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Zoom Road Kill 4.25''

Zoom Road Kill 4.25''

The Road Kill is a 4.25" craw style bait. It will work best when used as a trailer, Texas rigged or Carolina rigged. The slim profile of this bait allows it to go right through most cover. Now you can get your craw to the fish hiding and waiting for a quick meal.

Price: $3.39 - $5.39

# Of Colors: 2

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Zoom Horny Toad 4.25''
The ultimate heavy cover buzz toad, the pitter-patter of the Horny Toad's ultra vibe feet cause bass to chase it from long distances, producing some of the best strikes of your life. Paired with a weedless hook, it comes through lily pads and grass like a charm, but don't hesitate to throw it in open water as a search bait.
Price: $3.89 - $5.89

# Of Colors: 36

Zoom Z3 Original Worm
The Z-3 Swamp Crawler; a hand-poured, triple laminate straight-tailed worm that will be deadly on heavily pressured bass from coast to coast. It combines the best attributes of hand-poured worms with affordability and Zoom's legendary quality control. The 6" Swamp Crawler has long been one of Zoom's most popular products, a shimmering, slithering worm, that can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from Texas rigging to Carolina rigging, affixed to a shakey head or on the back of a wobble head jig. It's also one of the best lures ever offered for dropshotting, as its seductive wiggle moves naturally with even the slightest push of current. The new version will be just as tantalizing as the original, but the build process will be more like that of traditional "garage pours." This is a labor-intensive, multi-step effort that produces a softer body and a wider array of colors, but which up until now has been difficult to replicate in a mass production setting.
Price: $5.99

# Of Colors: 4

Zoom Z-Craw
The Z-Craw takes an elongated body with forward facing ribs and adds hook pockets top and bottom as well as fluttering claws, all in a streamlined package designed to slip into the heaviest cover with ease while also pulsating with the sound and fury of an angry crawfish.
Price: $3.89 - $6.09

# Of Colors: 37

Zoom Lil Critter Craw 3''
The Lil Critter Craw is one of our pros' best kept secrets, an ultra-realistic crawfish imitator that can be fished Texas rigged, on the back of a jig, or any one of a number of other ways. It may be the best bed fishing bait ever made, able to hold a big hook but small enough to tempt even the wariest lunker.
Price: $3.19 - $4.79

# Of Colors: 28