come alive! | Colors: Black Blue Flake, Bluegill, Chart Sexy Shad, Green Pumpkin Craw, Red Craw, Sexy Shad, Super Chart, Super White | Item ID: SKTGRB382, SKTGRB38201, SKTGRB38204, SKTGRB38212, SKTGRB38234, SKTGRB3846, SKTGRB38538, SKTGRB38590

    Price: $7.09

    # Of Colors: 8

  • ChatterBait Jack Hammer

    Designed by Elite Series pro's, Brett Hite and Morizo Shimizu, the Z Man Chatterbait Jack Hammer is one of the most refined and highly anticipated vibrating jigs to ever hit the U.S. market. Featuring an exclusive, low center of gravity head with a flat bottom and a super thin yet super strong stainless steel blade, this combination ensures the Jack Hammer starts vibrating quickly and also allows it to hunt side-to-side like a real baitfish. Its signature head and blade combo allow it to deflect off cover very easily as well, and also make it a great choice for skipping under docks. A channeled groove along the bottom of the head also positions the blade low enough to strike the head and produce its signature "chattering" sound. The channeled groove prevents the blade from dropping out of the eyelet as well, so it never stops vibrating. Premium hand-tied silicone rubber skirts in a range of immaculate colors provide additional lifelike action, and a Gamakatsu Heavy Wire Hook ensures an ultra high hook-up ratio. A double wire baitkeeper holds your soft plastic trailers securely in place as well. The number one choice of renowned "Bladed Jig Master", Brett Hite, the Z Man Chatterbait Jack Hammer is responsible for more Tour-level tournament wins than any other vibrating jig on the market. | Colors: 1.25oz Bhite Delight, 1.25oz Black/Blue, 1.25oz Green Pumpkin, 1.25oz White, 1/2 oz Bhite Delight, 1/2 oz Black/Blue, 1/2 oz Bruised Green Pumpki, 1/2 oz Chartreuse/White, 1/2 oz Clearwater Shad, 1/2 oz Green Pumpkin, 1/2 oz Green Pumpkin Shad, 1/2 oz Green Shad, 1/2 oz Spot Remover, 1/2 oz White, 1/2oz Brett's Bluegill, 1/2oz Hite's Hot Craw, 3/4 oz Black/Blue, 3/4 oz Brite Delight, 3/4 oz Green Pumpkin, 3/4 oz Green Pumpkin Shad, 3/4 oz Spot Remover, 3/4 oz White, 3/8 oz Bhite Delight, 3/8 oz Black/Blue, 3/8 oz Bruised Green Pumpki, 3/8 oz Chartreuse/White, 3/8 oz Clearwater Shad, 3/8 oz Green Pumpkin, 3/8 oz Green Pumpkin Shad, 3/8 oz Green Shad, 3/8 oz Spot Remover, 3/8 oz White, 3/8oz Brett's Bluegill, 3/8oz Hite's Hot Craw | Item ID: ZMCBJH1201, ZMCBJH1202, ZMCBJH1203, ZMCBJH1204, ZMCBJH1205, ZMCBJH1206, ZMCBJH1207, ZMCBJH1208, ZMCBJH1209, ZMCBJH1210, ZMCBJH1211, ZMCBJH1212, ZMCBJH12501, ZMCBJH12506, ZMCBJH12507, ZMCBJH12508, ZMCBJH3401, ZMCBJH3405, ZMCBJH3406, ZMCBJH3407, ZMCBJH3408, ZMCBJH3409, ZMCBJH3801, ZMCBJH3802, ZMCBJH3803, ZMCBJH3804, ZMCBJH3805, ZMCBJH3806, ZMCBJH3807, ZMCBJH3808, ZMCBJH3809, ZMCBJH3810, ZMCBJH3811, ZMCBJH3812

    Price: $17.39 - $21.79

    # Of Colors: 34

  • Strike King TG Naked Rage3/8

    The Tour Grade Naked Rage Blade is just like the Rage Blade but with a new Clear Blade for use when no flash is desired and/or in clear water conditions. Instead of a skirt it is pre-rigged with Strike King's new Blade Minnow body on the custom Gamakatsuhook. | Colors: Blue Gizzard, KVD Magic, Pearl, Watermelon Red | Item ID: SKTGNRB38141, SKTGNRB3818, SKTGNRB38583, SKTGNRB3884

    Price: $6.29 - $7.19

    # Of Colors: 4

  • DJ Luke Clausen Finesse Jig

    Designed by Bassmaster Classic and Forrest Wood Cup Champion, Luke Clausen, the Dirty Jigs Luke Clausen Finesse Jig delivers big-time performance in a small package. It's built around a super sharp, compact Gamakatsu 4/0 hook with a 60-degree flat line tie that provides a small profile with plenty of hook setting power. The Luke Clausen Finesse Jig features a unique, all-terrain head shape that makes getting the jig in and out of cover easy, and it also comes equipped with a recessed line-tie that will help protect your knot against abrasions. Customized with Dirty Jig's 3-tone airbrushed paint jobs, and super tough epoxy clear coat, it also features detailed skirts to match virtually any craw or baitfish. When you need a smaller profile jig to get into a variety of cover, the Dirty Jigs Luke Clausen Finesse Jig is a great option to tie on. | Colors: 5/16 oz Alabama Craw, 5/16 oz Black Blue, 5/16 oz Canterbury Craw, 5/16 oz Okeechobee 420, 7/16 oz Alabama Craw, 7/16 oz Black Blue, 7/16 oz Canterbury Craw | Item ID: DJFJAC516, DJFJAC716, DJFJBB516, DJFJBB716, DJFJCAC516, DJFJCAC716, DJFJOCH516

    Price: $5.09

    # Of Colors: 7

  • ChatterBait Project Z 1/2

    Fueled by the wants, needs, and recommendations of avid anglers the world over, the Project Z ChatterBait is Z-Man's top-of-the-line bladed swim jig, taking the proven versatility and fish-catching performance of The Original ChatterBait to an entirely new level! This new entry in the ChatterBait line features a streamlined head design that allows the blade to swing more freely, resulting in more vibration, whether you're ripping the bait through grass or employing a more mthodical stop-and-go retreieve, as well as upgraded components for increased longevity. | Colors: Black Blue Black Blade, Blueback Herring Silver Blad, Breaking Bream Gold Blade, Chart Sexy Shad Gold Blade, Dark Green Pump Black Blade, Green Pump Craw Black Blade, Green Pumpkin Shad Silver Bl, Houdini Gold Blade, Pearl Ghost Silver Blade, Sexier Shad Silver Blade | Item ID: ZMCBPZ1201, ZMCBPZ1202, ZMCBPZ1203, ZMCBPZ1204, ZMCBPZ1205, ZMCBPZ1206, ZMCBPZ1207, ZMCBPZ1208, ZMCBPZ1209, ZMCBPZ1210

