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Rebel Teeny Pop R

Rebel Teeny Pop R

The Teeny Pop-R is a legendary topwater bait that's won hundreds of thousands of dollars for anglers in bass tournaments because the bait produces two distinctly different sounds and actions depending on if the angler is holding the rod tip high or toward the water. This small size catches bass, panfish and other gamefish with some of the most exciting topwater bites you'll ever experience.

Price: $6.39

# Of Colors: 1

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Rebel Humpback
The Rebel Humpback is a classic, shallow-running crankbait. It dives to one foot and can be used to swim above or near vegetation and cover. It's a good choice to fish around jetties, wingdams or rock structures.
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Rebel Pop-R G-Finish
The Rebel Pop-R has been the standard by which all topwater poppers/chuggers have been judged for more than three decades. This lure won anglers hundreds of thousands of dollars in bass tournaments while it was discontinued. After "The Secret Bait of the Pros" was revealed in a major bass fishing magazine, the Pop-R returned to the lineup and sold more than a million lures the first year. The profile and action of the Pop-R make it a favorite of anglers everywhere. It can be worked quickly across the surface like a panicked baitfish or slowly twitched to mimic a meal that's almost dead, and every speed in between.
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# Of Colors: 1

Rebel Tracdown Minnow 50
The 2-1/2-inch TD50 Tracdown Minnow is the middle size in the Rebel Tracdown family of slender slow-sinking minnows. A slow-sinker is more effective in moving water and allows you to slowly fish any depth. Effective on bass, trophy panfish, trout and other gamefish, the TD50 comes in flashy chrome patterns as well as trout looks. Top-quality hooks and components stand up to the abuse of fish-after-fish, and the big eye gives fish a clear target to shoot for.
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# Of Colors: 6

Rebel Bluegill 2.5''
The Rebel Bluegill takes realism to the next level with realistic bluegill color decoration and a precise panfish profile that swims with a tight wiggle bass and other gamefish can't resist. This shallow-running (to 3-feet-deep) square-bill features a rattle for sound attraction and needle-sharp barbless hooks proven to penetrate easier than barbed while making fish release easier and quicker.
Price: $5.19 - $6.00

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