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R2S Frog Kit

R2S Frog Kit

If you like the original Whopper Plopper you will love the new Double Plopper! Just imagine a lure with not one, but two counter rotating plopper blades to create twice the magic plopper sound!

Price: $7.69

# Of Colors: 1

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    1 Clear Tail & 1 Rattle
    UPC: 880469303115

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R2S Lane Changer
Designed in conjunction with the 2012 Bassmaster Classic Champion, Chris Lane, the River2Sea Chris Lane Lane Changer alerts big bass to an easy meal with a look, sound, and movement that is unlike anything else on the market. Built with soft plastic propellers on the front and back, the River2Sea Chris Lane Lane Changer delivers a heavy sputter that produces a loud and enticing acoustic. Followed by a small, subtle wake, the River2Sea Chris Lane Lane Changer excels at calling-in big bass, especially in calmer conditions. Offered in a number of rod-bending colors, the River2Sea Chris Lane Lane Changer delivers undeniably effective topwater disruption that has been designed by one of the best in the industry.
Price: $11.29 - $11.79

# Of Colors: 10

R2S Big Mistake
Born out of a simple miscommunication between professional angler Chris Lane and the designers at River2Sea, the River2Sea Chris Lane Big Mistake is built with a unique, oversized profile that allows hungry bass to hone-in on it in a hurry. Fitted with two oversized, soft plastic propellers, the River2Sea Chris Lane Big Mistake moves plenty of water and emits an agitating acoustic that urges big bass to strike. Offered in a number of strike-inducing colors, the River2Sea Chris Lane Big Mistake separates itself from other topwater lures on the market with a unique design, composition, and actions.
Price: $7.39 - $14.79

# Of Colors: 7

R2S Whopper Plopper 130
Whopper Plopper 90 /130 is the little brother of our larger versions; but don't let its little package fool you, this bait has a serious little man's complex. Built with the same durable construction as the rest of the line with Xtra Strong components including hook hangers, wires, and X-Strong size 4 treble hooks. This smaller version is made tough to battle bigger foes. While his big brothers rely on powerful chops of their tail to attract strikes, the Whopper Plopper 90 relies more on quickness, with a unique sound more reminiscent of a buzz saw, Whopper Plopper 90 is tailor made for topwater fishing in high pressure situations and when the forage base is smaller.
Price: $15.39 - $16.29

# Of Colors: 14

R2S Worldwide Spoon 100
Designed by FLW Tour Pro James Watson. The Worldwide spoon is perfect for open water casting, vertical fishing, ledge pumping, and spoon jacking in docks. It's perfectly cupped and weighted for the best fall rate. As the spoon falls it will "swim away." It comes equipped with a River2Sea 1-#2 4X Treble and comes equipped with a removable stinger hook. The "Worldwide Spoon" is tournament ready…are you?
Price: $9.09

# Of Colors: 4

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