    Price: $7.39 - $8.19

    # Of Colors: 10

  • Bomber BSW King Rig

    Spend your time fishing and not making up rigs with the Bomber J-Duster King Rig. Quality is never an issue. Every saltwater rig is made as if we were going to fish them ourselves. Made with our popular 'J' Duster, #6 single strand stainless steel wire, 2 saltwater grade 6/0 hooks | Colors: Duster - Blue/Silver, Duster - Chart, Duster - Gold, Duster - Pink, Duster - Prism, Duster - Red/Silver, Duster - Silver, Duster - Xmas Tree | Item ID: PRBSWGKRDUSTABDC, PRBSWGKRDUSTAC, PRBSWGKRDUSTBC, PRBSWGKRDUSTC, PRBSWGKRDUSTE, PRBSWGKRDUSTF, PRBSWGKRDUSTG, PRBSWGKRDUSTH

    Price: $6.29 - $6.69

    # Of Colors: 8

  • Z Man EZ Skirt

    The snug fit of the patented EZ skirt gives your ChatterBait´┐Ż, spinnerbait, buzzbait, or jig a totally new look-or replacement skirt-in seconds. Designed to avoid tangles and bunching, the silicone strands pulsate on the retrieve to provide an irresistible target. EZ on and off, EZ fish on your line! | Colors: Black/Blue, Brown/Orange, Candy Craw, Green Pumpkin/Purp, Greenback Shad, Okeechobee Craw, PB & J | Item ID: ZMZMEZ057CPK3, ZMZMEZ060PK3, ZMZMFIN037PK3, ZMZMFIN046PK3, ZMZMFIN047PK3, ZMZMFINJS021PK3, ZMZMFINJS026PK3

    Price: $2.59 - $3.69

    # Of Colors: 7

  • Buckeye Football Mop Jig 3/4

    The Buckeye Football Mop Jig has taken Buckeye Lures' already successful football jighead design and tied on living rubber coupled with silicone to create another way to fish the living rubber jig. The heavy living rubber skirt creates a large "mop" like profile underwater, attracting additional attention from hungry or defensive bass. All Buckeye Football Mop Jigs also come with a chip-resistant powder-coated, gold hybrid head, a healthy weed guard, as well as, a bait keeper for securing your favorite trailer. Perfect for fishing in deep water and around rocks, the Buckeye Football Mop Jig delivers all the life-like action of living rubber along with a Mustad Ultra-Point Flippin' Hook to get the job done right. | Colors: Brown, Contusion, Fall Craw, Green Pumpkin, Peanut Butter & Jelly | Item ID: BLFBMJBR34, BLFBMJCT34, BLFBMJFC34, BLFBMJGP34, BLFBMJPBJ34

    Price: $4.39 - $5.39

    # Of Colors: 5

  • DJ Tour Level Pitchin' Jig

    Due to the demand for Dirty Jig's Tour Level colors and the success of the original Pitchin' Jig, Dirty Jigs is excited to release the Tour Level Pitchin' Jig. Perfect for fishing around rocks, docks, and wood, its Arkey-style head keeps it in an upright position on the lake floor to best mimic a crawfish. Each jig also features a skirt, which contains as many as ten different colors for maximum realism, and every jig head features an airbrushed, three-tone paint job, as well as an epoxy clear coat for maximum durability. Available in a variety of colors for all types of fishing conditions, the Dirty Jigs Tour Level Pitchin' Jig also comes equipped with a stout, super sharp Mustad Ultra Point 60-degree, flat-eye, 3X Strong, Jig hook with Mustad's new 4.3 Microsharp point technology, as well as a large lead barb plastic trailer keeper to keep your favorite trailer from slipping down the shank. | Colors: 1/2 oz Bever Craw, 1/2 oz Black & Blue, 1/2 oz Dirty Chartreuse, 1/2 oz Green Pumpkin Candy, 1/2 oz Green Pumpkin Craw, 1/4 oz Black & Blue, 1/4 oz Green Pumpkin Craw, 3/8 oz Bever Craw, 3/8 oz Black & Blue, 3/8 oz Dirty Chartreuse, 3/8 oz Green Pumpkin Candy, 3/8 oz Green Pumpkin Craw | Item ID: DJTLPCHBB12, DJTLPCHBB14, DJTLPCHBB38, DJTLPCHBV12, DJTLPCHBV38, DJTLPCHGP12, DJTLPCHGP14, DJTLPCHGP38, DJTLPCHGPC12, DJTLPCHGPC38, DJTLPCHWCH12, DJTLPCHWCH38

    Price: $4.89 - $5.09

    # Of Colors: 12

  • Gambler Heavy Cover Swim Jig

    As the name states, the Heavy Cover Swim Jig is designed to throw in the heaviest cover you could imagine. The beefed up weed-guard comes through all types of grass, brush, and wood. This jig goes where others can't. Built with the same heavy wire hook of the popular Southern Swim Jig, this is the hook you want to have it when you hook a giant. Painted eyes have been added to the Heavy Cover Swim Jig as well. All of our Heavy Cover Swim Jigs feature Starflash round rubber skirts. These skirts have tremendous action when retrieved and added flash. | Colors: 1/2 Black Blue, 1/2 Black Blue Purple, 1/2 Bluegill, 1/2 Shad, 1/2 Shiner, 1/2 White, 5/16 Black Blue, 5/16 Black Blue Purple, 5/16 Bluegill, 5/16 Shad, 5/16 Shiner, 5/16 White | Item ID: GASJHC001, GASJHC002, GASJHC005, GASJHC006, GASJHC007, GASJHC008, GASJHC009, GASJHC010, GASJHC011, GASJHC012, GASJHC015, GASJHC016

