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Zoom Salty Reaper

Zoom Salty Reaper

Ask Skeet Reese what it's like to be a professional angler and he'll tell you it's not just a job, it's a lifestyle. "Being a professional angler is a career that goes on 24 hours a day, 7days a week," he described, "There is no five o' clock whistle, there are no weekends or holidays. Each year, I average 250 days on the road. During that time it's non-stop practice, tournaments, promotions, appearances, interviews it never ends." Despite the demands, Reese loves his fishing lifestyle. He has been especially successful in blending strong fishing performance with exceptional promotional ability to formulate a high-caliber fishing career. "Some guys are pure promoters and some guys are pure anglers but to be really successful in this business you have to be both," Reese bolstered. "There's more money up for grabs in this sport now than ever before and in order to take advantage of that situation, you have to be the complete fishing package for your sponsors." The two-pronged approach is what Reese finds most rewarding about his career. "There are two challenges I love," he offered. "One is the challenge of figuring out bass on a daily basis on different lakes across the country. The other is the challenge of helping my sponsors promote their brands and coming up with creative ways of exposing their products. Professional fishing is a perfect blend of those two and I wouldn't trade it for any other job in the world."

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# Of Colors: 1

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Zoom Z Drop Worm 4''
Every element of the Zoom Z-Drop worm was built for dropshotting excellence. The unique crossed tail, slightly segmented upper body, and flat underside all combine to give the Z-Drop an enchanting slow-falling presentation that sways with barely a hint of current.
Price: $3.69 - $4.09

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Zoom Fish Doctor 4''
When even the original Zoom Centipede is too powerful for wary bass, turn to the even slimmer Fish Doctor, a Carolina rig lure based on the old "Do Nothing" style worms. It'll also fill livewells on a shakey head or fished wacky style, with or without weight.
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Zoom Super Chunk 3.5''
The Super Chunk combines the bulk of a traditional chunk-style jig trailer with the flapping claws of a crawfish imitator. Threaded on the back of a flipping or casting jig, it will raise up in the defensive posture of the favorite protein-packed meal of big fish. On the back of a swim jig, it will swim along methodically, sending out vibrations far and wide to bass looking for a hearty and easy meal.
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Zoom Super Tube 4.25''
The Zoom 3.75" Salty Super Tube differs from Zoom's original tube because it's hand-dipped for a thicker, tougher body.It's also loaded with salt and specifically designed to meet the needs of finesse guys."Tubes are still an ace-in-the-hole bait," says Elite Series angler Mike McClelland, a veteran angler with more than $1.2 million in earnings. "A lot of guys still use tubes, but many of them just don't talk about it."
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