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Anglers, Laser enhancement technology is here! Are you ready for some fast action fishing and the ability to win “Dad of the Year” award for your fishing prowess? Have you wanted to win that local bass fishing tournament? If so, get hooked on LASERLURE.

LASERLURE is a water-activated, computer-controlled laser beam infused into the most realistic, lifelike lure available. Have you ever played with a laser beam and noticed that it creates an intense hunting reaction in your cat or dog? Well, we discovered the same incredible, frenzied reaction with fish. It drives them wild! They chase the laser beam just like Fido does (so much that lasers have been banned from most major aquariums!)

LASERLURE comes in five different body styles and will produce over 80 hours of rod-bending, heart pumping action. The key is the focused, intense beam of laser light that does not diffuse as other light lure products do. Add the flashy red hooks that mimic an injured fish, the lifelike, detailed body style and 3-D eyes, and it’s a perfect combination for enticing and inducing fish strikes.

LASERLURE is water-activated for maximum battery life. No switches or battery changes are required. Just tie on a LASERLURE and fish just as you would your favorite lure. This versatile lure is irresistible for both fresh and saltwater fish.

LASERLURE – “It ain't the paint it’s the laser!”
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