    Price: $5.49

    # Of Colors: 12

  • Strike King Bitsy Bug Jig

    The Bitsy Bug Jig has a snagless/weedless head design helps prevent the jig from getting wedged in the rocky bottom. The Bitsy Bug also features an inverted line tie on top of the jig head to protect your line from getting chewed up by rocks and other obstructions. | Colors: Black 1/16 oz, Black 1/4 oz, Black 1/8 oz, Black 3/16 oz, Black/Blue 1/16 oz, Black/Blue 1/4 oz, Black/Blue 1/8 oz, Black/Blue 3/16 oz, Blue Craw, Blue Craw, Blue Craw, Cajun Crawfish 1/16 oz, Cajun Crawfish 1/4 oz, Cajun Crawfish 1/8 oz, Cajun Crawfish 3/16 oz, Camouflage 1/4 oz, Camouflage 1/8 oz, Camouflage 3/16 oz, Candy Craw, Candy Craw, Candy Craw, Green Crawfish 1/16 oz, Green Crawfish 1/4 oz, Green Crawfish 1/8 oz, Green Crawfish 3/16 oz, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin, Okeechobee Craw, Okeechobee Craw, Okeechobee Craw, Pumpkin 1/4 oz, Pumpkin 1/8 oz, Pumpkin 3/16 oz, Pumpkin Crawfish 1/16 oz, Pumpkin Crawfish 1/4 oz, Pumpkin Crawfish 1/8 oz, Pumpkin Crawfish 3/16 oz, Watermelon 1/16 oz, Watermelon 1/4 oz, Watermelon 1/8 oz, Watermelon 3/16 oz, White 1/4 oz, White 1/8 oz, White 3/16 oz | Item ID: SKBBJ1161, SKBBJ11613, SKBBJ11615, SKBBJ11617, SKBBJ1162, SKBBJ11620, SKBBJ141, SKBBJ1410, SKBBJ14108, SKBBJ1411, SKBBJ1413, SKBBJ14130, SKBBJ1415, SKBBJ1417, SKBBJ142, SKBBJ1420, SKBBJ1422, SKBBJ1446, SKBBJ1450, SKBBJ181, SKBBJ1810, SKBBJ18108, SKBBJ1811, SKBBJ1813, SKBBJ18130, SKBBJ1815, SKBBJ1817, SKBBJ182, SKBBJ1820, SKBBJ1822, SKBBJ1846, SKBBJ1850, SKBBJ3161, SKBBJ31610, SKBBJ316108, SKBBJ31611, SKBBJ31613, SKBBJ316130, SKBBJ31615, SKBBJ31617, SKBBJ3162, SKBBJ31620, SKBBJ31622, SKBBJ31646, SKBBJ31650

    Price: $1.99 - $2.20

    # Of Colors: 45

  • Bomber BSW Jig'n Eel

    The Bomber Saltwater Grade Jig-N-Eel Striper Jig is as close to a sure thing as you can get for stripers! We combined our best selling buck-tail Striper jigs with the perennial all time favorite of the striper: the Eel. If you can't catch them on this combo, maybe you need to take up golf. We built this saltwater jig around a premium saltwater grade hook and topped it off by triple-coating the head and hand-tied collar. This bait is saltwater tough. | Colors: 1.5oz Chart, 1.5oz White, 1.5oz Yellow | Item ID: PRBSWGJNEEL11201, PRBSWGJNEEL11202, PRBSWGJNEEL11203

    Price: $5.79

    # Of Colors: 3

  • Strike King DB Structure Jig

    Designed with the help of renowned jig fisherman, Denny Brauer, the Strike King Denny Brauer Structure Jig offers an increased strike-to-hookup ratio and decreased hang-ups. The Strike King Denny Brauer Structure Jig features a super-sharp 2X strong Owner Cutting Point hook and a 0-degree line tie - for straight pull and solid penetration. The skirting in the hook gap has also been thinned to ensure that there is less interference in between the point of the hook and the mouth of the fish. The unique head shape of the Strike King Denny Brauer Structure Jig has a wider bottom footprint as well to provides anglers with increased sensitivity and a tapered nose that helps reduce lip blow out. Attached to the head of the jig there is also a precisely positioned fiber weedguard that greatly reduces snagging. Complete with a high-quality chip-resistant finish, the Strike King Denny Brauer Structure Jig is built with decades of tournament experience and jig-fishing expertise. | Colors: 1 oz Bama Craw, 1 oz Black Blue, 1 oz Blue Craw, 1 oz Falcon Lake Craw, 1 oz Gator Craw, 1 oz Green Pumpkin, 1 oz Hard Candy, 1 oz Peanut Butter Bug, 1 oz Watermelon Red Flake, 1/2 oz Bama Craw, 1/2 oz Black Blue, 1/2 oz Blue Craw, 1/2 oz Falcon Lake Craw, 1/2 oz Gator Craw, 1/2 oz Green Pumpkin, 1/2 oz Hard Candy, 1/2 oz Peanut Butter Bug, 1/2 oz Watermelon Red Flake, 3/4 oz Bama Craw, 3/4 oz Black Blue, 3/4 oz Blue Craw, 3/4 oz Falcon Lake Craw, 3/4 oz Gator Craw, 3/4 oz Green Pumpkin, 3/4 oz Hard Candy, 3/4 oz Peanut Butter Bug, 3/4 oz Watermelon Red Flake | Item ID: SKDBSTJ1101, SKDBSTJ1108, SKDBSTJ1132, SKDBSTJ1135, SKDBSTJ1144, SKDBSTJ118, SKDBSTJ12, SKDBSTJ12101, SKDBSTJ12108, SKDBSTJ12132, SKDBSTJ12135, SKDBSTJ12144, SKDBSTJ1218, SKDBSTJ122, SKDBSTJ12233, SKDBSTJ1233, SKDBSTJ1246, SKDBSTJ146, SKDBSTJ34101, SKDBSTJ34108, SKDBSTJ34132, SKDBSTJ34135, SKDBSTJ34144, SKDBSTJ3418, SKDBSTJ342, SKDBSTJ34233, SKDBSTJ3446

    Price: $4.89 - $4.99

    # Of Colors: 27

  • ChatterBait

    Time and again, top anglers rely on The Original ChatterBaitbrand bladed swim jig to help fill livewells and cash tournament checks. This groundbreaking lure's patented design and trademarked hex-shaped blade combine to produce unmatched vibration, flash, and action, enabling to perform like a crankbait, jig and spinnerbait--all in one fish-slaying package. | Colors: 1/2 oz Bad Shad Gold, 1/2 oz Bayou Craw, 1/2 oz Black/Blue, 1/2 oz Black/Brown, 1/2 oz Chartreuse, 1/2 oz Frog, 1/2 oz Green Pumpkin/Black, 1/2 oz Okeechobee Craw, 1/2 oz Shad, 1/2 oz White, 1/2 oz White/Chartreuse, 1/2oz Carolina Craw, 1/2oz Green Pumpkin Purple, 1/4 oz Black/Blue, 1/4 oz Black/Brown, 1/4 oz Blue/Black Nickel Bla, 1/4 oz Chart/White/Gold Blad, 1/4 oz Chartreuse, 1/4 oz Frog, 1/4 oz Green Pumpkin/Black, 1/4 oz Shad, 1/4 oz White, 1/4 oz White/Chartreuse, 3/8 oz Bad Shad Gold, 3/8 oz Bayou Craw, 3/8 oz Black/Blue, 3/8 oz Black/Brown, 3/8 oz Black/Red, 3/8 oz Blue/Black, 3/8 oz California Craw, 3/8 oz Candy Craw, 3/8 oz Carolina Craw, 3/8 oz Chart Sexy Shad, 3/8 oz Chart/White, 3/8 oz Chartreuse, 3/8 oz Frog, 3/8 oz Green Pumpkin Purple, 3/8 oz Green Pumpkin/Black, 3/8 oz Greenback Shad, 3/8 oz Okeechobee Craw, 3/8 oz Sexy Shad, 3/8 oz Sexy Shimmer Blue, 3/8 oz Shad, 3/8 oz Texas Red, 3/8 oz White, 3/8 oz White/Chartreuse | Item ID: ZMCB1214, ZMCB1215, ZMCB1216, ZMCB1217, ZMCB1218, ZMCB1219, ZMCB1220, ZMCB1264, ZMCB1269, ZMCB1270, ZMCB1271, ZMCB1273, ZMCB1274, ZMCB1400, ZMCB1401, ZMCB1402, ZMCB1403, ZMCB1404, ZMCB1405, ZMCB1406, ZMCB1455, ZMCB1456, ZMCB1457, ZMCB3807, ZMCB3808, ZMCB3809, ZMCB3810, ZMCB38109, ZMCB3811, ZMCB38110, ZMCB3812, ZMCB3813, ZMCB3837, ZMCB3848, ZMCB3854, ZMCB3861, ZMCB3864, ZMCB3865, ZMCB3866, ZMCB3867, ZMCB3869, ZMCB3870, ZMCB3871, ZMCB3872, ZMCB3873, ZMCB3874

