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Strike King Rage Blaster 3/8

Strike King Rage Blaster 3/8

The Strike King Rage Blade Blaster is a unique bait fish imitating lure. It is a counter balanced blade that produces tons of vibration. You can reel it medium and steady or fast and erratic, you can rip it and let it fall fast and it is great for casting or vertical jigging. It's a super multi species bait and really excels for black bass, white bass, and hybrids. Bug 'em with this blade and you'll get 'em to bite with rage! Features feathered treble hook, chrome or powder colored finish.

Price: $4.09 - $4.29

# Of Colors: 2

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Strike King Bitsy Bug Jig
The Bitsy Bug Jig has a snagless/weedless head design helps prevent the jig from getting wedged in the rocky bottom. The Bitsy Bug also features an inverted line tie on top of the jig head to protect your line from getting chewed up by rocks and other obstructions.
Price: $1.99 - $2.20

# Of Colors: 45

Strike King DB Baby Jig 1/4
Designed with the help of renowned jig fisherman, Denny Brauer, the Strike King Denny Brauer Structure Jig offers an increased strike-to-hookup ratio and decreased hang-ups. The Strike King Denny Brauer Structure Jig features a super-sharp 2X strong Owner Cutting Point hook and a 0-degree line tie - for straight pull and solid penetration. The skirting in the hook gap has also been thinned to ensure that there is less interference in between the point of the hook and the mouth of the fish. The unique head shape of the Strike King Denny Brauer Structure Jig has a wider bottom footprint as well to provides anglers with increased sensitivity and a tapered nose that helps reduce lip blow out. Attached to the head of the jig there is also a precisely positioned fiber weedguard that greatly reduces snagging. Complete with a high-quality chip-resistant finish, the Strike King Denny Brauer Structure Jig is built with decades of tournament experience and jig-fishing expertise.
Price: $4.59

# Of Colors: 6

Strike King HackAttack FFJ
Made for better hook penetration with fluorocarbon lines, the Strike King Hack Attack Fluorocarbon Flipping Jig is perfect for those times when you need the added stealth of fluorocarbon and a smaller presentation. Designed around a smaller diameter hook than the original Hack Attack Jig, the hook's smaller diameter allows the hook to penetrate faster with less effort, so you still get solid hooksets despite the added stretch of fluorocarbon. Featuring the same unique head shape and weedgurad combination as the original Hack Attack Jig, which allows it to navigate in and out of cover very easily, the more compact Hack Attack Fluorocarbon Flipping Jig excels in clear water situations and situations when fish are keying on smaller forage or are heavily pressured. Equipped with a corkscrew wire baitkeeper as well that holds soft plastic trailers in place better than a standard barbed keeper, it is also fitted with a fullbodied 60-strand silicone skirt that produces a lifelike breathing action in the water. The Strike King Hack Attack Fluorocarbon Flipping Jig is the best flipping jig there is for heavy cover when you want to downsize your line and your offering.
Price: $4.29 - $4.89

# Of Colors: 35

Strike King 4'' Game Hawg
Strike King'sPerfect Plastics are the BEST soft plastic lures on the market due to their exclusive blend of ingredients which make them the softest, saltest plastics ever! They also feature Strike King'sexclusive Coffee Scent technology which helps mask human scent and oils and attracts fish to bite. The KVD Game Hawg is without a doubt the Pro's favorite creature bait!
Price: $5.69

# Of Colors: 13