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Strike King Rage Crappie Grub

Strike King Rage Crappie Grub

Each Rage Tail lure has a unique and exclusive tail and is engineered like no other soft plastic bait. Each is designed with a specific purpose and uses customized hi-grade plastics that are tailored specifically for each model for superior action. You won't believe the action that each Rage Tail has! Crappie haven't seen a grub like this!

Price: $3.29 - $3.49

# Of Colors: 2

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    Chart White/Chart Tail 10pk
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    Pearl 10pk
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Below are some other Strike King items you may be interested in...

Strike King KVD 1.5 Shallow
Designed to the specifications of BassMaster's Classic Champ Kevin VanDam. Perfect for shallow water power fishing. The square bill design and unique action will constantly "wander" with erratic action while still running true. It also helps deflect off cover to entice strikes. The KVD 1.5 Shallow has the same body style as the KVD 1.5 with its great erratic yet true running action and deflection off cover but runs shallower. The KVD baits are designed with no internal rattles for a "silent" approach.
Price: $6.09 - $6.49

# Of Colors: 17

Strike King MagGameHawg 5.25
Part of Strike King's Perfect Plastics family. Game Hawg is KVD's favorite creature bait!
Price: $4.99 - $5.69

# Of Colors: 15

Strike King 5'' Ocho
The Strike King Ocho soft plastic stickbaits are the real deal. The Ocho's unique 8 sided design allows the bait to undulate, especially on the fall. Rigged weightless and pitched around cover or rigged on a Carolina rig and pulled through the depths of the strike zone, the Ocho is sure to bring incredible action. The Ocho is made from the world's best blend of soft plastic ingredients! This allows the use of large amounts of salt yet keeps the bait soft and pliable. The Coffee scent masks human scents and oils and increases longer bites increasing your hook-up chances.
Price: $4.19 - $5.49

# Of Colors: 22

Strike King Micro-King
The Strike King Micro-King Spinnerbait may be small but it packs a big bang! It is made up of a Diamond Dust head with a painted eye and a Diamond Dust Skirt with a light wire and a single Silver Colorado blade. These are terrific spinnerbaits for Ultra Light rods! It will attract a lot of bites from almost any fish out there, great for Kids!
Price: $2.09

# Of Colors: 11