    Price: $4.79 - $5.79

    # Of Colors: 46

  • ChatterBait Mini

    Now offered in a bite-sized 1/4oz version, the Z Man Chatterbait Mini is an excellent choice for light tackle, clear water, and finicky fish. Still delivering the same intense vibration and action of the orignal Chatterbait, it combines the flash of a spinnerbait, the vibration of a crankbait and the snag resistance of a jig. The hexblade serves as a weedguard, while creating the intense vibrating action that makes the Chatterbait Mini so effective. Extremely versatile, the Chatterbait Mini can be worked in shallow or out deep, and everywhere in between. For a different look, you can even remove the skirt and trailer and rig up a soft plastic jerkbait. This combination works great on schooling fish. The Z Man Chatterbait Mini is perfect for down-sizing your presentation. A super tough ElaZtech mini split tail trailer is also included. | Colors: 1/4 oz Blue/Black, 1/4 oz Chart, 1/4 oz Chart/White, 1/4 oz Green Pumpkin/Black, 1/4 oz White | Item ID: ZMCBMINI1401, ZMCBMINI1402, ZMCBMINI1403, ZMCBMINI1404, ZMCBMINI1406

    Price: $4.00

    # Of Colors: 5

  • Strike King TG Skipping Jig

    Strike King& BASS Pro Andy Montgomery have designed the ultimate jig for skipping under docks. The Tour Grade Skipping Jig has a unique shaped head that helps the jig skip across the water way up under boat docks better than any other design. It has a super strong Gamakatsuhook that won't bend when banged against hard cover & its line tie angle & extra sharpness aid in hook sets. The corkscrew keeper helps keep your trailer on while banging around & it also has durable powder coated paint, color coordinated weed guard and a premium skirt for a lifelike look. Tour Grade for sure and a great all-around jig! | Colors: 1/2 oz Bama Craw, 1/2 oz Black Blue, 1/2 oz Blue Craw, 1/2 oz Green Pumpkin Craw, 1/2 oz Texas Craw, 1/2 oz Watermelon Red, 1/2 oz White 1pk, 3/8 oz Bama Craw, 3/8 oz Black Blue, 3/8 oz Blue Craw, 3/8 oz Green Pumpkin Craw, 3/8 oz Texas Craw, 3/8 oz Watermelon Red, 3/8 oz White 1pk | Item ID: SKTGSKJ1210, SKTGSKJ12101, SKTGSKJ12108, SKTGSKJ1218, SKTGSKJ122, SKTGSKJ1246, SKTGSKJ128, SKTGSKJ3810, SKTGSKJ38101, SKTGSKJ38108, SKTGSKJ3818, SKTGSKJ382, SKTGSKJ3846, SKTGSKJ388

    Price: $5.09

    # Of Colors: 14

  • DJ No-Jack Punchin' Jig

    The product of rigorous testing, the Dirty Jigs No-Jack Punchin' Jig is designed to address all of the problems that punching jigs have had in the past - from its bullet shaped head with a recessed hook eye that ensures minimum drag when working through heavy vegetation - to the flat underside of the head, which makes it stand up on the bottom and prevents roll-over. Dirty Jigs also modified the hook placement of the No-Jack Punchin' Jig to provide the maximum gap for hook-setting ease and power. To stop hook failure, Dirty Jigs also utilized their specialty "No-Jack" Gamakatsu hook. All of these design features come together to provide a jig that is easy to punch, stands up on the bottom, has a phenomenal hook up ratio, and a hook that won't bend with even the worst abuse. Available in a range of colors, tie on a Dirty Jigs No-Jack Punchin' Jig and see what you can do. You won't be disappointed. | Colors: 1 1/4 oz Green Pumpkin Candy, 1 1/4 oz Magic Craw Swirl, 1 1/4 oz Pond Bug, 1 oz Black & Blue, 1 oz Dirty 420, 1 oz Green Pumpkin Candy, 1 oz Hematoma, 1 oz Magic Craw Swirl, 1 oz Pond Bug, 3/4 oz Black & Blue, 3/4 oz Dirty 420, 3/4 oz Magic Craw Swirl | Item ID: DJPJBB01, DJPJBB34, DJPJDTY01, DJPJDTY34, DJPJGPC01, DJPJGPC114, DJPJHEM01, DJPJMGC01, DJPJMGC114, DJPJMGC34, DJPJPB01, DJPJPB114

    Price: $4.39 - $5.29

    # Of Colors: 12

  • D&L Bill Lowen Swim Jig

    Bill Lowen's signature series swim jig is the perfect jig for fisherman of all skill levels. This jig has a bullet shaped head and a strong silicone skirt. | Colors: Black/Blue/Fish Scale, Bluegill, Citrus Shad, Foxy Shad, Gizzard Shad, Glimmer Shad, Green Crystal Flash, Shad | Item ID: DLLBLSJ14B, DLLBLSJ14BBFS, DLLBLSJ14CS, DLLBLSJ14FS, DLLBLSJ14GCF, DLLBLSJ14GLS, DLLBLSJ14GS, DLLBLSJ14S

