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Heddon Rattlin Spook

Heddon Rattlin Spook

The Rattlin' Spook adds tremendous sound to your dog walking. A new rattle chamber containing tungsten BB's amplifies and intensifies the sounds of panicked and fleeing baitfish. This unique sound chamber also makes it easier to produce smooth walk-the-dog retrieves. Fourteen realistic color patterns and Mustad

Price: $7.09

# Of Colors: 1

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Heddon Pop'n Image Jr
The Pop'n Image Jr. allows anglers to accomplish two of topwater's most-effective actions popping and walking the dog. It's designed for castability and features a realistic finish, fish-like eyes and XCalibur Rotating Treble Hooks.
Price: $6.09 - $6.29

# Of Colors: 6

Heddon Wounded Z Spook
The Heddon Wounded Zara Spook walks the dog like the rest of the Spook family, but propeller blades fore and aft create a froth, more splash and disturbance, and a more tempting side-to-side sashay. The Wounded Spook really shines when fishing for schooling bass, stripers or inshore gamefish like speckled trout and redfish.
Price: $6.49 - $6.99

# Of Colors: 5

Heddon Hellbender
The famous Hellbender began making its way into anglers' tackle boxes in the late 1950s. Over the years, Hellbenders have held many state and world records for most freshwater species. The unique heart-shaped diving lip design gives it the most tempting wide wobbling action. Its big-lip design also makes it dive quick and deep, and allows it to flip easily over most structure. The consummate lure for fishing steep banks and drop-offs down to at least 35 feet on a long flat-line troll. The Hellbender Downrigger (hook-less) model is known as the "poor man's downrigger." When trolling the angler's favorite trolling lure tied on 10 to 20 feet behind a Downrigger Hellbender, it will take the lure down to over 75 feet.
Price: $6.09

# Of Colors: 3

Heddon Baby Torpedo
The Heddon Baby Torpedo is a proven topwater bait that smallmouth and largemouth bass can't resist. Its single prop spins and spits water. The Baby Torpedo can be worked slowly with twitches and pauses, or reeled constantly at a medium retrieve like a buzzbait. In rivers, work the bait in shallow shoreline water, in eddies, near submerged rocks and in fast-moving riffles for giant smallmouth. In ponds and lakes, pause the Torpedo near wood and weed cover, gently twitching it to entice big largemouth.
Price: $5.19 - $5.69

# Of Colors: 12

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