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P-Line Mikey Jig

P-Line Mikey Jig

The Pucci Mickey jig has withstood the test of time and remained the favorite lure of many Surf Fishermen. With a chrome-plated lead body and an aerodynamic design, this lure will reach past the breakers to where the fish are holding. The hook is tied with a white bucktail for added attraction. Great for Stripers on the beach!

Price: $4.19 - $6.59

# Of Colors: 4

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  • 1.5 oz Chrome/White
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    1.5 oz Chrome/White
    UPC: 015789602000
  • 2 oz Chrome/White
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    2 oz Chrome/White
    UPC: 015789602055
  • 2.5 oz Chrome/White
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    2.5 oz Chrome/White
    UPC: 015789602109
  • 3 oz Chrome/White
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    3 oz Chrome/White
    UPC: 015789602154

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The P-Line Kokanator has a UV Enhanced coating, which helps to amplify the lures original brilliant colors during deep water jigging. For best results use your sonar to locate congregations of Kokanee. Lower the jig to the depth where the fish are holding and start to jig in 2 to 3 foot sweeps. Most strikes will occur on the drop and will feel like a slight tick.
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