    Price: $3.49

    # Of Colors: 8

  • Booyah Baby Boo Jig

    The BOOYAH Baby BOO Jig features a 60-strand ultra fine BOOYAH silicone skirt, light weedguard and a Mustad Ultra Point black nickel light wire hook, this baby has a proven record of catching the big ones. | Colors: 3/16 oz 3D Green Pumpkin, 3/16 oz 3D Watermelon Red, 3/16 oz Black/Blue, 5/16 oz 3D Green Pumpkin, 5/16 oz 3D Watermelon Red, 5/16 oz Black/Brown/Chart, 5/16 oz Lonestar Craw, 5/16 oz P B & J, Black/Black Blue | Item ID: PRBYBBJ3604, PRBYBBJ3605, PRBYBBJ3608, PRBYBBJ5603, PRBYBBJ5604, PRBYBBJ5605, PRBYBBJ5607, PRBYBBJ5608, PRBYBBJ5641

    Price: $2.49 - $2.69

    # Of Colors: 9

  • ChatterBait Elite

    Building upon the Original ChatterBaitbrand bladed swim jig's leadership position in tackle boxes - and on bass circuits the country over - ChatterBait Elite model features our patented, bladed swim jig design with several key upgrades. For starters, it sports a 5/0 Gamakatsuhook, new EZ Skirtjig skirt with low-profile hub, more detailed head paint schemes, and a beefed up stainless ChatterBladewith a super strong quick clip line tie. Top the Elite off with a molded-in trailer keeper that prevents soft plastics from sliding and a strengthened head-to-blade connection, and the result is an upgraded lure that's even more irresistible to fish - and essential to fishermen. | Colors: 1/2 oz Black/Blue, 1/2 oz Black/Red, 1/2 oz Bluegill, 1/2 oz Chart/White, 1/2 oz Green Pumpkin, 1/2 oz Houdini, 1/2 oz Redbone, 1/2 oz Sexy Shad, 1/2 oz Smoky Shad, 1/2 oz White, 3/8 oz Black/Blue, 3/8 oz Black/Red, 3/8 oz Bluegill, 3/8 oz Chart/White, 3/8 oz Green Pumpkin, 3/8 oz Houdini, 3/8 oz Redbone, 3/8 oz Sexy Shad, 3/8 oz Smokey Shad, 3/8 oz White | Item ID: ZMCBEL1201, ZMCBEL1202, ZMCBEL1203, ZMCBEL1204, ZMCBEL1205, ZMCBEL1206, ZMCBEL1207, ZMCBEL1208, ZMCBEL1209, ZMCBEL1210, ZMCBEL3801, ZMCBEL3802, ZMCBEL3803, ZMCBEL3804, ZMCBEL3805, ZMCBEL3806, ZMCBEL3807, ZMCBEL3808, ZMCBEL3809, ZMCBEL3810

    Price: $6.99

    # Of Colors: 20

  • Z Man CrosseyeZ SnkhdSwimJig

    The brainchild of jig fishing savant David Walker latest installment in the heralded CrossEyeZ Jig lineup, the Snakehead Swim Jig takes a cue from mother nature with a head design modeled after that of a snake to allow it to come through grass and cover easily. Like other jigs in the CrossEyeZ jig family, this jig features nothing but the best components and construction and is made from a super-hard virgin lead allow that prevents denting and paint chipping. Built on a heavy duty 4/0 VMC flipping hook, the CrossEyeZ Snakehead Swim Jig boasts a molded plastic split-grip keeper that grips all types of plastic trailers securely without affecting the perfect balance of the jig, along with skirt patterns designed by David himself that are hand-tied with copper wire for extreme longevity. | Colors: 1/4oz Black/Blue, 1/4oz Citrus Shad, 1/4oz Green Pumpkin, 1/4oz Mouserat, 1/4oz Nuegill, 1/4oz Pearl Ghost, 1/4oz Shad Spawn, 1/4oz Water Bug, 3/8oz Black/Blue, 3/8oz Citrus Shad, 3/8oz Green Pumpkin, 3/8oz Mouserat, 3/8oz Nuegill, 3/8oz Pearl Ghost, 3/8oz Shad Spawn, 3/8oz Water Bug | Item ID: ZMCESJ1401, ZMCESJ1402, ZMCESJ1403, ZMCESJ1404, ZMCESJ1405, ZMCESJ1406, ZMCESJ1407, ZMCESJ1408, ZMCESJ3801, ZMCESJ3802, ZMCESJ3803, ZMCESJ3804, ZMCESJ3805, ZMCESJ3806, ZMCESJ3807, ZMCESJ3808

