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Bandit 300 Glow Series

Bandit 300 Glow Series

Whether fishing shallow or cranking deep water, Bandit provides true-running, out-of-the-box reliability covering the spectrum of opportunities for the serious angler. The new 300 Crappie Glow Series are painted with a glow paint. Only a few minute in the light and they are "Good to Glow". Like all the Bandit crankbaits these demand attention with its wide wobble and loud rattle that really drive fish wild, Bandits are designed to bring home the strike.

Price: $6.89

# Of Colors: 1

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Bandit Flat Maxx Deep
The Bandit Flat Maxx Deep is a bigger crankbait with flat sides and its famous "coffin" lip. The coffin lip and produces a more subtle swimming motion as it nears the bottom, then goes erratic as it ricochets off everything in sight, triggering strikes from bass. This 2-3/4-inch bait dives to almost 12 feet and is known for catching trophy fish. The Bandit Flatmaxx is available in a wide variety of color patterns.
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Bandit Flat Maxx Shallow
When you need a big-profile fishing lure to work shallow, cover-laden flats, look no further than the Bandit Flat Maxx Shallow. The chamfered lip deflects off wood cover or rocky structure and flat-out catches fish. It's a bigger-profile bait (2-3/4-inches) and weighs 1/2 ounce, so you can cast this crankbait long distances and work it quickly back in water as shallow as 3 feet.
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Bandit Footloose
The Bandit Footloose wake bait brings home the bacon when bass and other gamefish are looking up but not wanting to strike topwaters. The Footloose bulges the surface with a seductive waking action and is available in a wide variety of color patterns. This 2-inch crankbait dives to no deeper than 1 foot.
Price: $5.89 - $6.09

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Bandit Walleye Shallow
The Shallow Walleye Bandit trolls to 12 feet, making it a great lure for exploring shallow- to medium-depth flats. Its squared bill is very deflective. Measuring 4-3/4-inches in length and weighing in at 5/8 ounce, this slender trolling minnow is a favorite of walleye anglers around the world.
Price: $5.79 - $7.19

# Of Colors: 44

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