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Zoom Craw

Zoom Craw

A special run bait that is a great craw bait. Use Texas rig for largemouth, particularly pitching/flipping in cover.

Price: $3.99 - $5.89

# Of Colors: 3

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Below are some other Zoom items you may be interested in...

Zoom Super Chunk Jr 2''
The Super Chunk Jr. combines the bulk of a traditional chunk-style jig trailer with the flapping claws of a crawfish imitator, now in a downsized package. Threaded on the back of a flipping or casting jig, it will raise up in the defensive posture of the favorite protein-packed meal of big fish. On the back of a swim jig, it will swim along methodically, sending out vibrations far and wide to bass looking for a hearty and easy meal.
Price: $2.29 - $3.49

# Of Colors: 24

Zoom Super Speed Craw 4'
Zoom took the Ultra-Vibe speed craw and added wider, bulkier claws to the end for times when even more action is needed. This lure pushes a ton of water and at rest the claws stand up in a defensive posture to trigger strikes from trailing bass.
Price: $4.19 - $5.89

# Of Colors: 40

Zoom Fluke Tail Goby 4.25''
Dropshot bait from Zoom features a goby style head with a fluke style split tail. This bait is great for drop shot fishing on the Great Lakes.
Price: $4.09 - $5.09

# Of Colors: 4

Zoom Tiny Fluke 3''
When big bass are crunching tiny shad, the Tiny Fluke should be your go-to imitator for matching the hatch. It's one of our pros' favorite dropshot baits, but it'll do much more than that. You can split shot it, put it on a scrounger or even grab a handful for use on a castable umbrella rig. This is the ultimate replica of a young-of-year baitfish.
Price: $3.29 - $4.49

# Of Colors: 6