    Price: $4.09 - $4.90

    # Of Colors: 16

  • Strike King Hack Attack Jig

    The Strike King Greg Hackney Hack Attack Jig was born to fish extremely heavy cover. The unique head design and heavy weed guard combine to help the Hack Attack Jig navigate in and out of cover easily. Built around an exclusive Gamakatsu black nickel heavy wire hook for extra bite and a 30 degree line tie, you can load it up with the heaviest braid you have and pull as hard as you want and it won't bend or flex. The 30 degree angle of the line tie also creates a better hook-up ratio than any other jig on the market. Available in a variety of effective colors, the Strike King Hack Attack Jig has already helped Greg Hackney on tour and will help you get those heavy cover fish back to the boat. | Colors: 1 1/4 oz Black Blue, 1 1/4 oz Green Pump Craw, 1 1/4 oz Okeechobee Craw, 1 oz Black Blue, 1 oz Blue Craw, 1 oz Candy Craw, 1 oz Falcon Lake Craw, 1 oz Green Pumpkin Craw, 1 oz Okeechobee Craw, 1 oz Sexy Craw, 1 oz Texas Craw, 1/2 oz Bama Craw, 1/2 oz Black Blue, 1/2 oz Black Blue, 1/2 oz Blue Craw, 1/2 oz Bluegill, 1/2 oz Candy Craw, 1/2 oz Candy Craw, 1/2 oz Chart Sexy Shad, 1/2 oz Falcon Lake Craw, 1/2 oz Gator Craw, 1/2 oz Green Pumpkin, 1/2 oz Green Pumpkin Craw, 1/2 oz Okeechobee Craw, 1/2 oz Sexy Blue Back Herrin, 1/2 oz Sexy Craw, 1/2 oz Sexy Shad, 1/2 oz Smokey Shad, 1/2 oz Summer Craw, 1/2 oz Texas Craw, 1/2 oz White, 1/4 oz Black Blue, 1/4 oz Blue Craw, 1/4 oz Bluegill, 1/4 oz Green Pumpkin, 1/4 oz Sexy Shad, 1/4 oz White, 3/4 oz Bama Craw, 3/4 oz Black Blue, 3/4 oz Blue Craw, 3/4 oz Candy Craw, 3/4 oz Falcon Blue Craw, 3/4 oz Green Pumpkin Craw, 3/4 oz Okeechobee Craw, 3/4 oz Sexy Craw, 3/4 oz Summer Craw, 3/4 oz Texas Craw, 3/8 oz Bama Craw, 3/8 oz Black Blue, 3/8 oz Black Blue, 3/8 oz Blue Craw, 3/8 oz Bluegill, 3/8 oz Candy Craw, 3/8 oz Candy Craw, 3/8 oz Falcon Blue Craw, 3/8 oz Gator Craw, 3/8 oz Green Pumpkin, 3/8 oz Green Pumpkin Craw, 3/8 oz Okeechobee Craw, 3/8 oz Sexy Craw, 3/8 oz Sexy Shad, 3/8 oz Smokey Shad, 3/8 oz Summer Craw, 3/8 oz Texas Craw, 3/8 oz White, Chart Sexy Shad | Item ID: SKHAHCJ1108, SKHAHCJ1130, SKHAHCJ1131, SKHAHCJ1135, SKHAHCJ1142, SKHAHCJ11446, SKHAHCJ11450, SKHAHCJ12, SKHAHCJ12100, SKHAHCJ12101, SKHAHCJ12108, SKHAHCJ12130, SKHAHCJ12131, SKHAHCJ12132, SKHAHCJ12135, SKHAHCJ122, SKHAHCJ1246, SKHAHCJ1250, SKHAHCJ128, SKHAHCJ146, SKHAHCJ150, SKHAHCJ18, SKHAHCJ34100, SKHAHCJ34101, SKHAHCJ34108, SKHAHCJ34130, SKHAHCJ34131, SKHAHCJ34135, SKHAHCJ342, SKHAHCJ3446, SKHAHCJ3450, SKHAHCJ348, SKHAHCJ38100, SKHAHCJ38101, SKHAHCJ38108, SKHAHCJ38130, SKHAHCJ38131, SKHAHCJ38132, SKHAHCJ38135, SKHAHCJ382, SKHAHCJ3846, SKHAHCJ3850, SKHAHCJ388, SKHAHCSJ12130, SKHAHCSJ122, SKHAHCSJ12204, SKHAHCSJ12234, SKHAHCSJ12257, SKHAHCSJ1246, SKHAHCSJ12538, SKHAHCSJ12586, SKHAHCSJ12590, SKHAHCSJ14108, SKHAHCSJ142, SKHAHCSJ14204, SKHAHCSJ14234, SKHAHCSJ1446, SKHAHCSJ14590, SKHAHCSJ38130, SKHAHCSJ382, SKHAHCSJ38204, SKHAHCSJ38234, SKHAHCSJ38257, SKHAHCSJ3846, SKHAHCSJ38538, SKHAHCSJ38590

    Price: $4.49 - $4.99

    # Of Colors: 66

  • Jewel J Lock Jig

    The "J Lock Series" Flip'n Jig is the latest jig creation from Jewel Bait Company. Working with veteran BASS Pro Kevin Short, Jewel Baits came up with the ultimate design for fishing heavy cover. The J Lock Flip'n Jig has many unique features including: The "J Lock" trailer keeper system securely locks your plastic trailer in place. Weight Forward design allows the jig to fall straight down through cover. Textured head design for flash and vibration. Custom Powder Coat finish. Extra strong Mustad Ultra Point Hook made for fishing heavy line in heavy cover. Exclusive "Textured" Hyperflare skirt for a life like appearance. Skirt bands for holding the new, larger, louder rattle. | Colors: 1/2oz. Green Craw 743 | Item ID: JBJLJ12743

    Price: $3.29

    # Of Colors: 1

  • ChatterBait Flashback Mini

    Combining a holographic soft plastic minnow body with a downsized version of Z-Man's exclusive ChatterBait creates a unique bait that is deadly on panfish, trout, crappie, bass, and more! On the retrieve, these baits feature an exaggerated side-to-side motion and distinctive vibration that gamefish just can't resist. And when you combine that action with a multi-hue holographic flash, you've got a fish-catching combination that knows no equal! | Colors: 1/16 oz Chart Firetiger, 1/16 oz Silver/Blue, 1/16 oz Silver/Natural, 1/8 oz Black Gold, 1/8 oz Silver/Blue, 1/8 oz Silver/Natural | Item ID: ZMCBFBMINI11602, ZMCBFBMINI11603, ZMCBFBMINI11604, ZMCBFBMINI1806, ZMCBFBMINI1807, ZMCBFBMINI1809

    Price: $2.79 - $3.69

    # Of Colors: 6

  • Booyah Melee

    The product of countless hours of research and development, the Booyah Melee Vibrating Jig's innovative and functionally flawless design sets it apart from all other vibrating jigs on the market. Fitted with an extra thin blade for increased vibration, the Booyah Melee Vibrating Jig features a polycarbonate head with a lead core, which creates an enticing blend of vibration and unique sound. Unlike traditional vibrating jigs, the Booyah Melee Vibrating Jig stays down in the water column with minimal rise, and is able to move through wood, cover, and grass with outstanding efficiency. Backed by a long shank hook and fitted with a convenient wire keeper, the Booyah Melee Vibrating Jig breaks the mold of traditional vibrating jigs, giving anglers an edge on big fish and the competition. | Colors: Black Blue/Black Blade, Black Blue/Black Blade, Brush Fire/Black Blade, Brush Fire/Black Blade, Golden Shiner/Gold Blade, Golden Shiner/Gold Blade, Green Pumpkin/Black Nickel, Green Pumpkin/Black Nickel, River Killer/Silver Blade, River Killer/Silver Blade, Royal Pumpkin/Black Blade, Royal Pumpkin/Black Blade, Summer Gill/Black Blade, Summer Gill/Black Blade, White Chartreuse/Silver Blad, White Chartreuse/Silver Blad, White/Silver Blade, White/Silver Blade | Item ID: PRBYMLE1267, PRBYMLE1270, PRBYMLE1271, PRBYMLE1272, PRBYMLE1273, PRBYMLE1274, PRBYMLE1275, PRBYMLE1276, PRBYMLE1277, PRBYMLE3867, PRBYMLE3870, PRBYMLE3871, PRBYMLE3872, PRBYMLE3873, PRBYMLE3874, PRBYMLE3875, PRBYMLE3876, PRBYMLE3877

    Price: $8.89

    # Of Colors: 18

  • Jewel Finesse Jig 5/16

    The Eakins Jig has revolutionized jig fishing. The right balance is important in a jig and Jim Eakins has spent nearly a decade designing and perfecting this little jig before getting one that fell like a crawdad in the water. | Colors: Bass Whacker, Black & Blue, Black/Blue Flash, Brown & Purple Flash, Green Gourd, Green Gourd & Orange Flk, Green Pump/Green Flash, GrnPump Candy/Purp Flash, Missouri Craw, Okeechobee Blue, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Peanut Butter Smoke, Table Rock Secret, Watermelon Candy | Item ID: JBAJ717, JBAJ721, JBAJ723, JBAJ724, JBAJ725, JBAJ731, JBAJ732, JBAJ733, JBAJ737, JBAJ901, JBAJ902, JBAJ904, JBJAJ745, JBJAJ746

    Price: $5.99

    # Of Colors: 14

  • Booyah Boo Jig

    The BOOYAH Boo Jig is designed to slip down inside brushpiles or through vegetation without snagging. This jig features a flat bottom and 18-degree hook rise, which positions the hook perfectly for a sure hookset. Mustad Ultra Point premium black nickel hook, heavy weed guard, two magnum rattles and a full body 50-strand Bio-Flex silicone skirt complete this bass-catching package. | Colors: 1/2 oz Black/Blue, 1/2 oz Green Pumpkin, 1/2 oz Watermelon Pumpkin, 1/2 oz Watermelon Red, 1/2 oz White Shad, 1/4 oz Black Brown Spice, 1/4 oz Black/Blue, 1/4 oz Green Pumpkin, 1/4 oz Pearl/White Shad, 1/4 oz Watermelon Pumpkin, 1/4 oz Watermelon Red, 3/4 oz Black/Blue, 3/8 oz Black Red, 3/8 oz Black/Blue, 3/8 oz Green Pumpkin, 3/8 oz Pearl/White Shad, 3/8 oz Watermelon Pumpkin, 3/8 oz Watermelon Red | Item ID: PRBYBJ1201, PRBYBJ1204, PRBYBJ1214, PRBYBJ1217, PRBYBJ1218, PRBYBJ1401, PRBYBJ1404, PRBYBJ1414, PRBYBJ1417, PRBYBJ1418, PRBYBJ1421, PRBYBJ3404, PRBYBJ3801, PRBYBJ3804, PRBYBJ3813, PRBYBJ3814, PRBYBJ3817, PRBYBJ3818

    Price: $2.99 - $3.29

    # Of Colors: 18

  • Cumberland Pro Striper Jig

    Our striper jig features deer hair expertly tied and colored on the perfect molded head and ultra strong Sea Guard hooks. These jigs have been winning striper tournaments and keeping guide clients coming back for more with some of the top guides in the nation finding out how powerful these jigs are on stripers across the country. | Colors: White 1/2 oz., White 3/4 oz., White 3/8 oz., White/Chart. Flash 1/2 oz., White/Chart. Flash 3/8 oz., White/Chartreuse 3/4 oz., White/Pearl Flash 1/2 oz., White/Pearl Flash 3/4 oz., White/Pearl Flash 3/8 oz. | Item ID: CPL74227, CPL74231, CPL74233, CPL74327, CPL74331, CPL74333, CPL74527, CPL74529, CPL74531

    Price: $3.09 - $4.19

    # Of Colors: 9

  • P-Line Flash S/J 1/2 oz

    Designed for casting and trolling in any condition. Great for striped bass and shallow water rockfish. | Colors: Chartreuse/Chartreuse, Flo Red Head/White/White, Glow, White/Black/White, White/Blue/White, White/White/White | Item ID: PCPFJ12CRCR, PCPFJ12FLWH, PCPFJ12GLOW, PCPFJ12WBKW, PCPFJ12WBLUW, PCPFJ12WWW

    Price: $4.29 - $5.19

    # Of Colors: 6

  • Strike King TG Swim Jig

    The Strike King Tour Grade Swim Jig includes a streamlined, balanced head for an enhanced swimming action. The head also features life-like eyes and a variety of colors that match up perfectly with the Strike King Perfect Skirts included with each jig. Swimming a jig is one of the most popular techniques on the pro tour and the Strike King Tour Grade Swim Jig gives you every advantage the pros have. The Tour Grade Swim Jigs also include a medium wire ultra sharp hook, light weed guard and a soft plastic keeper to firmly hold your favorite trailer in place. | Colors: 1/4 Blue Craw, 1/4 Candy Craw, 1/4 Chart Sexy Shad, 1/4 Green Pumpkin, 1/4 oz Black Blue, 1/4 oz Blue Gill, 1/4 oz Sexy Shad, 1/4 oz Smokey Shad, 1/4 oz White, 1/4 Sexy Blue Back Herr, 3/8 Chart Sexy Shad, 3/8 Green Pumpkin, 3/8 Sexy Blue Back Herr, 3/8 oz Black Blue, 3/8 oz Blue Gill, 3/8 oz Sexy Shad, 3/8 oz Smokey Shad, 3/8 oz White, 5/16 - Green Pumpkin, 5/16 - Sexy Blue Back Her, 5/16 oz - Black Blue, 5/16 oz - Blue Gill, 5/16 oz - Sexy Shad, 5/16 oz - Smokey Shad, 5/16 oz - White | Item ID: SKTGSJ14108, SKTGSJ14130, SKTGSJ142, SKTGSJ14204, SKTGSJ14234, SKTGSJ14257, SKTGSJ1446, SKTGSJ14538, SKTGSJ14586, SKTGSJ14590, SKTGSJ382, SKTGSJ38204, SKTGSJ38234, SKTGSJ38257, SKTGSJ3846, SKTGSJ38538, SKTGSJ38586, SKTGSJ38590, SKTGSJ5162, SKTGSJ516204, SKTGSJ516234, SKTGSJ516257, SKTGSJ51646, SKTGSJ516586, SKTGSJ516590

    Price: $3.49 - $4.09

    # Of Colors: 25

  • ChatterBait Wdlss Project Z

    Sporting the same proven, tournament-winning design and upgraded features as the standard Project Z ChatterBait, the addition of a heavy fiber weedguard prevents snagging and fouling around wood, brush, docks, grass, and laydowns. Armed with premium components like 5/0 Mustad UltraPoint hooks, super strong line ties, stainless blades, and 3D eyes, this new weedless bladed jig helps you boldly go where no ChatterBait has gone before! | Colors: 1/2 oz Black Blue, 1/2 oz Blueback Herring, 1/2 oz Breaking Bream, 1/2 oz Chartreuse Sexy Shad, 1/2 oz Dark Green Pumpkin, 1/2 oz Pearl Ghost, 3/8 oz Black Blue, 3/8 oz Blueback Herring, 3/8 oz Breaking Bream, 3/8 oz Chartreuse Sexy Shad, 3/8 oz Dark Green Pumpkin, 3/8 oz Pearl Ghost | Item ID: ZMCBWPZ1201, ZMCBWPZ1202, ZMCBWPZ1204, ZMCBWPZ1206, ZMCBWPZ1208, ZMCBWPZ1210, ZMCBWPZ3801, ZMCBWPZ3802, ZMCBWPZ3804, ZMCBWPZ3806, ZMCBWPZ3808, ZMCBWPZ3810

    Price: $8.19

    # Of Colors: 12

  • Spro Prime Bucktail Jig

    The Prime Bucktail Jig has a unique shape of the head and placement of the eyelet which gives this bucktail jig a natural gliding action. When jigged, its body stays parallel for great jigging action. The Prime Bucktail Jigs are made with durable, super sharp Gamakatsu hooks and come in a array of fish-catching colors. | Colors: 1 oz White, 1/2 oz White, 1/2oz Crazy Chartreuse, 1/4oz White, 3/4 oz White, 3/8oz White | Item ID: GUSBTJCC12, GUSBTJW1, GUSBTJW12, GUSBTJW14, GUSBTJW34, GUSBTJW38

    Price: $4.29 - $4.89

    # Of Colors: 6

  • P-Line Farallon Feather 2 hk

    Made with the highest quality hooks and leaders, these feathers make great vertical jigs. Anglers from Mexico to the Pacific Northwest and Florida up through Canada are vertical jigging cod, rockfish, baitfish, smelt, croaker and various similar fish on these jigs. | Colors: 3/0 Blue/White, 3/0 Green/Chartreuse, 3/0 Mixed, 3/0 Purple/Black, 3/0 Red/White, 3/0 Red/Yellow, 3/0 White/Black, 3/0 White/White, 3/0 Yellow/Black, 5/0 Blue/White, 5/0 Green/Chartreuse, 5/0 Mixed, 5/0 Purple/Black, 5/0 Red/White, 5/0 Red/Yellow, 5/0 White/Black, 5/0 White/White, 5/0 Yellow/Black | Item ID: PCFF30BLW, PCFF30GC, PCFF30MIX, PCFF30PURBLK, PCFF30REDWHT, PCFF30WBLK, PCFF30WW, PCFF30YLBLK, PCFF30YR, PCFF50BLW, PCFF50GC, PCFF50MIX, PCFF50PURBLK, PCFF50REDWHT, PCFF50WBLK, PCFF50WW, PCFF50YBLK, PCFF50YLRD

    Price: $2.00

    # Of Colors: 18

  • Buckeye Mop Jig 1/4 oz

    The Buckeye Lures Mop Jig is made with hand tied heavy living rubber. The Mop Jig has an elongated skirt giving it a more "mop" like profile. The head design allows the jig to easily stand up. Even at rest the Mop Jig sits up in a defensive posture. All Mop Jigs come with Double Rattles and a Mustad Flippin Hook. The Mop Jig's been a hot bait ever since Davy Hite used it to win the 2006 Clarks Hill Bassmaster Elite Series. | Colors: Peanut Butter and Jelly | Item ID: BLMOPJPRJ14

    Price: $5.19

    # Of Colors: 1

  • War Eagle Heavy Finesse Jig

    Designed by top bass pro, Andy Morgan, the War Eagle Heavy Finesse Jig is a finesse jig on steroids. Built to his exact specifications, it's guaranteed to hold up to big fish and help you load the boat. Made in America with only the finest materials and components, the War Eagle Heavy Finesse Jig comes equipped with a sticky sharp 3/0 Gamakatsu hook, thick weed guard, and custom "Hole In One Skirt." War Eagle Custom Lures has built their reputation on building quality baits, and the War Eagle Heavy Finesse Jig lives up to the legacy. | Colors: 1/2oz Black, 1/2oz Black Blue, 1/2oz Green Pumpkin Candy, 1/2oz Green Pumpkin Chart, 1/2oz Green Pumpkin Orange, 1/2oz Okeechobee Craw, 1/2oz PBJ, 1/2oz Phantom Brown Craw, 1/2oz Pond Scum Perch, 1/2oz Watermelon Red, 1/2oz Wild Craw, 3/8oz Black, 3/8oz Black Blue, 3/8oz BlackBluePurpleChart, 3/8oz Cali 420, 3/8oz Green Pumpkin Candy, 3/8oz Green Pumpkin Orange, 3/8oz PBJ, 3/8oz Phantom Brown Craw, 3/8oz Pond Scum Perch, 3/8oz Watermelon Red, 3/8oz Wild Craw | Item ID: WE12HFJ105, WE12HFJ106, WE12HFJ107, WE12HFJ110, WE12HFJ112, WE12HFJ114, WE12HFJ121, WE12HFJ123, WE12HFJ131, WE12HFJ155, WE12HFJ170, WE38HFJ105, WE38HFJ106, WE38HFJ107, WE38HFJ114, WE38HFJ115, WE38HFJ121, WE38HFJ123, WE38HFJ131, WE38HFJ147, WE38HFJ155, WE38HFJ170

    Price: $5.39 - $6.09

    # Of Colors: 22

  • Z Man Crosseyez Flipping Jig

    Designed by B.A.S.S. Elite Series pro and noted jig-fishing specialist David Walker, CrossEyeZ Flipping Jigs are built around heavy duty, 4/0 VMCflipping hooks hand-picked by Walker, as well as wire trailer keepers and copper wire-tied 100% silicone skirts not found on other widely available jigs. Their unique head design performs flawlessly around all types of shallow-water cover, and their durable, color-matched head paint schemes and hallmark 'cross eyes' elicit close-combat strikes when other 'ordinary' jigs simply won't. | Colors: 1/2oz Black/Blue, 3/8oz Black/Blue, 3/8oz Bruised Green Pumpkin, 3/8oz Candy Craw, 3/8oz Green Pumpkin, 3/8oz Hot Black, 3/8oz Moccasin Craw | Item ID: ZMCEFL1201, ZMCEFL3801, ZMCEFL3802, ZMCEFL3803, ZMCEFL3804, ZMCEFL3805, ZMCEFL3808

    Price: $4.39 - $4.90

    # Of Colors: 7

  • NotHead Little Skunk

    Get the skunk out with this articulated jig! The feather tail will undulate in the water even at a dead stop. | Colors: Black Body-Black Marabou, Chartreuse Body-Black Marabo, White Body-Black Marabou, White Body-White Marabou | Item ID: NHLSBB, NHLSCB, NHLSWB, NHLSWW

    Price: $1.99 - $26.29

    # Of Colors: 4

  • Buckeye Spot Remover Fin Jig

    The Buckeye Lure Spot Remover Finesse Jigs come with black nickel hook in six different colors. They are similar to the Spot Removers except for the tied rubber around the head to increase action. They enable you to use worms or craws as trailers. The Spot Remover Finesse Jigs work well for deep water largemouth, spotted and smallmouth bass and are excellent for bedding fish. | Colors: 1/4 Black/Blue, 1/4 Green Pumpkin, 1/4 White, 3/8 Black/Blue, 3/8 Green Pumpkin | Item ID: BLSRFJBB14, BLSRFJBB38, BLSRFJGP14, BLSRFJGP38, BLSRFJWH14

    Price: $4.09 - $4.29

    # Of Colors: 5

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